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Running Napalm Zombie?

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This hasn't happened to me before until today, at the beginning of the round I decided to shoot at a napalm zombie a few times and then it started running at me like a normal zombie. I kept it alive for a round to see if it would stop running but it kept going till I killed him. Is this supposed to happen or is it a glitch?

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I think it happens when you keep him alive for a whole round and don't kill him or anything, than as soon as the next round begins, a hit will make him go into the death sprint.

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Yeah pretty mcuh whtat Rissole said, if he's hanging around for a while and you then hit him he'll start running. I actually don't mind this happening, at least this way I can get him to join my trains rather than him just hovering around the place getting in the way.

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I want to make something absolutely clear right now. The one thing that has made me crap myself in CoDz since Verruckt, IS GETTING BULL RUSHED BY A FLAMING KAMIKAZE ZOMBIE.

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I'll have to test it out but I'm pretty sure I've never seen a running Napalm Zombie in multiplayer. I believe they only run in solo.

I'll test it out and reply once I know.

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Revived :twisted:

Anyways, no it also happens on multiplayer. I had a bad expierience with a running napalm once... oh god, how they were piling in the maze. It had to do a loop and lead me right back to the napalm...

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