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Maxis side is the real side.

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Is most likely the cannonical side. As in, the ending of Buried's easter egg when done with Maxis' conditions is the direction the Zombie storyline is probably going to follow.

At the end of Buried's easter egg, if you completed all three (Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried) easter eggs following Richtofen's orders, you are allowed to hit the button in the courthouse. If this is done, Richtofen crows over his victory. He is now in complete power over the Aether, can enter any human to control their body at will, and he banishes Maxis... Maxis ceases to be. From that point on, the world is Richtofen's playground. That's it... basically.

However, if you do things Maxis' way, Maxis takes control of the Aether and the zombies, and says that now he can merge the earth with Agartha. He says that neither the earth nor its people will survive, and he basically puts Richtofen into a state where all Richtofen can do is inhabit various zombie bodies... a pitiful condition, compared to how Richtofen was before.

If we compare the endings, it seems obvious that the storyline (as we know it) comes to an end with Richtofen's side. Now, Maxis is gone. There is no rivalry for Richtofen, and his ultimate goal (which we've been following for the entire Zombies storyline) has been realized. On the other hand, with Maxis' side, the storyline can continue, and it is implied that it will. Now, we may see Treyarch's vision of Agartha, and we can see a return of Samantha, and it's possible that Richtofen may try again to get into the Aether.

Of course, until the next map pack comes out, we will not know for sure. But as of this point, I think that it's likely that cannonically, Maxis' side is what really happened, and Richtofen's side is put in there to give fans more to do and a chance to see how things might have been.


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Richtofen could start fighting himself... because we know when he went into the MPD someone or something entered his soul so we could see in the next DLC is the fight for RIchtofen as in the easter egg ends with us either choosing the "Bad" Richtofen or the "Good" RIchtofen. That is of course if you did Richtofen's side.

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I have to agree with the OP, there really is no more forward storyline movement in regards to Richtofen's side, his ultimate plan is in realize, he is the master of all things living and dead, he can't be stopped, that is it, with Maxis, the story will continue, and I suspect the story will continue with the Maxis ending as canon, with the Richtofen ending as a alternate reality.

However, by no means is this the end of Richtofen.

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This is possible. Just look at Mob of the Dead.

There were two ways to complete the Side Mission in Mob of the Dead: you complete it right or you complete it wrong.

If you complete it wrong, you continue a cycle until you complete it right. If you continue it right, you can move on.

The same type of scenario could happen here. Helping Richtofen could cause some sort of cycle. Mob of the Dead showed us a way to have a two-ended Side Mission that had only ONE actual ending.

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I agree Maxi's side is canon, the developers did say they were going to kill the Tranzit Newbz.


@DavidVonderhaar Ok, kill them and bring back the original guys.

from Twitter

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I agree Maxi's side is canon, the developers did say they were going to kill the Tranzit Newbz.


@DavidVonderhaar Ok, kill them and bring back the original guys.

from Twitter

I can't believe how many people took this out of context and touted it as fact.

Vahn had asked previous to this tweet "HYPOTHETICALLY" and with no authority to do so as he stated himself, whether fans liked the new zombies 4 characters or preferred the original 4. the majority responded bring back the original 4 so he retweeted some of the responses. Vahn himself never said that above quote, and in the end its not up to him anyway

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Whoa there slayer

I'm sorry it was a MISTAKE.

thanks for correcting my asinine post

haha, no it wasn't just your post, i've read a handful of posts on the forum since Vahn tweeted about that acting like the final word as been spoken about the fate of the tranzit 4. you just got your quote in my rant lol.

Not your fault for seeing the tweet out of context, because Vahn has since deleted his original tweets on it

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Hmm those red eyed devil zombies or those blue eyed richtofen zombies. Rich could have a fight.

Some evidence: for someone who's supposed to have total power now, why is taking over 1 human body so difficult?

Agarta as the afterlife? The n4 might have more Investigating to do for their boss?

Or even this: who says Sam wants to share his body? Why not find some way to stop him, hell why not join the fight for the aether?

Idk, maybe i just have an overactive imagination.

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I think there is some sort of story to continue with Richtofen's, just not as much as to go on like Maxis.

I dunno, I kinda feel like Treyarch dug themselves a hole with this divergent egg. I'm sure Treyarch will work it out fine, but still...

Maybe they really are using this as a kind of "poll" to see which ending the final map should take on. Richtofen's or Maxis's. Maybe without fully knowing so we are deciding if the O3 + RichtoSam come back?

I can see it continuing through Maxis's side but Richtofens side of things seems to be over. He has full control now. What more would he possibly need us to do?

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Well see, there's gotta be a reason why he wanted back on the physical realm as well as controlling the zombies. Not to mention, Maxis did mention Samantha in Eddy's side. So there's the possibility he will go to Agartha. And he also mentions returning to Samuels body in a bit.

That's all I got for his side honestly.

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I think the only reason he went into Samuals body is purely so he could feel and touch and smell again as he is so happy to do so. That he may went to personally be there "in the flesh" if you will for when he's ruling the world and people are his play things.

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I'm honestly convinced that regardless of which side your choose, Richtofen will more or less, become a playable character once again. Either come next map pack, or next season. And if that is so, then it's even more likely that the O4 will return in its purity again.

Think about it;

If you end on Richtofen's side, he gains control to some degree, even will maintaining his control in Aether by "puppeting" Samuel. It's like Samantha being in Richtofen's body, except with Richy and Samuel. Interesting how the name "Sam" just plays an important role period, lol.

But if you end on Maxis' side, Maxis could easily swap Samantha for Richtofen, thus giving him his own body back after basically torturing him after completion in Buried. (Blue-Eyed Zombie)

Who knows? I just want them back XD

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