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Town 4 player strategy?

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Anyone have ideas for a good town 4 player strategy?

A friend and I played last night on town, 4 player, survival. The 2 randoms had mic's and were actually pretty good and no-one quit out.

We made it to round 23 pretty easy, then made some mistakes and died out. Not to mention my wife and kids had just got home so it was a good time to stop anyway lol...

ANYWAY, does anyone have some tips or good strategys for running town survival in 4 players?

We were thinking the 2 better players with the best guns run big trains, one in the back toward the small bank door, and one in front of jug on the ground there (my spot). Have the other 2 people "float" and maybe make small trains if needed but also pick off zombies from our big trains.

I guess with a 4 player round, if going for high rounds we should have a medic with PAP'd knives?

Thoughts, suggestions, bring it!

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You pretty much have it, run one by stamin-up and one in front of the stairs to jug. Other two camp in the upstairs of the bar or by double tap, should decide this based on where white player is running. ( i.e. if white is at jug, two at double tap or vise versa)

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There really isn't 4 places to train on Town so the best strategy is what you mentioned, I don't play Survival on Town but whenever I play Grief (which always has been every time I can find a game with good connection) in a party of 3 or 4 we will usually just camp up in the QR/Box room from about round 10 until the whole other team is dead.


Hi, even though this was only three people, this still was a good stradegy for us:


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Underground is a good place for camping on Tranzit, but the poster is talking about a 4 player strategy on Town, not Tranzit.


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For <30, one guy by stamin up, the other by the bowling alley, another underneath jug, and the last one running by semtex. After 30 it gets a bit dangerous for the alley player.

Also I've had games where people have run under the bar, around the pool table.

And last, but not least, keep the bank door closed. It's easier to run, but also I find a lot of players panic if they're the last man standing. They run into the bank and get trapped.

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4 in the bar works too; 2 upstairs, 1 on the stairs window, 1 at his back. When it gets intense, the 2 downstairs move up the steps and hold.

Last man: run up to bar or jugger, fight at bar or fall out of jugger and run up to bar. Fight upstairs at bar, when overrun, drop, run to bank door, but go left and back up jugger, wait for zombies, drop, run up bar, fight. Just keep doing that semi-figure-8. Fighting at jugger isn't as safe, with the lip at the opening and the chance of landing near zombies below, so i suggest just watching for an opening, drop, run back to bar to fight. Keep it safe and simple.

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Tech Admin

It's funny but 4 training areas do work on town but it does depend on how confident you are at running trains in a confined space. When me and my mates play survival on Town, one runs a train at double tap, one runs a train downstairs at jug, one is in the bar ann I run a train in a confined area at the bowling alley.

We all have quick access to each other if one goes down and we have it working extremely well. We generallyu only get to 25/30 rounds but it's usually because one of us has to come off at midnight and we don't start until 10pm or later.

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Everyone camp by Quick Revive, take turns reloading, best gun for this is obviously the PaP'd HAMR. Alternatively if you got good coordination you could camp by the door to Jug without opening it, though you gotta be on-point with killing the zombies before you get double-swiped.

After you get to 40ish, if you can get that far, one strategy worth trying is one that a lot of people use: one person runs trains by Stamin-up while everyone else sits in the corner near it. If you can work together, everyone leaves the area to go inside of the bar before the guy brings the train there to kill it with Ray Gun Mark 2, then back to the Stamin-up area together to repeat. Of course, you'd have to work together perfectly for that which is rare to find in 4-player lobbies lol.

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One area I haven't seen mentioned that I like to use is the space between Stamina-Up and Pack-a-Punch in front of the bar. You can run a pretty easy circle around the lava pit. 

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