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  1. I think they will decide the date of the O4 and N4 Infamous 2-style. To decide the canon ending to that game, they looked to see which side more people did their first time through. The good ending won, and now we have Infamous: Second Son. Personally, I think that if Richtofen's side is more popular, we'll play as the N4, and the O4 will be killed off, or at least not seen till the next zombies game, and vice versa if Maxis' is more popular. My reasoning is that, if Maxis' side wins, the N4 can't really escape his destruction. The O4, however, might still be on the Moon, so they would be
  2. That sounds similar to a weapon I came up with months ago. From "The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!": Can't imagine it's inspired by my idea though, so, yeah. Still seems awesome though.
  3. Kills: 14942 Downs: 353 K/D: 42 Highest Round: 31 Rank/Emblem: Skull (Blue eyes, 5 Tallies)
  4. Figures, it's the only thing I haven't built yet. Thanks for the information.
  5. I was playing Tranzit earlier, and I was in the tunnel. Right next to the M16, there's the window where zombies can come from and where the Jet Gun part spawns. I was over near this, and it gave me the Pick up Item sign. When I hit X, I got a wooden plank that I've never seen before. Unfortunately, I died before I could find a bench to place it on, and I looked through the tunnel for 3 rounds the next game, and never saw it again. I'll try to put it up on CODTV.
  6. Well, Superhands edited his 374 NML game on the 14th, so he may be back soon(hopefully).
  7. I have to agree with that. I thought it was a beret too. I'm also interested in the trucker girl. A guy I watched pointed out that she had a tendency to hide her face, so I kinda want to see if it's just coincidence, or if there's something wrong with her face. So excited for the 13th!
  8. Doesn't have a name yet, but my idea would be that when it shoots, it'd melt the zombie it hits. When PaP'd, the zombie it hits would explode, and if that hits a zombie, that zombie would explode from the heat of it. However, the pieces could hurt you if it splashes onto you, making it an ineffective gun for being cornered/camping. Just something that I came up with.
  9. Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, where they find at...
  10. Okay, so, hey guys. My name is Bishop Oldfield, and I was named after the X-Men character, for those of you who read comics. I'm 13, turning 14 on April 9th of next year, and I live in Marion, Ohio. I love the zombies mode on Black Ops, worth the 60$ I bought the game for. My favorite map is probably Call of the Dead, because it got me into zombies, and plus Danny Trejo is in "From Dusk Till Dawn", one of my all time favorite movies. Been looking for a nice zombies forum for a while, and this like a pretty nice place for the 2 1/2 hours I've been here, haha. So, that's pretty much it. Ho
  11. Considering only g's and a's are lowercase, I'm guessing the uppercase letters (WYN DDZU OOB OZ'U TWKZ) are an anagram. And, apparently, Wyn in Polish means rent, but I doubt that means anything. Hope this helps someone.
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