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  1. this map looks epic if they showed all that stuff on the trailer think what is still left to do this map looks so epic and what zombie players have been waiting for and im hoping the end game of this season of zombies is epic that it connects the main maps to a teleporter and your able to teleport from each map that would be epic because i think thats why there is a bank in tranzit so you can teleport there or from anywhere and go to tranzit and get your money but that would be so epic or release a secret map but that would be amazing
  2. hi does xbox have the achievements already i can see the achievements on my ps3 right now
  3. ok i was wrong on the part about the sun but i did figure out that it gives more power i ran around the map and looked certion lights are on so the clue is the poster power by 3.o 2 turbines at bus depot and one at the pylon triangle i think correct me if im wrong but doesnt richtofen say after about the computer and the nav card thingy i think were suppose to give more power to the nav card table thats why it isnt working not enough power maybe after we shoot the table we suppose to put the turbines at those electric boxs at bus depot or before that its right in front of us and were missing it i tried to do it solo but my interntet kicked me off before i could shoot the table or try anything
  4. when you go outside of bus depot and head towards the nav card there is a shelter or tunnel with boards on it look to your left side on the wall there is the same looking electric boxs and when you look at the shadows near it looks like a arrow or an pylon but just saying but yeah its in the tunnel outside bus depot
  5. maybe but why does the lights come on if your already have power it makes it seem you have to find something
  6. i tried maxis side i turned off power and i went to bus depot put turbine down lights do not come on either they only turn on when power is on and after you put turbine down near that electric box in bus depot so they only come on with the power is on .
  7. well when i put turbines down at bus depot the lights get bright inside not sure trying to look around but when i have no power and the lights dont turn on when i put turbines down maybe not connected with train but it seems something when i put one turbine down the lights turn on in bus depot
  8. i figured it out day /2 2 me its day 2 me the sun gets brighter when you put the turbines down i watched it on theater mode the sun gets brigther for the sun panels the more turbines the brither the sun i think but day 2 me he needs the sun brighter for the trains solar panels
  9. well i tried with marlton and stuhlinger with no power on it doesnt work when i went to turn on power it worked as i turned it on it was bright in there i dont know what to make of it yet think there is more but i dont know yet i put the two turbines down and i turned on power and it got really bright in the bus depot inside it seems like your suppose to look for something since it isnt that dark anymore but i was only using my other controller controlling both characters if anyone can help out with this i think its part of something open a door or to find something i think you need more than 2 people maybe its to the train when you turn on power
  10. ok i figured it out it powers bus depot but with one but there is two of them the outside one makes it brighter in the bus depot but i wonder if you put 2 down wonder what happens because the guy keeps speaking on the mic about bathroom being cleaned and misty says something in the audio quotes aboute the bathroom being messy maybe if you get both turbines down the bathroom will open
  11. at bus depot there is two locations that have signs of power and there switches i put turbine outside of bus depot by shelter and she made a comment about the seems about right and x marks the spot where you shouldnt put turbines at all so i did it when power was off nothing so i turned it on and put turbine down and she said it so i know somehthing is up with it you need two turbines down for it to work and the one inside bus depot where you get the first bus piece its right next door to the door where the office door is if you look the same electric power box that is in corn field is there but one is missing so i think were suppose to put one there or put 2 turbines down they said to listen to what the characters were saying try it with power on
  12. ok i put turbine down again and misty says it again x marks the spot i am on to something
  13. the electric box looks like the one inside bus depot where the bus piece is if you look at the wall one is missing i think were suppose to put it there first because they never say to put the table together we only assumed the only said shoot the obelisk so its seems to be fittings if anyone doesnt have table built try to put the electric box inside bus depot to see if it fits
  14. so i was doing some research on the map and the nav card dable has that breaker box so i look at the doors by bus depot when you go inside the room where the bus piece is i see that it looks just like the piece at the table and one is missing so i was thinking that piece goes on the wall to power up the power switch thats why we are not suppose to put the nav card table together first because we are suppose to put it there first after we get whats out of the train since we put it together we cant complete the easter egg because i put a turbine down where those switches are on bus depot with the power signs on them and misty says that seems tobe right so im starting to piece it together at first i thought maybe you need to put a turbine down at both electric signs and it opens door to train so we can get the cargo out its seems im on the right track
  15. this is when power is on and your at the bus depot using a turbine near those switches with the electric sign on them one is inside bus depot where the bus piece is and the other is in the shelter outside of bus depot i tried with power off with other characters and there was no comment i only heard misty say this last night when the power was on i tried to get someone to put turbine down but we had a fast zombie if any should try this do it with power on and two turbines at those spots at bus depot with the power on
  16. when misty puts turbine by the blue tapes she says x marks the spot and she made another comment when im put them outside not at same time but i have a feeling put at same time something will happen
  17. there is a cabinet next to the mystery box above the bar can someone tell me if you can throw a semtex at it to open it because i ran kniving it looked like it opened a little but not sure was being chase by a zombie couldnt really try
  18. or 2 turbines seeing as they have power symbols seeing as most of the stuff on tranzit works with turbines
  19. there is 2 power switches or power symbols that are at bus depot they have blue tape on them like someone messed with them i think 2 people at the same time have to push button or shoot to open train doors i think one is inside where the bus piece is and the 2nd is outside in the shelter at bus depot and someone at the train just an idea
  20. there is two swithces in bus depot with the power symbol on them first is in the room with bus piece and the 2nd is in the shelter outside of bus depot maybe 2 people push the buttons for the doors to open it seems wierd there the only 2 power switches that look like that on the whole map and i think 2 people have to shoot or push buttons and third person be at the train station
  21. try emping the power while someone is by the train maybe thats why its close to power you must turn on power emp the transformer and the doors will open for a brief second while your guy is looking to see if the doors are open thats why there is an electric bolt on door it needs power first so when your emping the doors will remain open until the power comes back on just like the bank doors or emp the one transformer and use the turbine to power the transformer that isnt on
  22. i was wondering has anyone tried because i have been trying to get emps but the box has not let me and if someone has tried then my attemps at getting emps are futile so i was hoping for a response just want to know so i dont waste money on emps if i cant get them at the moment
  23. has anyone tried emping the train next to power or tried emps to all of the train doors with the electric bolt on the doors because maxis says we need cargo moved maybe the cargo is in there or whatever is next to train if so can someone let me know
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