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Ray gun 2, bank, and fridge

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As of today's update, the ray gun mark 2 is in all the maps (minus nuketown). Also an intermap fridge and bank has been added to die rise. Fridge near the utility elevator jump across is now functional, and the show stalls in the adjacent room is the bank. Props to Mr. Caffiene for the first notice.

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The old ray gun and new ray gun II are in the box. Seems you don't have to have the season pass, it's in today's 89mb update. I have yet to get it and pack a punch it though, just spend 40k trying to get it and didn't, but I did have it earlier and didn't think about packing it.. DOH

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Their has never been a fridge or bank on die rise, probably because of all the unique weapons that are on motd

Yes there IS a fridge and bank on Die Rise.

It was added in the Xbox update, yesterday.

I'm not sure if PS3 players have had a similar update though.

I imagine that those reporting still getting the Mark 2 are either not playing on line, or had something delaying the application of the hot fix. LiamFTWinter was able to get it while playing local not connected to the internet so that the hotfix did not apply (have to be connected to the web for those to be applicable)

believe only XBox will be receiving thexe zombie updates for now, would only make sense since the ps3 and pc players wont be getting the MP3 until another 4 weeks or so

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It saddens me that there's no sign of the Mark II for us PS3 players. I've been trying to get with not really much hope. I know I've spent at least 50,000 points on the box (I used the bank in Die Rise). I wanted to see if I could get it because I had some time on my hands, but to no avail. I mean, I know it was hot-fixed for 360, but I was hoping for the slim chance that the PS3 update wasn't given the same treatment before it launched.

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