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  1. Origins Richtofen Pre-Samantha body Richtofen or Samantha in Richtofen It has to be pre-waw Richtofen, if you watch the trailer, you'll hear him saying goodbye to Maxis just before the origins crew appears, meaning they traveled to right after he thought he killed Maxis.
  2. Can someone upload this to a different site? I can't use mega for some reason :/
  3. I want Kevin, Clark, Elena, and Malukah to make a full cd release! Like 10-12 brand new songs with the usual story hints, before the new game comes out, that way we have a ton of zombie killing metal awesomeness, and we'll have a little more to see where they're going with the new game, and give us a ton more to speculate on!
  4. That may be true, but there were some things I didn't know on that list! Plus it's nice to have a list of misc. stuff that some people may not know
  5. Yep, could also explain why maxis is an old fart and she is young. Possibilly can't age either. We'll see, and I certainly hope this is the case instead of it being a dumb sequel inside a prequel, or involving time travel. Same here, I'd be pissed if it goes the MotD route and we make everything so it never happened.
  6. My theory is that Samantha was discovered inside the ruins, but had no memory. Maxis found her, and whether it was part of her power, or Maxis having a conscious, he took her and acted as if she was his daughter. Of course with her having no memory whatsoever, she didn't have any choice other than to believe it. Or it could be she knew all along and pretended to be helpless so they wouldn't kill her, and would help her with whatever she is planning. This would explain the dark nature she sometimes display, as well as why there is no mother in the picture! The ancient evil within the ruins? I believe it's her, or possibly her real father (Satan?)!
  7. Richtofens letter is up! Would post pic but I'm on my phone so I can't :/ but it would seem Samantha is not the innocent little girl she appears to be!
  8. The garbled voice IS Richtofen, it's apparent by the fact that you clearly hear him at the end saying "accept your fate, begin anew!" the voices during the game are thought to simply be the thoughts of the zombies, if you listen close you can hear "kill me" and "help me"
  9. Richtofen explains in die rise that his control is fragile and limited, due to Maxis blasting the earth with missiles. So Richtofen probably does help, just not a whole lot because he can't, and probably doesn't a lot of times too cause he's sadistic :p
  10. I think it happened during the Shangri La EE, all that jumping back and forth and altering events could easily have caused it.
  11. Is it at all possible to do the EE solo? I know none of them have been able to yet but I can't help but hope :|
  12. WARNING LONG READ! Ever since I started playing Zombies back in WaW I have been following the story, and since the bigger EE's in BO1, have been trying to complete them. Every time I have attempted and failed every single time to complete any EE. Even in BO2, I have tried and failed at every single attempt at the EE's. And it wasn't simple player error, it was as if the universe itself wouldn't let me complete them... Until today. Me and my gf were trying the TranziT EE, and two seperate times we failed by only a tiny fraction. The first, we didn't realize that we had to use EMP's to kill the Avogadro, and the second, my router disconnected the instant before my gf laid her turbine. But then, as I was ready to give up on EE's for good, she persuades me to try one last time. So there we were, Avogadro in tow, EMP's ready, and she goes down. This makes me lose my EMP that I had ready because the Avogadro wouldn't come under the tower. I manage to get the zombies away and revive her, and we fight long enough to get a max ammo and finally kill him under there. after this we nearly die from the swarm coming, and I lose my turbine at the same time as the EMP went off so mine glitched out and I accidentally grabbed hers which glitched out and made her unable to get a new one. We didn't know what had happened so we tried a few rounds of things to figure it out and almost went down many times. But after all of this, we manage to get it done. After years and years of trying, I finally managed to complete an EE! I have tried countless times and I can't even tell you how happy I am to finally have one done!
  13. I can't make much out from how it looks on guns, but it looks like there is alchemic circles or something similar on them, as well as a pentagram. Anybody able to get some good stills of it or the skin files from PC, we could figure out what they mean and possibly further support the Lucifer controlling zombie theory.
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