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8P zombies, a possibility, but not necessarily a reality

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Hi guys,

I've been thinking lately about how everyone's talking about 8P Zombies in Black Ops 2,

while this is definitely made possible by the fact that treyarch is running zombies on the MP engine, I don't see how it would work considering a variety of factors.

#1 Map Size:

I've heard that with 8p zombies the maps will be BF3 sized maps, I could see this but at the same time, that's still a very large map for 8 people to be playing on, revives would definitely be an issue, I honestly haven't found a happy medium for 8P Zombies, i don't see how they would make it work with the map size.

#2 Max Spawn:

24 Zombies isn't going to be enough for 8 people, double that would work, however the issue there is distribution of zombies, depending on where you're running in this theoretical map, you might get a third of the spawn or some leftover stragglers.

#3 Running space:

If training is taken out of the game, we're going to be pissed, we can all agree on this. Any-who, a concern for me is running space for 8 people, because your going to have to stop camping eventually (imagine the zombie health in an 8P zombie game).

I can typically find about 4 good spots on any current zombies map that isn't suicide, i'm going to go back to map size here and point out that when they create this theoretical map, they need at least 8 good running spots, to achieve this you need a relatively sizable map(see no. 1)

#4 Having Less than 8 people:

So in this large theoretical map(see no. 1) your going to need A.)points to open everything and B.)sufficient force to do so without dying in the process.

imagine having less than 8 people on this huge map(no. 1) Imagine playing solo, and having to build up enough points to get your perks, weapons, and Ideal running spot.

#5 Frame-rate Lag:

So in this server that's trying to support this huge map with 8 people with a max spawn of (in theory) 48 zombies, that, to me is already enough to cause a LOT of frame-rate, now imagine this very server, with ray guns, flopper, grenades(or any other explosive), and the WunderWeapon of the map.

dear god, Imagine the frame-rate.

Well this is all i have to say, I'm going to leave a poll up for you guys to tell me if you think 8P Zombies is possible.


-Vodstok (2.0)

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Well im sure whatever happens, tryearch will find a way to make it possible. Theyre putting a lot of effort now into zombies

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It worked perfectly fine in the World At War Mode and that was 12-16 players hehe. Expect the 8 Player Modes to be similar to Killing Floor. With the amount of players.

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The only mode for 8 players is "grief". I think that this mode is desinged to be hectic and unable to run trains - that's why they are calling it last man standing.

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I doubt 8P is possible until NextGen, haven't anyone noticed why the levels are small when we play 8P? because the RAM can't handle everything, so they reduce the size in exchange for more players.

so if the next map has no EE, and is small, then it is possible for an 8P map, but it would be so boring. So they won't do it.



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Well, I had seen the glitched 8 person lobbys that had an extra four Russmans, how did those lobbys play as far as frame rate? I feel like it isn't possible to have eight people in one game, and still produce a high quality map on the current consoles.

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i believe if they introduce 8 player lobbies it will be a forum of last man standing. A grief match where you cant revive anyone and if you are the last man alive and finish the round you win. if you die you are kicked from the game and givein a score of some sort. Or in any given 8 player lobby you can also have 4 2 man teams. last 2 man team standing wins. I most defently believe Custom games will expand on what we can do with our lobby, not to mention ps4 has deadicated servers.

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