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  1. around 9:07 plus you can hear dempsey say "I'm going to get one of these for my five year old.." lol wut?
  2. This thread was made to discuss, so if your not going to discuss the relevant topic, leave.
  3. You see, no one really cares about people with OCD, Treyarch doesn't give two shits to be quite honest, and they want that statistic tracking, overall it makes the game much more amusing to play, I fail to see your point... Fail troll is fail. :roll:
  4. I have played zombies for a long while, I take it you cannot read? I was saying she's pretty girly still...we don't have any badass chicks yet, from my point of view.
  5. It would seem that treyarch is finally adding some personality to this sausage fest :roll: No but really, its about time treyarch, atleast we know they are doing something with the singleplayer, its seen as they are working with motion capture on MALE and FEMALE bodies in order to have the smoothest movements for each character type... so this brings us to zombies, and that poster....are we finally getting a female character?? I think that would be a GREAT break in the monotony right now, no seriously...it would be fun to play as a badass zombie slaying chick, and trust me...sarah michelle geller wasn't that badass, you need less of her girly quotes and more of seriousness added in there, I MEAN THIS WOMAN FIGHTS ZOMBIES! not pandas >.>
  6. Bringing this into a Call of Duty game is a great move, if done right...Lamia mentions how this is done "Cod" STYLE and not any other style, which is a great wording on his part, so hopefully is won't become mass effect of duty...ehe
  7. Hello gentlemen, I've been thinking about Lamias words in the article by OfficialPlaystationmagazine..I believe its quite important to note that he says "Adding eight players into zombies changes the whole way it's played" First of all, I would like to talk about that line of dialogue, here we can see that Treyarch are being BOLD this time with zombies, they are looking to change the way zombies are played in a good way, and don't worry, classic mode with 4 people will still be available, but they are looking to innovate upon zombies and make it better, I know change can be tough...here's hoping to Treyarch that they can pull it off, anyways...the effects of having eight players in game would be pretty drastic, so let us go over the possibilities. -Boss zombies, Boss zombies are a must if you are to have eight players, this is to scare them and seperate the team, it only makes tactical sense to have a stronger or enhanced zombie round that is formidable against EIGHT players. -Double the zombies, well duh...its been clearly stated anyways. Self explanatory really.. -More traps/cash sinks...This is definitely an big move, adding more traps and tactility and ways to play the map is a big MUST for these maps if they are to be big, dynamically changing maps can be a game changer here, parts of the map would be cut off (just like moon) but in a much bigger way, imagine your team being split up due to a cave in or something similar...rings the bells of verruckt, in a much more intimidating way. Cash sinks, as in more ways to customize the way you play, why not change the firing color of your weapon, all for the cost of points of course, or what about changing some of the aesthetics of your character for a pricey combination and put those left over points to use, I will talk about a currency ASIDE from in game points next, to go with this. -Zombie Tokens/trophy system These trophies are VERY important to be able to use, they are like a second permanent currency, similar to COD points with a very cool twist, doing heroic feats in a zombie match such as serious team play, or saving your buddies ass while his backs against the wall and he has little ammo left can award these, these can later be spent in a customization lobby, OR IN GAME (thinking about an armory here) to acquire NON game changing items for your character, such as badass looking glasses or something...just an idea, we all want to look like hudson don't we. 8-) these of course are connected to the cash sinks in a way, these would be excellent ways of making the player feel rewarded and an expert for what they do, which is killing zombies Well, I will update this thread with continual ideas that I believe could be implemented due to this undead tech upgrade, stay tuned.
  8. Ahem, please remove the stupidity from these forums at once, clearly think...none of this information is remotely true, don't think for a moment, why in gods name would danny trejo come back, do you know the actors bills Treyarch would pay??? He wasn't even that amazing either, he just had a machete...though they should have kept robbert englund.
  9. Hello gentlemen, I couldn't really think of a great name for this thread, however I would like to post the very possibility that has been revealed, thanks to that pre-order poster. The numbers 1221 can be seen, these numbers point to the twenty first of December the year 2012, this is when a catastrophic event is supposed to occur with the galactic allignment of the stars, however....Treyarch seems to be taking a different rout with this, away from the celestial events, what if....and I know this sounds like a cheese ball idea, it was really the date in which (IN call of duty lol..) a zombie apocalypse happens, and that is the very date the rockets had impacted on earths surface, now...just like radiation is left behind from a nuclear warhead, so would the 115 infused rockets leave behind and reanimate the dead, we can clearly see this symbolism in the poster with the woman holding a rock of 115, and a skull. Death+115- Ununpentium= Reanimation. The dead rise upon the earth when there is no room in hell? well we can see that there seems to be a space below the decimated ruins of which she stands on so prominently, so what if we see these new survivors banding together, just think about it.. ...there's a zombie killer in all of us..
  10. Yes it does seem more like a Winchester classic model repeater, however a post on the Call of Duty official twitter says, grab your shotguns, not rifles....so it's a shotgun...it's also referenced with that picture, gentlemen, I think we're dealing with an apocalyptic scenario here, instead of a catastrophic event, its a zombie catastrophic event...shit's about to get real. :geek:
  11. I am just simply throwing that idea to the gentlemen at Treyarch, why not go with something that would work...there's a survivor in all of us sounds REALLY good and would fit...I think Treyarch should do something like this, and as new DLC comes out, new opportunities for trophy kills come out...would be excellent....
  12. Now, we've heard that saying before, a clever slogan based off the Multiplayers "there's a soldier in all of us" Now treyarch, how about you bring that idea to life with incorporating character customization and ranking systems to zombies, let us show that we are zombie killers by adding certain, kill trophies to the game....hell...what if that poster did mean something like that, since she is clearly holding up a skull as a trophy of her prowess...what if we finally do get to show our skills off by having these features to be unlocked, I know the idea of a "Kill trophy" system sounds odd, but I am sure something could be implemented to show that you are a seasoned member or killer of zombies. Titles would also be cool for that, these are just ideas I am bringing to the table, most probably won't be implemented into the game, but we can hope can we not? Remember good old Lamia saying, "Think about the multiplayer engine in zombies and what it can do" Well, I am....and it seems that great possibilities are on the horizon for us gentlemen, get the shotguns...lets kill some freakbags. :twisted:
  13. Hello gentlemen, let me introduce myself to this fine community of senior members here, rest assured I think you will find my theories and speculatory threads to be adequate, my origins in the zombie community had originally started here at Call of Duty zombies, around 3 plus years ago, and then continued with PlayheGame, I have a vast knowledge of the real story, and theories throughout the zombie lore and universe, so let us begin shall we? Today this thread has been created as a Mega-Thread for all of the would be zombie mode speculation that is flooding in after Mark Lamia, the head at Treyarch, confirmed the existence of zombies (what a surprise) and FURTHER pushed the envelope by going on to say that more game modes will be accommodating our zombie slaying adventures, as well as the upgrade to the Multiplayer Engine within zombies, allowing far more of the undead and players on the map, so far DOUBLE...which is enough for me frankly. So here are my baser unrefined ideas that Treyarch COULD use for their zombies modes, please do remember that all of this is theorizing and speculation and that none of it is to be taken real unless confirmed by Treyarch themselves. Extraction mode, yes I understand it sounds very amatuerly named, names are being worked on...the concept and idea is what's important here. You are to rescue the other half of your team in this Co-Operatively focused mode, they are dangerously low on ammunition and with their backs against the walls, who knows how long they have? Only you have the power to reunite and send the zombies back to their graves (yes a quote from good old verruckt Extermination Mode, in extermination mode eight players are given the options to choose their weapon loadout, this is when the apocalypse gets fun, gentlemen...get your shotguns. Each player is able to assign a pre class to their loadout, PERKS however will have to be acquired through heroic achievements IN GAME, such as reviving your team enough and recieving a perk similar to quick revive, hell you could even just call it that, no one would complain, the whole concept of this mode is to kill as many of the freakbags as possible before you die, the team with the most kills (split between four each, similar to verrukt maybe? half of the map for half of each team?) gains the upperhand in rounds which are played out in "Extermination sets." The players will then be challenged further in a test to the dead against the remaining players who have not died, things will get bloody between a three way contested battle...will you survive? Those are two ideas I have for modes at the moment, I am continueing to think of those that will be amusing for the community to play, as I want to have fun to be OVER story just for these modes, in no way should these be connected to a lore, sort of like Dead ops...in my opinion, anyways thanks for reading!
  14. Well, it seems its come straight from the mouth of 'Ol Lamia himself!!! ps. I am a new member here at Call of Duty zombies, I have been following for an really long time, I used to be a member at Playthegame, I left for my reasons. I am a very seasoned zombie player and theorist on the story, I do know all of the important and logically formulated theories and such created here at Call of Duty zombies from the senior members. Rest assured gentlemen, you have just had a fine asset join your community. -Josh
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