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By Far the Best Wonder Weapon Ever


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At this moment I would like to unveil my favorite game in Zombies now: Crawler Hopper 2!

First step is to get a crawler.

Then you get the Sliquidizer.

Now, you make a long path with the Sliquidizer goo, bring the crawler in front of it, and you DOLPHIN DIVE above the crawler, on top of your new Slip-N-Slide.

Bonus points if you land in an elevator as it's going up.

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That sounds similar to a weapon I came up with months ago.

From "The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!":

Doesn't have a name yet, but my idea would be that when it shoots, it'd melt the zombie it hits. When PaP'd, the zombie it hits would explode, and if that hits a zombie, that zombie would explode from the heat of it. However, the pieces could hurt you if it splashes onto you, making it an ineffective gun for being cornered/camping. Just something that I came up with.

Can't imagine it's inspired by my idea though, so, yeah. Still seems awesome though.

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That is amazingly awesome! Seems overpowered, but I guess the delayed deaths counteract that. If you got trapped in a corner, that wouldn't save you in time I imagine.

Trust me - it does. Shoot some zombies in front of you, or spray at their feet. They'll be skidding all around you, and you could blast yourself a nice hole in the horde while having them ice skate for a few seconds. The only thing you need to be weary of is ammo. It's a fun weapon, but fun things tend to go out very quickly, so use it sparsely.

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