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  1. Sorry to be a killjoy but it's already been posted
  2. I was in this game, originally we did the 1st one then couldn't work out the 2nd so Max got annoyed and left the crazy place, I'd stayed and started randomly trying a few then found those 3 pictures ^^^^ got Max to come back while I tried them, low and behold it worked no problem. :mrgreen:
  3. Take a look at these 3 pictures for the Lightning Staff notes. I am sure these work going from left to right. Credit goes to se7ensins poster mw3leaks
  4. Lot of people have noticed pretty much all of the things you mentioned.
  5. If you going to put together a guide that will be stickied, I'm sure you can find all the info collected already and then combine it. Would be really useful for some people use are just getting the map and for when ps3 comes out
  6. I couldn't agree more, birdman. Well said. The challenge is definitely something I look forward to. I want my senses to be tested. I want to, when I feel comfortable, a Panzer to spawn or have Templar zombies try to destroy the power areas. There is a difference between unnecessarily annoying and properly challenging. The ultimate staffs are here for a purpose. They are amazing weapons, that do make things significantly easier it appears, but what makes Origins so great is that you have the challenge of surviving and amassing enough points to really get to that point. That same feeling of doing well on a map like Verruckt and Shang seems to be here as well. I couldn't agree more with both of those posts.
  7. The metal panels I think you mean are scattered across the map do seem to have something to do with either the staves or easter egg. As for putting the staves back, you just have to pick up a different weapon then it goes back in it's place under the knights
  8. I actually really enjoy the map. More of a challenge and makes you more aware of the surroundings.
  9. Seen this happen once or twice
  10. No double tap machine. Only way to get it at the minute is via the Wunderfizz machine
  11. 30-35 kills in each box surely?
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