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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

Strike Force mode revealed.

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Sources: May also contain non-leaked spoilers on campaign

http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/5/2 ... in/2756745

Dave Anthony reveals Alternate game mode.

Pick a path and the new single-player mode, Strike Force

Dave Anthony, game director on Black Ops 2, says he used to love choose your own adventures, and that, for years, he's wanted to bring something similar to Call of Duty.

"For the first time," he says, "player decisions will impact the story."

He explains that this will work in two ways:

He says these won't be small impacts. The result of the new Cold War and the success of Raul Menendez will depend solely on the player.

"At end of campaign," Anthony says, "you'll see how things could have been different."

Anthony says Strike Force missions are one example of how player decision and ability will impact the outcome of the story.

Strike Force missions are sets of levels that will shape the outcome of the Cold War between the United States and China. They are non-linear, sandbox campaign missions.

Sourcestrike Force missions are like team-based multiplayer scrimmages — played by one player. The player is able to shift between all available soldiers and robots on his team on a battlefield. You could hop from a rifleman's perspective to a drone to a C.L.A.W. in a matter of seconds, and omniscient overhead view will allow you to give, what looks like, real-time strategy commands. Send this guy here, direct this drone to flank from the right.

The goal is to kill the opposing A.I.-controlled team and complete a series of objectives in any order. When a person dies or a bot is destroyed, it is gone, and you inhabit who or whatever remains. Run out of people or time, and the mission is lost.

We see a Strike Force mission on a shipping dock in Singapore. The mission is to capture the A, B and C points.

Housee pulls out to the commander view, and we see the squad, controlled by the computer on his behalf, maintaining status quo, taking cover, and making careful moves against the enemy.

He zips back into a soldier and calls in air strike to take out boat, completing mission. Lamia laughs. You could play the mission this way, or you could just play as a single soldier. It's totally up to the player, they say.


Unlike regular story missions, players aren’t controlling one of the game’s protagonist(s), instead, you can swap between control of members of the squad (apparently simmilar to the blackbird mission in Black Ops, but not automatic, you choose who to control and when) or of vehicles including attack drones and that mech (the CLAW) shown off in the Black Ops 2 debut trailer.

Players can also play these missions like a strategy game, viewing the battlefield from above in ‘Overwatch’ mode (again, like the blackbird mission) and controlling units.

Winning/losing these missions will have an effect on the global war effort, which sounds something similar to what BioWare attempted to implement with Mass Effect 3′s Galaxy at War system. Winning/losing a Strike Force mission can alter later missions and how the game’s main villain (Raul Menendez) or you conduct strategys. An example was a mission in Singapore where you have to clear the area of troops and air support, fail and you won't be able to get Mason there!

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Very interesting indeed. I love playing games were your choices in objectives ultimately impact the overall out come. And in a Call of Duty game?!

Two words come to mind.


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When I first heard of this, I thought of a mix of The Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect. I'm glad Call of Duty is taking a step in this direction, it is nice to have something new in the campaign after being the same for years now. In the reveal trailer, a soldier looked at a wrist device that had holograms of buildings on it. Maybe that is the new commander view?

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Wow that sounds pretty epic for a CoD game. First thing that came to mind when i read that was InFamous how your choices led to being good or evil. I might actually play the campaign mode in a CoD game for once.

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Bringing this into a Call of Duty game is a great move, if done right...Lamia mentions how this is done "Cod" STYLE and not any other style, which is a great wording on his part, so hopefully is won't become mass effect of duty...ehe

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I know i've said this before but i LOVE TREYARCH.

This is a huge step forward and I'm hoping this works out. They really are pulling out all the stops. MW3 wasn't great (it was the same old same old again and again). I really do hope they pull this off, but looking at the evidence so far with this & Zombies I'm sure that they can. Hopefully they can make an amazing campaign like in BO to go with this.

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yes, all this new stuff sounds AWESOME and all but 3arch has been building up a nice reputation here compared to IW and i REALLY don't want them to fuck it up.... Hell i would have been happy if zombies wouldn't have changed much just with new maps....but this might be good or bad...

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This is a prime example of why Treyarch is the most intuitive corporation when compared to its competitors. My friends and I had actually only just begun talking about repetitivethe Call of Duty's have been getting lately.

This is perfect timing on Treyarch's part to upset the previously failing status quo and save Call of Duty reputation before it fell down the shotter for good.

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