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bus depot with 2 power switches with blue tape


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there is 2 power switches or power symbols that are at bus depot they have blue tape on them like someone messed with them i think 2 people at the same time have to push button or shoot to open train doors i think one is inside where the bus piece is and the 2nd is outside in the shelter at bus depot and someone at the train just an idea

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this is when power is on and your at the bus depot using a turbine near those switches with the electric sign on them one is inside bus depot where the bus piece is and the other is in the shelter outside of bus depot i tried with power off with other characters and there was no comment i only heard misty say this last night when the power was on i tried to get someone to put turbine down but we had a fast zombie if any should try this do it with power on and two turbines at those spots at bus depot with the power on

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the electric box looks like the one inside bus depot where the bus piece is if you look at the wall one is missing i think were suppose to put it there first because they never say to put the table together we only assumed the only said shoot the obelisk so its seems to be fittings if anyone doesnt have table built try to put the electric box inside bus depot to see if it fits

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at bus depot there is two locations that have signs of power and there switches i put turbine outside of bus depot by shelter and she made a comment about the seems about right and x marks the spot where you shouldnt put turbines at all so i did it when power was off nothing so i turned it on and put turbine down and she said it so i know somehthing is up with it you need two turbines down for it to work and the one inside bus depot where you get the first bus piece its right next door to the door where the office door is if you look the same electric power box that is in corn field is there but one is missing so i think were suppose to put one there or put 2 turbines down they said to listen to what the characters were saying try it with power on

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ok i figured it out it powers bus depot but with one but there is two of them the outside one makes it brighter in the bus depot but i wonder if you put 2 down wonder what happens because the guy keeps speaking on the mic about bathroom being cleaned and misty says something in the audio quotes aboute the bathroom being messy maybe if you get both turbines down the bathroom will open

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well i tried with marlton and stuhlinger with no power on it doesnt work when i went to turn on power it worked as i turned it on it was bright in there i dont know what to make of it yet think there is more but i dont know yet i put the two turbines down and i turned on power and it got really bright in the bus depot inside it seems like your suppose to look for something since it isnt that dark anymore but i was only using my other controller controlling both characters if anyone can help out with this i think its part of something open a door or to find something i think you need more than 2 people maybe its to the train when you turn on power

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Sentences & Paragraphs please zombiekiller28.

Walls of text can be hard to read & users may not read what you have posted. You don't have to multipost 5 times in a row to bump your thread, you can edit a post by pressing the edit button at the top right of the post.

Also take a deep breath.

Thank you.

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Calm down you guys, the lad is trying to post something he found interesting and yet he's gotten more replies about his multi-posting and grammatical structure than actual replies to the topic. Tsk tsk.

Anyways, Caddy is pretty much correct on Misty's quote when placing a turbine. It's a random event which can occur whenever it is placed. If you have power on, it's pointless unless you're using the PaP machine or opening those electric doors around the map. As far as the boxes go, it's there for aesthetic display. Remember those power boxes all around Kino der Toten and how interactive they were? It turned out to be nothing more than a great visual on Treyarch's part of realistic objects.

Who was this person you were talking with? It seems that they were sterring you in some...well, awkward direction. The bathroom will never open up because it's not meant to do that. You can no-clip too and see it's nothing but empty space. Also, turning on power generally makes the map brighter. Yes, there was power still active among the buildings (such as the signs), but the map will become fairly-lit for the most part. The train has no connection to the game but as display just like the power boxes. No-clipping will also show you an empty space inside the cargo trucks.

If you find anything else, don't hesitate to post 'em. :)

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i figured it out day /2 2 me its day 2 me the sun gets brighter when you put the turbines down i watched it on theater mode the sun gets brigther for the sun panels the more turbines the brither the sun i think but day 2 me he needs the sun brighter for the trains solar panels

Are you talking about Sun Panels on the Trains...

Ok, Very Well. Say this is the case, Where exactly are we supposed to be placing the Turbines at???

EDIT: Hasn't people already tried placing 4 Turbines at the Train Carts, Unless theirs 4 Specific places we need to put them...

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