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  1. i thought the mw3 map packs were REALLY disorganized i didn't buy them but i think they should have zombies and multiplayer packs seperate for bo2....
  2. And think of the camping strategies with eight people!!! Getting to long rounds would seem impossible, but with a kick-ass group, I think shooting for round 50 would be and insane accomplishment. Insane accomplishment, maybe...it would take a long time.... but just of how FUN it would be!!! They said that the maps are going to be WAY bigger so i don't think these maps are going to be tight like COTD but open AND big like Ascension just lots bigger.
  3. NO!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Guys have you not listened to the WaW radios in Der Riese????? Sam is a little girl and the only reason she doesn't sound that way is because she is like a demon...shes not a hot chick with a shotgun!
  4. guys, playing with 4 people with mics was AMAZINGLY FUN!!! But 8 guys who rock at zombies and are fun to be with!!! HOLY SHIT!!! I don't know why people are talking about 3arch doing something to fix running around in a circle for hours and hours and the long long rounds......
  5. yes, all this new stuff sounds AWESOME and all but 3arch has been building up a nice reputation here compared to IW and i REALLY don't want them to fuck it up.... Hell i would have been happy if zombies wouldn't have changed much just with new maps....but this might be good or bad...
  6. What ever happened to survival guys?? I havn't written my review on MW3 so i guess this is where i am going to do it.... I thought survival looked better than it was. I liked it, but unless one of my good friends is on i don't feel like playing it. The Spec Op missions are just what they should be, average. The campaign, i never finished. Not because it wasn't good, just i wasn't compeled to play it. Now on to multiplayer. The staple of IW games is that. I personally thought that MW3 multiplayer was the BEST multiplayer of ANY COD game. (never play MW) BUT, yes i said but, i don't play it that much. I think everyone is tired of multiplayer being the main thing, its just the same thing over and over......Kill some people, level up, level up, level up, prestige! Rinse Wash Repeat. I think zombies is what people want....its just so advanced and co-op is better than p v p at this point in the COD serries.
  7. Ok so before i explain let me tell you that i am not a cheepo who get all these downloads for free...... So i want to make custom zombie maps for WaW on pc. But i cannot because i don't own WaW. So i thought, hey let me get it off pirate bay.....and it doesn't work on my computer so i was like damn....I downloaded it before i wanted to make custom zombie maps. So I don't really need to play the game just need the files to make the custom maps, and if you get a torrent you don't get the files so you can use them to make the map. So i thought, how about i buy it?? But then i knew i would be throwing away my money because i can't play it.... So i would like to know if someone knows a non-torrent free download for WaW...I found a site but it was in like 75 parts and i wasn't going to do that so please i need help!
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