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  1. Thankx for the update @​pinnaz cant wait to see it on youtube and maybe mp3 album would be nice too.. Too bad nobody from the forum could be in the event..lets hope they repeat it in other locations.
  2. Is there any media from the concert out yet? havent found anything on the internets
  3. Reading tweet it could mean anithing.. One thing for sure everybody agrees We need the icing on the cake like in Bo1..Zombies Dlz Free for prestige/hardened editions, $15 everybody else, new 1-2 maps/modes, new gun, static wunderfiz every map. Im not sayin they owe us that but its realy needed. But i doubt this will happen, activision pull the plug and want us to forget and $move on$ with their new game CodGhost and their CoopSurvival game mode Extinction..sorry justmypersonal ragequit
  4. im still wondering if.... this Origins ending push decision was made by the corporates to help out this new game mode or something... hmm don't know, sorry im just throwing out loud ideas
  5. just making my self that question right now! with the new info released about the Cod Ghost achievement list it looks like some features in this new game mode are similar to some features in Zombies. That bring up to some rage thoughts and questions within 1.Is this is why Cod Zombies has ended the way it did? 2.Is this ending was infact part of the zombie saga or it was just an ending injected from another developer team forced by activision to complete the zombies storyline so the fans can move on to the "newGame in town" 3.Is any zombies developers helping out on this game mode or they are simply copy paste Game mechanics from our beloved zombies i got this and some other question that dont come to mind right now, but as a conspiracy theorist as i am and many on this site i think somethings are going on, forcing us to finish our obsesion within this game and "welcoming" us to a new game... time will tell, until then... Any thoughts your welcome, thanks
  6. Nah im just throwing crazy ideaas out there, but i think would be like a nice kick to the story. About the hating son dad relationship i dont see nothing wrong about it, has been done in other stories so it could be plausible
  7. What if, this is Samantas mom whose also called Samanta And what if, she was raped and the seed she carries comes from Richtofen himself and on top of that Maxis dont know and raises her child not knowing her real origin... Treyarch has mess up the story, to many holes and inconsistencies, i dont think the original people who started the puzzled zombie storyline are the ones who have continued with it. Stil..love zombies cant wait for origins and whatever is left in Codz universe
  8. im not sure but, if u fix the box in spawn location without letting the box move first, u will loose fire sale for the entire game. u need to let the box move first, then fix it with candy/leroy, then u have Fire Sale and the box fix in one location
  9. Still going strong, still loving zombies, still no multiplayer for me.. i suck at it anyways but still.. This is my way of letting know everybody the zombies universe can be sustain by itself without the always "sidegame" tag that many people still see. thankx again treyarch hope theres no end to this..let hope for it.
  10. good job with the tutorials, i would recommend try to talk slower and little bit clearer but still good job. and guys common give it break to kid don't understand the hating
  11. good to see more Spanish speaking people on CodZ, Bienvenido to the forumZ
  12. im possibly sure you have to go at least twice to ggbridge, i could be wrong, but most of the time doing the trip again works for me.
  13. Lolz @ the thumbnail pic below kevins sherwood profile post. :shock: Alot respect for u kev, great talent put to work on this great game :D
  14. Lolz @ the thumbnail pic below kevins sherwood profile post. :shock: Alot respect for u kev, great talent put to work on this great game :D
  15. Can u please be specific on the steps, cause Ive tried for the 5time same happend. Also prior to this, xbox live kept disconecting randomly and disconecting the game. Crazy shit hope this get fix asap some body please report to call of duty and xbox forums they need to know Edit. Aparenty they reset to defaults values, set it again and that made the trick, thanks 2edit. Ok now i can enter and get in a lobby and starts loading a game and then goes back to th lobby .. o well , go to sleep then dammit
  16. Hey guys, finihing playing some Die rise games, quickly afterwards appear a window saying my game settings have change and ask me if i want it to update . After i update now everytime i try to enter zombie menu, xbox live, my xbox frezes and i need to turn it off, have any of u has happen this? Wtf! I can enter multiplayer ok, but not zombies it gets stuck at conecting to xbox live
  17. That will be dificult. Aparently treyarch made and achievment for everybody to know
  18. julpr


    What if it actually liquifies the zombies, turns them into a slippery goo, and then every other zombie (or player) who runs into the goo slides in the direction they were headed, maybe out a window... So they are sliding on the guts of the sliquified dead. I think this is very posible seen they aded in latest update a instakill on touch and a jugger upgrade even made a achievement for everybody to know on how juggupgrade This map will be the hardest can wait
  19. lol i guess you can use ur own advice too. plus nobody is sayin rely on somebody else, this game originally was sopose to be a co-op game, now because of this is just turning into more of a solo game, just saying i know about the focus and pay attention basic skills in any game, but im talking more about attitude of players that now tend to play more solo, and also tend leave/escape games more because of the rank system and importance of the emblem/status
  20. Said it earlier im gonna say it again...Can wait for the hate threads about Die Rise! Close quarter maps will always be a nightmare for train whores, that wont play team stradegy game play. Die rise aparently will be tight and as jimmy says in one of latest tweet: From the first drawing of die rise on the white board wall in my office, all I could think was..."many people are going to fall". Good luck! This map in my opinion will be one of the hardest made! Lets see..
  21. im felling this map would have the same vibe as five and shangrila close quaters type Not to many fans of this type of map, can wait for the hate threads on it lol
  22. And now that we having a new map Die Rize, we have to decide... Do we wanna adventure on the map not knowing wheres Jug, where to train/camp,(that's how i like it!) or Should we wait for someone else do the dirty job and educate us how the new mechanics and strategy's work? ... the first one will affect negatively our k/d and this rank system has affect negatively how we enjoy playing zombies, and the attitude how we approach the game play itself.
  23. General consensus is I believe 70. Although it happens at different times for everyone and there's no set spot where you rank up. That's kill/down too btw, not kill/death. i think the kill/dwn percentage will depend on time played, i got my skull and knify at 60k/d with 13,000+ minutes, got a friend on who got shotties at 120k/d, so im pretty sure it depends on time spent.
  24. Last week playing i got for the fist time ever jugg as the first random perk in NTZ, funny thing all randoms and me, skull emblem players died on round 7 without chance to buy it lol :oops:
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