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Favorite Glitch In Series Of Zombies..

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What is your favorite glitch in zombie history...

I know your going to grill me and say I dont use glitches i hate them all...

But some are fun when your playing with your friends just fucking around, it introduces a new way to play after you overplayed running around surviving 100 times...

My favorite glitch in zombie history had to be on ascension lunar lander glitch

also if you know the lunar lander glitch they patched it and sam laughs at you when you attempt it and then she downs you..weird.

What Yours?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Going onto the table in FIVE, hehe.

I did like on five when you jump of the railing to get on top of the computers in the war room but took forever to get onto, also thought in the beginning room glitch which i never got to try, when you could get up to the ceiling on those ledges was cool

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COTD lighthouse door and George. Hey, I would still use it.

But only for breaks on really high co-op runs, it just means that nothing accidentally goes wrong and you come back to see yourself spectating ;)

Similar to the 'afk spot' on Moon near PhD Flopper. It's not something I'd ever abuse, but since Treyarch haven't implemented a pause function into co-op zombies it'll do for a quick break ;)

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