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Maze box spawn?


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im not sure but, if u fix the box in spawn location without letting the box move first, u will loose fire sale for the entire game.

u need to let the box move first, then fix it with candy/leroy, then u have Fire Sale and the box fix in one location

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It can move to the Maze without someone there. Definitely. I've had it happen to me multiple times.


In ANY Zombies map, the box has to have moved at LEAST once from it's original location in order to trigger the Fire Sale. This is to stop Fire Sales being dropped in the spawn room and other areas before you manage to move it. It is reccomended you do not move the box when going for high rounds because having 1 less drop greatly increases your chance at getting a Max Ammo:

Six Drops (InstaKill, Double Points, Nuke, Carpenter, Max Ammo & Fire Sale) = 1 in 6 chance at Max Ammo

Five Drops (InstaKill, Double Points, Nuke, Carpenter & Max Ammo) = 1 in 5 chance at Max Ammo

When you're out of ammo on Round 67, you'd much rather see a Max Ammo than a Fire Sale.

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I'm not sure. The box will spawn in the maze locations during Fire Sales. I made it to round 58 on Buried last night and didn't have 1(!) Fire Sale drop the entire game... Wassup wid dat??!!??

The drop system is a bit messed up when there's more then 5 drops:

Tranzit: Carpenter, double points, insta-kill, max amo, nuke, points drop at specific times,

Die rise: Same+ perk bottle at specific times -points drop at specific times

MOTD: Fire sale, but no carpenter! Balances out...

Buried: Carp. DP. IK. Nuke, Max amo, FIRE SALE, perk drop at specific times, points drop at specific times.

Origins: Insta kill, double points, max amo, zombie blood, fire sale, upgraded element-punch AST, point drops AST, empty perk bottle AST, staffs AST, Beacons AST

In origins it's even worce then Buried...

It also has something to do with richtofen's easter egg side...

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