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  1. Sounds confusing lol. If anyone can figure out the whole "saving thing" then let me know. Also i believe im doing this as a solo run instead of a custom run with no one else, so im not sure if it will save that way.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Thats incredibly frustrating to do it again but i've already gotten this far by myself so i might as well practice and get some more experience and remember where everything is. I heard somewhere that after doing these steps that it "saves" and you can continue from this point in a different game. Any idea if that is true?
  3. I am currently on the stage of the Easter egg where you have to use the jet gun on the rock in the cornfield. Unfortunately i was an idiot and didn't aim the gun properly and it has broken. I heard somewhere that you can rebuild it by picking up the broken pieces but i do not see them anywhere. Did i screw myself over or is there a way to fix this? I tried going back to the bench where i made it originally, since i thought you could pick up a new one (like the turbine and shield) but it was not there. Any help would be appreciated and sorry if this wasn't worthy of a post. I am in the middle of the game atm so a quick response would be very helpful.
  4. I would honestly prefer a new timeline and weaponry. Sure the WWII weapons were awesome, but I'm getting sick of using the same weapons after playing hundreds of rounds. I wouldn't mind some WWII styled maps but it wouldn't make sense with the story.
  5. Yikes, there a some truly despicable human beings in this world. I use to get bullied a lot as well but not nearly as bad as that. I would say ignore it but there doing it at such an extreme level that its impossible not too. This is the reason i have very few friends, people just suck.
  6. Since i quit drinking i just smoke now while playing zombies. It usually affects me for the first 5 minutes, then i get use to it and play just as good as i always do.
  7. I'm trying to get a job as well but a bit nervous about interviews but these tips have given me a bit more confidence in what to do so thanks. Not to sure what to wear though considering i don't own anything that nice.
  8. That's exactly how i feel. It gets annoying hearing everyone complain about how there's not enough action going on when i care more about the characters and how the zombie apocalypse is affecting them. A few zombie scenes is great here and there but its better that they don't over do it.
  9. I use to play with lego's a lot (i still would if i had any). As a substitute i just play minecraft now lol.
  10. I was playing sequence and got to the last 3 levels with only 2 lives and completely messed it up...so angry haha.
  11. Haha add me up, my GT i exactly the same as my username.
  12. 800 Microsoft points (10$). I highly recommend it, the game modes give it a lot of replay value, especially if you like to go for high scores. Make sure you get geometry wars 2.
  13. I LOVE geometry wars. Still trying to beat sequence mode but i always get stuck on the last 4 levels. What is your favorite game mode?
  14. Good luck on the job, and thanks for being the first person to give me some brains .
  15. I would be EXTREMELY disappointed if they did that. Forcing someone to pay for a membership JUST to get DLC seems to be going to far. Especially since i don't play any call of duty online. If there is going to be 50$ worth of DLC and the membership is the same price, then i guess i would be fine with it.

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