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Turned- Customisability?


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Hey guys & gals!

Just been searching around (as you do) and I found a website called Polygon, not heard of them before but apparently they're pretty big:

http://www.polygon.com/2013/1/25/391443 ... on-preview

They have a lot of information about the 'Revolution' Map Pack, I'll post other information in other sections but here lets look at what they said about Turned:

In Turned, players will fight for control of a human survivor. All players start as zombies and must race to find "the cure." Whoever acquires that item first will be respawned as a human. The rest of the players must hunt the human player down and attack. Kill the human, become the human, then try to stay alive as long as possible.

As zombies, players have little at their disposal. Zombie players can claw at the human with the triggers or sprint frantically by pressing in the right analog stick; no jumping, no projectile attacks.

In the games of Turned we played, all were set to "Reverse Gun Game" mode. That means when a player becomes the human, they'll start with a handgun. If they manage to kill a zombie opponent, they'll upgrade to a shotgun, then to a submachine gun, and so on. While weapon upgrades are welcome in Turned, the second-long transition from one gun to the next puts the human player at a disadvantage. Zombie players move fast, respawn instantly and can swarm a player in no time.

Single-weapon modes are available in addition to Reverse Gun Game mode in Zombies Turned, but were locked down during our demo.

Zombies Turned mode can be a great deal of nerve-wracking fun in short bursts, aimed at the player who may want a multiplayer zombie thrill without committing to traditional Zombies modes.

Some information we may have known about already but one that I certainly didn't know about is the '"Reverse Gun Game" Mode', they also mention single weapon modes. So with this in mind do you think there will be other custom game modes we can choose in Turned?

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Honestly single weapon mode sounds great, and gun game sounds even better, but any more than that will be a bit excessive. Over-complicating it surely won't help anything. There is a fine line between over-complication and increased freedom. I think this is all we need to be happy with an amazing new mode and not ruin it with weird gimmicks.

Edit: forgot to say thanks for posting! Very interesting and helpful info.

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You are correct, death; you can create your own Crief Custom match with up to 8 players in the lobby. Fancy that, never knew you could do it. I guess I just don't have many friends. :geek:

But I have to agree with Treyarch's "customization" style. They really don't let you customize a whole lot, but I honestly don't expect them to. A gun game-styled mode like Turned (human perspective) doesn't seem like it makes that much of a challenge. Sure, there are longer transition time gaps where you are most vulnerable, but it's easy to maneuver yourself to make time. If I have enough time to reload an RPD without Speed Cola while navigating my way through Round 30 zombies in Diner, then I'm pretty confident I can handle a similar setting in Turned.

Of course, I won't be having AI zombies anymore. Having a reversed gun game setting makes it interesting, to say the least. Once the human players reaches a gun that they're confident they can use proficiently, wouldn't it essentially make the zombie players a bit weaker? Maybe I'm just over-thinking the system. I'm just glad they finally implemented a zombie v. human mode.

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If I have enough time to reload an RPD without Speed Cola while navigating my way through Round 30 zombies in Diner, then I'm pretty confident I can handle a similar setting in Turned.

then you just havent seen how fast they ruun its nothing like ai zombies

Seconded, different game entirely.

I can wander around bo2 zombies any day, but these speed demon, human controlled, freakalopes are a different story...

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