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  1. Hey everyone. Just stopping by (Well, it sure has been awhile, hasn't it?) to show you a video I made. I wondered what would happen if I put the song "Let It Go" from Frozen over top of the opening cinematic for Origins. This masterpiece is the result. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vW5MUtAi5k
  2. Huh. Never put much thought about this before. Welp, here goes. Nacht Der Untoten: The fact that it was a concept test that turned into what we play today? Hell yeah. It's fun, it's simple, and it's easy to pick up. Then it makes you cry. Verruckt: Never actually played much of Verruckt. But the fact that it starts your group off on different sides? More of that, please. Shi No Numa: It's a swamp, there's hellhounds, and the DG-2 was introduced here. What's not to love? Der Riese: Not going to lie. I'm not much of a fan of Der Riese. There. I said it. On a positive note, i
  3. It's all in the tone. To me, that was literally me asking myself where to start. That's all. My bad if it offended you. It's hypocritical in the sense that you are saying I am wasting my time about ACTUALLY thinking about ACTUAL evidence that we ACTUALLY have, as opposed to fabricating a story based off of thing that we THINK we know. It's a building with missing chunks because we aren't looking at anything. Good example was the one poster I brought up earlier from Samantha's room. That has to be a coincidence though, doesn't it? The fact that the loading screens are comic book pages, and
  4. I'm not trying to start some grand movement. I'm trying to bring back some rationality. We have been given hints, which I have pointed out and given suitable evidence for, but nobody is looking in the right places. This is what I hate about the CoDZ community right now. "Your idea of what's going on is not my idea of what's going on, therefore your opinion is stupid and breaks the story." You posed questions, and I answered them, WITH EVIDENCE. You are trying to say that Treyarch has given us absolutely nothing, and I'm disputing it. I mean, this reply I'm quoting doesn't even
  5. Yes. There must always be that guy. Today I'm filling the role. I do this because no one seems to be legitimately thinking. So let's begin. Jumping Jacks, the ghosts, and HIM, and possibly the giant, are irrelevant. They aren't important. Sometimes I hate that we tend to look at every detail, but now it's time we look at the big picture. There is something intriguing to me about HIM though, and that's the fact that if you can get a clear image of him, he is a human body's nervous system. But in electrical form. Maxis needs this to form a physical body in which to control the Aether f
  6. Alright.... Where do I start here. Alright, I'll start with the story making sense up until Green Run. It still made sense. Earth ruined because moon missiles, rag tag group of survivors somehow survived, Richtofen/Maxis have a plot to do something and they need our help. What more information do you want, because that is all there is to it in Black Ops 2. Wanna know where the O4 went? No, because it's not relevant to what's going on. So, we didn't like the characters..... Well, you know what? I did. For quite a few reasons. First off, they were a nice fresh breath from walking nationalit
  7. We just talked about me doing the history of YouTube and Zombies, so reporting in to claim the job.
  8. Thank you, thank you. I'll see myself out now.
  9. Hi there guys. Tak here, this time with an analysis of Avenged Sevenfold's "Shepherd of Fire." Now, I'm sure your wondering who's point of view this is in. Well, let me tell you. Also, this is A JOKE. I AM NOT SERIOUS WHATSOEVER. Carry on reading. The point of view is Treyarch's. Don't believe me? Well let's jump into it! Let's take a moment and break the ice, So my intentions are known. This bit is pretty self explanatory. Let's move on. See, I have pity in watching you suffer I know the feeling of being damned alone... Guys, let's be honest here, they love
  10. Believe it or not, I would be very, VERY happy if the O4's story ended here and now. Here's why: On Moon, we played as the O4, we blew up the Earth, and seemingly left them stranded on the moon. There was no closure as to what happened. It was a cliffhanger! We all thought they would be back in the next game to kick some zombie ass on a destroyed Earth? Right? Right?! WRONG! Instead, we got a ragtag band of misfits and stereotypical characters with no depth, in charge of powering up towers for some purposes that we didn't know. What happened almost immediately? "Trey
  11. And I have updated the end of the post with a new concept that may or may not rustle some jimmies.
  12. I actually really like that theory, Future Richtofen going into his past self (somehow) maybe to change something? The concept that I'm working out right now is that it is actually that either Richtofen sent himself back, or Maxis sent him back so that way they can guide younger Richtofen in what to do? The voices in Richtofen's head? It's been Richtofen. It's always been Richtofen. But it's been a Richtofen that knows what he's doing. Essentially, Richtofen/Maxis sent him back in time, into younger Richtofen's body so that way NONE of the story ever happens. Maxis keeps his daughter, Richt
  13. I covered this in a thread that I posted a few minutes ago. Here it is if you want the full read (it's a long one): viewtopic.php?f=155&t=35182 However, my shortened, guick response is that I believe that that isn't young Richtofen. It's actually older Richtofen who got placed into younger Richtofen's body. Although, I think I may have come up with something much more sensible but still around those lines. I need to go compile some information.
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