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  1. Thanks for adding in the video, I forgot to add one. This was the same one I watched :lol:
  2. Hello, Hopefully everyone now has seen each of the easter egg endings and such. Once you do the Easter Egg on Rictofen's side for all the maps, it is shown that he enters Samuel's body. But, once you finish Maxis's side, Maxis gives Rictofen a physical form. What is that form? some may ask: Maxis gives Rictofen the form of a zombie so that he can die over and over again. He has his own quotes, and his eyes are blue while Maxis has yellow eyes for the zombies that he controls. I hope this helps for the people that are confused about the physical body thing.
  3. Yes, the times we have done it we found Samuel's body pretty much right next to the guillotine. However we never saw Russman's body, the switch was always on the 3rd body for us which was always Misty. Thanks, I was wondering because I saw all but Samuels, and I saw Misty, Russman and Marlton, but no Stu, but could this mean that the N4 are done with?
  4. Wait, I thought that Tranzit went on Die Rise, Die Rise went on buried, and Buried went in Tranzit Navcard-wise and then if you do the Easter Egg for a certain person on all the maps, then we get the true Storyline Ending for Buried.
  5. I found out through a couple games that I could play with 14 on black ops 2, but I usually play with 2-4, I think 4, but I forget at the moment.
  6. My favorite map has to be Five. I just love the feel when playing it. After that, I'd say Shang, verruckt, or mobt. I like der riese, kino and all of them, but I just like the challenge of running through halls or narrow passageways, there's a certain thrill of knowing that at any moment a group of zombies can cut you off and end the game. My least favorite has to be Green Run and Die Rise. I just think that they got overcomplicated with the elevators and the bus.
  7. Well, if you go to the multiplayer section and go to play online, if you go to the store at the bottom at around midnight Pacific time, it should be there. So for central time (which includes me), it should be out there at 2 am. I did that when Die Rise came out so I could get a couple quick games in before going to sleep.
  8. If it helps, Alcatraz was only a federal penitentiary from 1934 - 1963, so that gives a pretty good timeline of when MOTD could have occurred.
  9. I usually run a train in the bank when I can. When I say bank, I mean in the lobby area. I love it, and it's not too difficult as long as you're able to quickly change your path for when the zombies are blocking a way.
  10. Actually, your account can be on 5 ps3's at once. But, that is not recommended. If you do gameshare, I recommend it only being with 1 other person that you trust to not let others on the account.
  11. I tried to read it, but there wasn't any periods or commas, so my eyes hurt and I have a headache now.
  12. Zaptn, on PS3, you should be able to download the maps and it be available across all the accounts you have. I think Lithium is talking about on the 360 how if you download something on one account, it's only available on that one account. I say this because on BO1, I gameshared 1/2 the dlc from a friend at the time, and let him gs the other 1/2 off of me. Edit: I just got on my back-up account, I have NTZ (preordered hardened edition), and it let me play it on there, so on the ps3, you should be able to download the maps and use it on any of your accounts.
  13. right.... but this is a website.... so your trying to say that because im new to the site that i cant be taken seriously? this is a site to explore and share, in what situation does my seniority count? do i get access to different pages or secret knowledge? im sorry if thats how you feel. to me it seems like bullying. yeah youve been here for a while and im not disrespecting anyone who helped make this site what it is now, ill respect you the same as i respect EVERYONE on this site. I may not know everything about zombies but i know enough, and i can tell when someone is
  14. Here you go. Hope I did it right.
  15. My favorite is the DSR upgraded to iron sights, I get it with double tap and I OHK until at least 30.
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