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  1. i played the map a few times and it was long matches but i had no clue about half the things on that list! Thanks, and Cheers!
  2. Could be.... at this stage with only a few days left i guess anything is plausible.....
  3. Its on the right page, its a tear that resembles half of a man from the chest up, the pic is up
  4. Guys, now i might sound completely like an idiot, but what if, just what if the mysterious guy standing on top on the top right side of the page, is also Richtofen? Now i just sound like an idiot I know but the silhouette and that mysterious figure. I am just saying we cant ignore it, but then i am also saying i sound like an idiot.
  5. I think we will have to rethink that now since the main easter egg is about Saving Samantha. I mean if she was in control, I dont see how we save her. This brings the major question. Whats going on here? I mean we have to save samantha, at the same time we are going back in time in which samantha shouldnt exist.(I might be wrong since i dont know her exact age). Richtofen is suffering from the side effects of 115 (This was proven in one of the threads where a guy made a connection with the 6 th radio i guess, where maxis points out that the 115 is affecting him.), and the other three seem unfazed by meeting each other. I mean its world war one, you see enemy you shoot rite? But they see each other and they instantly forget about their current situation. I am confused.......:S
  6. THANK YOU! I am glad I am not the only one who noticed the rip was gone! Ooo i did not notice that....... Any one knows y?? And no worries it wasnt offensive since you did not know about my color blindness. But anyone know why it was taken out?
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but since this is the beginning Maxis has no reason to chase Richtofen or the others rite? I mean Richtofen didnt show his true self tell later in the story? But that aside i think its highly unlikely Maxis is controlling the Robots because then he would be helping us out. But i will agree with your one question, WHERE THE HELL IS MAXIS? I mean first we just hear his voices in the radio, but then we get to see his face but there is indication as to where the hell is he throughout this whole situation?
  8. Umm sorry about the colour, i am color blind (no joke). And as for my second theory i would like to know how am i wrong? When people first saw it everyone thought it was maxis, but look at him in the trailer! He looks nothing like the silhouette. I do not know what it means but its just an observation. I am just saying that richtofens head fits the silhouette better. or in other words debugging that silhouette being Maxis.
  9. My theory , which i have put forward before, is that maybe like the ghost , blue zombies only occur after you enter the area... here is my thread btw:- viewtopic.php?f=155&t=35237
  10. I wanna discuss 2 theories I have about the things that struck me when i was watching the origins trailer. I havent read these anywhere and if these have been discussed then i apologise beforehand. So lets begin.... 1.) Blue eyed zombies :- By now you must have already noticed that there are two different eye colored zombies. My theory is that maybe the Blue color zombies only appear if you enter the tomb shown in the cut-scene. I mean every clip we have where gameplay is shown shows only orange or yellowish coloured zombies being slaughtered. This kind of gives credibility to my theory. This could be similar to the ghost in Buried. 2.) This one is a bit far fetched but just have an open mind. Remember the Die Rise comic strip which had a silhouette of a man which we presumed was maxis? Well watch........ See the similarities? We were wrong this whole time.... I just noticed and wanted to share....So leave your thoughts down below. Cheers!
  11. Hmmm, the eyes do look similar to the wisp... Looking back at some of the Buried EE quotes, look at how the wisp was described: Maybe what (or who) the wisp is can be explained somehow through this? I had no clue that the wisp was actually a separate entity. And when we do Richtofens side we have to take it to the HangMan's Noose , as Rechtofen said "Ah the Wisp is such a tricky little sausage. I think he may have chosen to return to his points of origin. That's just a fancy way for me to say: 'START AGAIN!". Now for Richtofen to say this means maybe the wisp was somebody we knew? or somebody that holds great importance?
  12. As someone mentioned that maybe the force from Die Rise is connected in this. I think it is highly possible since we totally forgot about it. I mean i sure did with all these maps coming out. But i highly think there might me some connection. What if the Entity that samantha mentioned back on Moon was not actually Lucifer but this entity. Could explain the color. Again i am colour blind but could anyone tell me the Eye color of this zombie and the zombies in Die Rise is same or not? If not then this will be just another arrow shot in the dark. Also please check the cutscene for die rise when they are teleported. Maybe the color might be same. Maybe......
  13. Ok so you are telling me that richtofen is controlling the zombies. I am colorblind (no joke) so help me out and tell me is this the same color as Rochtofens cause if it is this is some serious fucked up shit. I mean as if we werent mind fucked already!!
  14. I spelled vials wrong, damn. That aside in the trailer , the very first one, they show the close up of all the characters and Richtofens character has two blood vials on his waist with numbers on it. These numbers are the prisoner numbers for Sal and Finn (My favourite character!).
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