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  1. Any ps4 players out there? i will be playing a lot especially when nightfall comes to psn. jbagot8.
  2. jbagot8

    Hi :D

    Hey, I'm jbagot8, I joined CoDz about a week ago. I'm 13 years old, and if you don't want to play with someone as young as me, thats fine, I understand. I love how welcoming everyone here is I play PSN, and my favorite maps are Der Riese, Shangri-La, Buried, and Die Rise. I'm looking for good players to play any map (well, maybe not Tranzit). -jbagot8
  3. i agree with all your likes, although the only one of your hate's that i actually truly hate is the panzer soldat. they should have made him slightly easier to kill that first go-around to at least give you a fighting chance of getting past round 8 without getting a ray gun from the box or building a staff I too hate how Nikolai isn't drunk, nor is Richtofen insane. I also hate how dempsey isn't as badass as he was. The only one who stayed the same was sadly Takeo.
  4. You have to be one of people who are playing during round 1 to get the light in the courthouse.
  5. What do you guys think the best wonder weapon is? You can vote twice. Just tell me if i missed any, thx. -jbagot8
  6. This is my first post, although I read the forums quite often. I would just like to know the navcard locations. And if you know what the hell they were for could you tell me that too? Thanks -jbagot8
  7. Was it on local? In local there are no fire sales or perma-perks.
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