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Heyall, got a few things people havent seemed to notice so here we go

Compilation of Quick Tips

If the panzer soldat zombie robot thing is after you, get your whole team to get on the tank. If the whole team jump on then it shuts down for quite a while. Even if only you do, the robot wont go for you.

Phd, deadshot, electric cherry and double tap arent on the map but are obtainable by using the random perk machine

Knife the panzer zombie when it is pulling you in to get the achievement kung fu grip and it lets you down.

Shooting the massive robots foot when the lights are on will let you inside the robot if you stand under correctly. There is a part for the wind staff in each robot's head

The remington new model isnt in the box, wtf?

The maxis drone can revive players, you can also revive players in zombie blood and the upgraded 'ultimate staffs' can revive players, too if you use the thing on left on the D-pad. This will get you an achievement

To claim the following rewards, go to either spawn and go to the grey box on the floor or the one outside of the church or the one below where PaP is(excavation site)

If you do the challenge of getting 115 headshots in one game claim your reward of double tap 2.0, free.

If you turn on every generator go and claim the prize of a random drop

If you spend 30,000 points in one game, go claim your free pack-a-punched weapon

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Lot of people have noticed pretty much all of the things you mentioned.

hey, i've only played origins on tuesday and havent played since and between then and now, i have been watching alot of videos and most of these things haven't been mentioned

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Thanks for sharing. I'add a few.

i. I like to add that you can use Maxis drone when the Panzar soldat is up and running.

ii. You can also obtain a free Pack a punched MG08 (Magna collider) after obtaining 4 orange discs.

iii. Use wall guns to kill zombies. Use Shotguns to kill templars while you are powering up generators.

iv. Always dig up as much you can each round for free guns.

v. Use Boomhilda to take down Panzar.

vi. Always get Stamin up. It is your best friend in mud.

vii. Always keep 5000 points in spare. You never know when go down and lose your guns.

viii. Have claymores next to Jugg machine.

ix. PAP MP40 if you plan on staying next to Jugg.

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This is a great post, and this forum needs more of stuff like this. And you even posted it without an attached video begging for likes and subscribers like a 14 year old. I dig it. Very much appreciated my man!

Also I think it would be a great idea for everyone to chip in things that aren't listed here and keep the oP updated. Idk if anyone agrees?

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It takes approximately 23,800 points total to open every blockade, get Juggernog, a Wall Weapon, and Generators 4 & 6. That means 8,000 points per person for a 3-player game and 6,000 points per person for a 4-player game. This setup is extremely helpful for doing the Easter Egg.

The Golden Shovel can be achieved by digging up a certain amount of dirt mounds. I usually get it by Round 14 or so. The Golden Helmet can be obtained by constantly digging with your Golden Shovel. It appears automatically next to the shovel icon, so it's not in the form of a drop.

Shooting the Panzer Soldat with the Staff of Fire is highly effect for taking him down.

The Maxis Drone can give you a free, Pack-a-Punched MG08. Find four tiny circles located across the map in obscure places and use the drone to collect the data. There are four locations total: at the top floor of the church, on top of a wooden stilt near the Pack-a-Punch machine, at the top of the destroyed house near Generator 4(Stamin-Up area), and in a pile of flaming debris in the trenches a little after getting out of spawn.

Tire of running through the mud? Jumps not quick enough? Sprint while jumping (jump and use hitstick) or jump backwards. This becomes amazing when having Stamin-Up.

The foot of the giant robots can sometimes be broken and allows entry into them. Look for lights on the bottom of the feet prior to it coming towards your location. If you have the Golden Helmet, you won't die after getting stomped on.

Claymores deal massive damage to Panzer Soldats, but won't kill them instantly.

The Bracers (aka Thunder Fists) stop OHK-ing after Round 18/19.

You can find out where the Wunderfizz is at every time if you look in different directions at the sky. A lightning bolt will come down quickly once where it is located. It will not occur again unless you shift your camera angle once more.

There are small, red lights located where a giant robot steps on. These light up when the robot is very close giving you a last-second chance to get out.

There are several MP40s throughout the map. You may want to hold onto one no matter how powerful you think your arsenal is. And Afterburner (Pack-a-Punched MP40) always makes a great tool for taking down Panzer Soldats.

Panzer Soldats' vice grips are tough to break free from. The arm in which they claw you in has a red light. Shoot that light and you will be let go instantly.

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