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Hi, my name is...

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Chiki-chiki Slim Shady!

Just messing. I'm not yet eligable for the Introduction medal so I figured I'd make a long-overdue introduction to myself.

I'm Superhands, AKA Nick. 23 year old self-employed Computer Technician & Salesman from Essex, England.

I'm here for gameplay & strategy, as well as general off-topic chit-chat. I'm the current World Record holder for highest kills ever on No Man's Land with 361 kills. I've also reached 100 solo on several maps with several more to come, as well as some impressive co-op scores (see my sig for details). I also specialise in creating new and innovative/revolutionary strategies.

In my spare time, apart from playing zombies, I like to play snooker & pool, keep healthy and in shape and generally hang out with friends and family.


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lol that's exactly what when through my mind after reading the title.

Hi! My name is.. what? My name is.. who? My name is.. Chiki-Chiki Slim Shady! :lol::lol::lol:

Also I always wounder what you did for work, figured that you were self employed but now I know for sure. ;)

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Hmm? Superhands. I swear I've seen that name somewhere.

Wait, have you played No Man's Land before? :lol:

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After all your achievements you are doing this for a medal?

I guess after you slaughtered zombies the way you have been you ran out of goals.

Always good to see you posting. Cheers!!!!

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