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  1. Huh. Never put much thought about this before. Welp, here goes. Nacht Der Untoten: The fact that it was a concept test that turned into what we play today? Hell yeah. It's fun, it's simple, and it's easy to pick up. Then it makes you cry. Verruckt: Never actually played much of Verruckt. But the fact that it starts your group off on different sides? More of that, please. Shi No Numa: It's a swamp, there's hellhounds, and the DG-2 was introduced here. What's not to love? Der Riese: Not going to lie. I'm not much of a fan of Der Riese. There. I said it. On a positive note, it kicks my butt. It's fun, I'm just not a huge fan. Kino: This was my start into zombies. Good times, going over to my friend's house just to play. This is what inspired me to get an Xbox. "FIVE": I could play a Fidel Castro, and I was 14 at the time. Good times were had. Ascension: Never got to play this one extensively, but Flopper is cool. Call of The Dead: Seeing a zombiefied George Romero was enough for me. Instant purchase, I regret nothing. Shangri-La: Didn't buy this one either. But from what I have played, I love the jungle theme and how close quarters and tight it is. Provides a nice challenge. Moon: This map blew 14-year old Taklok's mind. Zombies? On the moon?! Reduced gravity?! SPACE?! This map was my perfect, dream map for stuff to do badass things in. Green Run: I Great Leap Forward: Despite the fact that I liked Green Run a lot, I wanted a return to previous games' map structure. This was it, and it was nice. Using elevators as transportation between levels was fun AND challenging. Plus who doesn't love using the Sliquifier to make a Slip n' Slide to dolphin dive over crawlers onto? Mob of The Dead: Alcatraz? Mobsters? 'nuff said. Sign me up. And then there were so many different hidden layers and things to find. It was the perfect map in Black Ops 2 until..... Buried: No, not until Buried. This map gave us storyline. That's the only thing I like, other than the fact that we can shoot the hats off of the zombies. Origins: Yes! Until Origins! Origins is arguably THE greatest map in Black Ops 2, and it could be debated the best ever. Lots of things to find, that we searched for for WEEKS after release, staves that go pew pew pew, giant robots, and the return of Flopper, among other innovations like Der Wunderfizz? I love everything that Origins is. Even the end scene. ESPECIALLY the ending. Forgot Nuketown: I was just pleasantly surprised with how well they adapted Nuketown into a zombies map. When I first got word about it, I was highly doubtful, but Treyarch proved me wrong.
  2. It's all in the tone. To me, that was literally me asking myself where to start. That's all. My bad if it offended you. It's hypocritical in the sense that you are saying I am wasting my time about ACTUALLY thinking about ACTUAL evidence that we ACTUALLY have, as opposed to fabricating a story based off of thing that we THINK we know. It's a building with missing chunks because we aren't looking at anything. Good example was the one poster I brought up earlier from Samantha's room. That has to be a coincidence though, doesn't it? The fact that the loading screens are comic book pages, and Samantha and Eddy are playing with action figures of the O4? Coincidence. It must all be coincidence. There is a lot of stuff in Black Ops 2 to give us an idea of what's coming ahead, granted though, just not in Green Run, Great Leap Forward, or Resolution 1912. Our big story telling maps here are Mob of The Dead and Origins, those other three were sadly buffers to tell what happened after Moon it would seem. That's all it is to it. I pointed out a lot of evidence in my previous posts to support my theory. Go back and read them, because I'm not convinced you did, seeing your previous reactions. If you did, well, my bad. But what I point out just aren't things that you can shove away and say that it's not true. Now, I am trying to be incredibly friendly throughout this. However, I do not appreciate throwing down a theory without actually debating the theory and poking legitimate holes in it. Now, we can be civil, or you can continue throwing down theories that contradict and point out things that we thought we know or things we didn't notice. As for Delta's comment, he was trying to hint that a lot of our known story was made by US. Not Treyarch. Most of it is theories that sound legit. Therefore, none of it has been proven, therefore we've all been wasting our time filling in holes that aren't there.
  3. I'm not trying to start some grand movement. I'm trying to bring back some rationality. We have been given hints, which I have pointed out and given suitable evidence for, but nobody is looking in the right places. This is what I hate about the CoDZ community right now. "Your idea of what's going on is not my idea of what's going on, therefore your opinion is stupid and breaks the story." You posed questions, and I answered them, WITH EVIDENCE. You are trying to say that Treyarch has given us absolutely nothing, and I'm disputing it. I mean, this reply I'm quoting doesn't even argue anything. You are only: A) Being hypocritical, saying I'm wasting my time looking at what we have as opposed to filling in blanks to what we don't have, and pretending like we DO have that information and Not even trying to rebuttal with your own opinion. My opinion is mine. I'm not forcing it down anyone's throat. I'm pointing out legitimate evidence that leads me to my conclusions, but I suppose I'm a heretic for thinking. Go figure. I remember back when they were giving us the teaser trailers for Green Run and EVERYONE was analyzing every last frame in the hopes there was some information. That's how Treyarch groomed us to think through WaW and Black Ops. Then Green Run came out and there was nothing, so everyone all of a sudden quit doing that. That's not the CoDZ I know. It's not the community I love. If you choose to accept my opinion as truth, great. That makes me happy knowing that someone supports my theory. However, you CANNOT say that we have gotten no information in Black Ops 2 and then shove away what I'm saying with the "Your opinion isn't my opinion" mentality. I didn't come to my conclusion through magic, I came to it by looking at evidence that we have and coming to a logical conclusion. As for wishing me a horrible day, that's rather rude. I'm trying to have a friendly, reasonable debate about the storyline here, and that's how you're going to act? Well, that's very mature and makes you right. I sure hope things go downhill for my day in the next hour or so.
  4. Yes. There must always be that guy. Today I'm filling the role. I do this because no one seems to be legitimately thinking. So let's begin. Jumping Jacks, the ghosts, and HIM, and possibly the giant, are irrelevant. They aren't important. Sometimes I hate that we tend to look at every detail, but now it's time we look at the big picture. There is something intriguing to me about HIM though, and that's the fact that if you can get a clear image of him, he is a human body's nervous system. But in electrical form. Maxis needs this to form a physical body in which to control the Aether from? Regardless, at the moment that's unimportant, and I highly doubt we'll be receiving an explanation. The only thing important to Black Ops 2's story is powering the towers. That's it, that's all, and that's all there will ever be. Well, until we factor in Mob of The Dead and Origins, but I'll get to that in a second. Resetting of life force? Are we talking about the respawning system? If so, are we really going to question that Richtofen is an omnipotent being that can do as he pleases, to an extent? I thought we established this a long time ago. Sarah Michelle Gellar didn't have this "issue" because she wore a completely covered top. Misty is buttoned down and somewhat uncovered. She's showing something. Now, for all your Origins questions. What we have to keep in mind first of all is that the story we've played so far (excluding MoTD) is a comic book. Period. End. Of. Story. We knew this, and we should have expected this. Now, with that said, it's fairly relevant to say that Origins happened, it just happened how Sam, as a young girl in wherever she is with her American accent, determined, because the Origins we're playing is her and Eddy playing a game. That's it. Nothing more. Now, I'd like to point out that the action figures of the O4 they're playing with aren't of the young O4, they are they ORIGINAL, older O4. This is what happens to comic books when they become popular. Merchandise happens. Toys happen. Now, with that being said, our storyline is now two storylines, and the one we've been playing through is not messed up or impacted whatsoever. There is now a "Real Life" Storyline, and a "Comic Book" Storyline. Because of this, Samantha isn't in the Aether, we are TOLD how Maxis died. He succumbed to sickness, and Richtofen preserved his brain in the hopes of creating a vessel so Maxis could live on. This is conveniently the Maxis drone. Original Templars? I dunno. We'll likely never know, unless this is foreshadowing into the next game, which I doubt. Blue eyed zombies? Let's look at it this way. I don't know, but I CAN guess that because it IS the two of them playing the game, and Eddy likes the zombies eyes to be blue, he's responsible for the blue eyed Templar zombies. That's my best guess. Paradox? What paradox? I'm not seeing one now. So let's fit Mob of The Dead into this now. It has no tie to the story, right? It was just for fun? Wrong. It isn't in the comic book, therefore we must conclude it is a part of the "Real Life" storyline. I have one, and one alone, piece of evidence for this. The poster that we burn down to get the golden spork. The EXACT same poster is hanging up in Samantha's Room in the Origins ending cinematic. We know that Mob of The Dead is taking place in a time loop in 1933, and it's implied (but not proven, and I don't think it is) that the Origins cinematic takes place during World War 1, which lasted from 1914 - 1918. This means one of two things. Samantha really likes vintage movie posters, or Mob of The Dead time loop is weird. Either way, the fact alone that this poster exists in MoTD and wherever Samantha is (OUTSIDE of the Comic Book), it shows that Mob of The Dead and Origins, are, in a way connected and in the same universe. And yes. I will continue fighting you, and anyone else for that matter, over this "horrible" storyline until we get back into the classic CoDZ style of thinking about what we actually have and analyzing EVERYTHING, not just select bits we don't get.
  5. Alright.... Where do I start here. Alright, I'll start with the story making sense up until Green Run. It still made sense. Earth ruined because moon missiles, rag tag group of survivors somehow survived, Richtofen/Maxis have a plot to do something and they need our help. What more information do you want, because that is all there is to it in Black Ops 2. Wanna know where the O4 went? No, because it's not relevant to what's going on. So, we didn't like the characters..... Well, you know what? I did. For quite a few reasons. First off, they were a nice fresh breath from walking nationality stereoptypes. Now they were cultural stereotypes. I like this, and I like it a lot. It was nice. Not EVERY character, believe it or not, has to be a badass all the time. But more importantly, we didn't like them because they didn't have a story to them, or at least that's what it seemed until Buried. As soon as we had a bit of story to the characters, we LOVED them instantly. And ten year old perverts staring at Misty? Please tell me you weren't curious or had a love for round objects that jiggled when you were ten? Also, I'm going to go back to staring at the rating of the game. 10 year olds shouldn't be brought into your argument at all. Now, Origins. Please, think about the ending scene for the easter egg for more than two seconds. It has it's implications, but it by no means ruined the storyline. I would post what I think here, but it would be far too long. So instead, here is a nice link to it. That's all I have for now. Enjoy.
  6. Believe it or not, I would be very, VERY happy if the O4's story ended here and now. Here's why: On Moon, we played as the O4, we blew up the Earth, and seemingly left them stranded on the moon. There was no closure as to what happened. It was a cliffhanger! We all thought they would be back in the next game to kick some zombie ass on a destroyed Earth? Right? Right?! WRONG! Instead, we got a ragtag band of misfits and stereotypical characters with no depth, in charge of powering up towers for some purposes that we didn't know. What happened almost immediately? "Treyarch, wer are O4 characters @?! We want dem bak write noa bcause we liek dem moar and dese new character are boaring!" Through the entire lifespan of the game until the next DLC. Did they come back? No. Cue more complaining and the sound of vuvuzelas. And then we got MoTD, and everyone was happy because we played as gangsters with Tommy Guns, and it was actually a good map with a lot of depth. "YAY CAMPAIGN TEAM WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH HAVE MY BABIES!" Then Buried came. This is the point where Vonderhaar stepped in and muddled it up. While the map had a good bit more story to it and we FINALLY got to like the characters, but nope. It was too late. Too late to 'pologize. That is the last bit we'll spend with the N4. Why? Because a bunch of babies with no appreciation for the story (or where it was actually going)complained so much about the lack of the O4, that they finally got their way in DLC 4 just so they'll shut up. Will we ever have closure about the N4? No. Will we ever have closure about the O4? Yes. In Origins. So that way Treyarch can finally move on and do stuff without them without fear of complaints that there are new characters.
  7. And I have updated the end of the post with a new concept that may or may not rustle some jimmies.
  8. I actually really like that theory, Future Richtofen going into his past self (somehow) maybe to change something? The concept that I'm working out right now is that it is actually that either Richtofen sent himself back, or Maxis sent him back so that way they can guide younger Richtofen in what to do? The voices in Richtofen's head? It's been Richtofen. It's always been Richtofen. But it's been a Richtofen that knows what he's doing. Essentially, Richtofen/Maxis sent him back in time, into younger Richtofen's body so that way NONE of the story ever happens. Maxis keeps his daughter, Richtofen has his body, and the zombie infestation is done. Over. The only reason I'm considering this as even remotely possible is that Treyarch is very heavily hinting that this isn't just the beginning, but it's also the end.
  9. I covered this in a thread that I posted a few minutes ago. Here it is if you want the full read (it's a long one): viewtopic.php?f=155&t=35182 However, my shortened, guick response is that I believe that that isn't young Richtofen. It's actually older Richtofen who got placed into younger Richtofen's body. Although, I think I may have come up with something much more sensible but still around those lines. I need to go compile some information.
  10. AHA! The one possible hole in my theory! Well, here's the explanation. Yes, that may have been THOUGHT to be a reason, however, a lot of our known story when it comes to Black Ops 2 story are just thoughts, when there's obviously something deeper under it. Now, he made the robot literally to help Germany win the war. That's it. That's all there is to it. This is the very beginning of our story. And for some reason Treyarch threw in a robot, hopefully to go along with the Life x Machine theory. Now, as for him dying, I'm still not legitimately convinced at all.
  11. Hello there everyone. Today we saw the very amazing intro scene for Origins, however, this leaves me with a few questions, and I may have answered them. The only question I have yet to answer is "Where is Maxis?" but we'll get to that later. Firstly, I want to talk about Richtofen in the video, as this is something that nobody seems to be talking about. In the scene where he is introduced, we see that he is finishing up surgery on some unlucky person/zombie. The identity of who this is NOT relevant in this theory. What IS relevant is that after his face shot with his name, he slowly brings his hands up to the face, and looks at them with a very confused look. Shortly after, we zoom out to see our heroes preparing to take on the zombie threat. But Richtofen is doing nothing. He's standing there, looking around, and looking very confused. But why? Because this Richtofen is not the one that belongs there. He is a Richtofen, sent from the future, and popped into his younger self. Why? I dunno. I don't make the storyline, but it just makes sense. Let's look at it this way. If you noticed that you were suddenly your younger self and you were reliving a day from years ago, would you not be very confused and awe struck? Yes, you would be. I guarantee it. That's all about Richtofen I want to talk about for now. "But Tak! When are we going to get to the giant robots! That's why we're here!" Fine. We'll talk about Richtofen a little bit more, but we'll throw Maxis into it too. The opening scene in the very beginning gives us everything we need. Let's look at a specific quote. This is the only thing we need to know, aside from the history of Maxis and Richtofen's rivalry. I feel that it is very safe to assume that the buried force is referring to element 115, as I doubt they actually knew the zombies in the tomb were actually there. They planned to utilize element 115 for energy, but in different forms. Richtofen wanted to use it to create the Ultimate Human Soldier. This is what he was doing in the intro scene when he was first introduced. He was testing the effects of 115 on a body. I'm sure of it. Maxis, however, used a different approach. Maxis wanted to create a super soldier, but he created a MECHANICAL one. An iron giant, if you would. This is the robot that we see in the cinematic. Throughout the story of Black Ops 2, while not IMMEDIATELY revealing any evidence about an actual plot, did give us a major hint about Origins throughout the maps, minus MoTD. They hinted at a struggle between Life and Machine, between Richtofen and Maxis. Whether it was killing zombies to power a spire (Life), or collecting the energy of Him (Machine), flinging zombies into a radio tower, or bouncing metal balls from trample steams, or even the different methods of collecting the wisps in Buried. Maxis even talks with us through electronics, while Richtofen just speaks normally! The hint has always been there. That's essentially all I have for this thread. Thanks for reading, and maybe I'll be back with a crazy theory. Maybe. UPDATE: I'm currently working on a concept that essentially wraps up all the games, essentially ending the story. The concept that I'm working out right now is that it is actually that either Richtofen sent himself back, or Maxis sent him back so that way they can guide younger Richtofen in what to do? The voices in Richtofen's head? It's been Richtofen. It's always been Richtofen. But it's been a Richtofen that knows what he's doing. Essentially, Richtofen/Maxis sent him back in time, into younger Richtofen's body so that way NONE of the story ever happens. Maxis keeps his daughter, Richtofen has his body, and the zombie infestation is done. Over. The only reason I'm considering this as even remotely possible is that Treyarch is very heavily hinting that this isn't just the beginning, but it's also the end.
  12. That's it! You're a genius! No wonder she's narrating. She TOOK them back in time as a defense against Richtofen's actions on Buried, or it was a product of Maxis freeing Samantha. It's a Common Ending. Now, you're probably still not convinced. But think about it. As Taklok (I think that's it) said earlier, Richtofen is acting like he doesn't know why he's here. It's because he just lost control and got sent back to his freakin' body! Maxis may or may not have been sent back. And the O3... My theory on it, is well: They Died on Moon. They were in the Wisp (That's why Richtofen said it would make us so, so sad) and now they're back, because time was sent back. Related to the wisp, what if that's why some zombies have purple eyes, like the color of the wisp? The O3's dead souls still went back in time as well, and they entered certain zombies. Samantha knew she had to go back to the first time the 04 met to end it all, that way all possible plans they could have made based on anything that occurred there never would've happened. Holy crap, my imagination's getting real wild right now, but what if some things, like Richtofen's soul, went back in time, too? Like the planes? That way we'd know what really happened to Weasel. Imagine him rebuilding the plane, leaving the bridge, only to hit a portal or something, and find himself in France? Lol, the look on his face would be priceless... It'd sure explain the bi-planes. Now the robots, I have no idea. Only thing I can think up is Tedd (from TranZit) did steroids. And I know it's not the official name, but there's nothing else to call him, and I like Tedd (it's ironic, though, that I HATE Leroy). But lol, Fear Tedds, maybe he had like 100 children and they all took steroids... Anyways, this is shaping up to be an interesting map. I can't wait till next week. Ooh, someone saw what I posted. Good. I like you Mr. Monkey Speedo. Anyway, regarding robots,I think I have a theory regarding this, but it really deserves it's own thread.
  13. Alright, so it is time for my Taklok's Breakdown of Things People Aren't Talking About! Now without pictures! However, I am going to be referencing video times, so let's begin. [1] It does indeed appear that the Remington New Army Model may be back. It LOOKS like it, but they may pull another CoTD intro on us, as will likely be the case for the melee weapons. [2]Richtofen looks confused as hell about what is going on, almost as if he, somehow magically, had his older self pop into his younger self. He looks really confused about the blood on his hands and where he's at, even though in reality, he shouldn't. He should look more scared that the other three are pointing guns at him. And that's all I REALLY wanted to talk about.
  14. So in the recent "Letters From the Field" from Treyarch's Facebook page, aside from other "sources", there has been mention that there is the possibility of a giant metal man in Northern France, where the next map is supposedly taking place. Recently I've been looking into stuff that was hidden in Der Riese, and I discovered something that read "Die Glocke is mobile." This implies at the time of writing the note, Die Glocke isn't currently at Der Riese, so there's a possibility the teleporters weren't actually Die Glocke, but was instead this giant machine. This is just a quick theory I threw together at one in the morning, so it likely has many holes. What are your guys' thoughts on this?
  15. Go for it! I was going to create a video myself, but my main computer is broken, sadly. I still have a laptop lying around though. Would you be interested in a dual com on the theory?
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