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  1. Anyone else thinking Samantha may be a Vril ya? Is there any myths around the idea that they can age much slower? It would explain why Maxis has become so obsessed with reaching Argatha. Samantha has poisoned his mind with the idea of reaching Argatha. I am no expert on the storyline so im just kinda throwing this out there in case i might be onto something. Probably not but its the first time I've tried to contribute a bit to the story.
  2. Has anyone noticed that the sound emitted from the subsurface resonator sounds similar (if not, identical) to the explosion from an upgraded scavenger on call of the dead? Not sure if it has anything to do with anything story related with it, but i thought it was interesting.
  3. Is it just me or does 90% of the easter egg steps make no logical sense to the storyline? Punching signs that make a glowing wisp that travel inside a guillotine? Its not really a big deal but i wish some of the steps weren't so goddamn...random.
  4. If i wanted to play those maps i would just pop in my copy of blops or WaW. 42$ for old maps sounds absolutely ridiculous. They've already added the WaW maps to blops. They can't just keep adding the old maps to every new call of duty. They're better off spending time and resources for new maps than re-adding old maps (that aren't even that old in the first place).
  5. How did he get the sliquidizer to keep that effect on them? Is he using an upgraded version?
  6. Have you tried changing the difficulty while in an actual level itself? Don't believe you have to start a whole new campaign, although I'm not sure since i restarted by accident when i went for those achievements.
  7. Sounds confusing lol. If anyone can figure out the whole "saving thing" then let me know. Also i believe im doing this as a solo run instead of a custom run with no one else, so im not sure if it will save that way.
  8. Thanks for the quick response. Thats incredibly frustrating to do it again but i've already gotten this far by myself so i might as well practice and get some more experience and remember where everything is. I heard somewhere that after doing these steps that it "saves" and you can continue from this point in a different game. Any idea if that is true?
  9. I am currently on the stage of the Easter egg where you have to use the jet gun on the rock in the cornfield. Unfortunately i was an idiot and didn't aim the gun properly and it has broken. I heard somewhere that you can rebuild it by picking up the broken pieces but i do not see them anywhere. Did i screw myself over or is there a way to fix this? I tried going back to the bench where i made it originally, since i thought you could pick up a new one (like the turbine and shield) but it was not there. Any help would be appreciated and sorry if this wasn't worthy of a post. I am in the middle of the game atm so a quick response would be very helpful.
  10. I would honestly prefer a new timeline and weaponry. Sure the WWII weapons were awesome, but I'm getting sick of using the same weapons after playing hundreds of rounds. I wouldn't mind some WWII styled maps but it wouldn't make sense with the story.
  11. Since i quit drinking i just smoke now while playing zombies. It usually affects me for the first 5 minutes, then i get use to it and play just as good as i always do.
  12. Good luck on the job, and thanks for being the first person to give me some brains .
  13. I would be EXTREMELY disappointed if they did that. Forcing someone to pay for a membership JUST to get DLC seems to be going to far. Especially since i don't play any call of duty online. If there is going to be 50$ worth of DLC and the membership is the same price, then i guess i would be fine with it.
  14. I've been wishing for this since i started to play zombies. Can't remember how many funny/awesome moments that have happened that i would have been cool to share. I'm hoping they add this and some sort of leveling up system for zombies in the next treyarch game.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPzAUd9XZh8 Here's a video guide, skip to 1:00 in.
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