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  1. zombieman9

    Mobile app?

    I think I heard about an app for this that you can download on your phone. Can someone tell me what it's called if there is one?
  2. Thanks guys. Jake, yeah I remember you. Good to be back.
  3. Haha no I won't be leaving anytime soon. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Not sure if anyone will remember me but a while back, due to some family problems, I left this site needing to catch up with my family and what we were gonna do. Well after a few years, im back. I still remember some of you guys here.
  5. Hey guys i'm back. Not alot of you will remember me...actually nobody will.

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    2. Naitrax


      I remember you.

      You may not remember me, but I remember you.

    3. Boom115


      Nope,but hola!

    4. NinjaNick


      I'm sure I've heard the name before, my memory CRAP anyway. Welcome back!

  6. It's hanging from a hook in two different locations. I can show you if we play a match.
  7. I kind of sh*t my pants when i saw the big boss zombie. It chased me around the entire prison. We have alot to learn and expierience on this map.
  8. so i have t stay up till 3:00 just to get my map? I've been up longer. Challenge accepted, treyarch...
  9. Why hello there, mr. u p s man. You should have respected my authorita, Luis.
  10. It took me some thinking but I came up with it. Could the footsteps at the end of Die Rise be a giant? Maybe Treyarch put those footsteps to hint towards a giant. We also hear what sounds like shackles or chains and then a gate. Doesn't that sound like a factory? The giant could be the metaphoric giant spoken of in the description of Der Riese. The gate could mean that it's the end of the new 4's story...for now. In the torn piece of paper in the comic book, there seems to be what looks like an old video reel. If it is a video reel, It could be just a part of the aftermath of Der Riese which could mean that the O4 could return. We may be able to play in the aftermath of Der Riese or a different part of Der Riese. Could we return to Der Riese? Could the O4 return? Do we play as the new 4 to get the O4 out of the factory? Do we chase after the O4 as the new 4? In time, we shall know. If anyone already made a topic like this, show me proof and I'll apoligize and let this thread die.
  11. Yeah the stuff like that. I rarely get to play Black ops 2. In total, I've only played it about 6-7 times . But when i do play it, all I do is zombies. So when I hear this stuff, it excites me a little. Don't know how to explain it.
  12. I mean pictures of what he mentions at the beginning: papers saying "zombies are coming" and such.
  13. Can somebody please post some pictures of what this guy is talking about? I don't have black ops 2 and don't feel like searching through youtube.
  14. As I said before, welcome to the site. It took me a while to climb up too and I'm not even a year old on this site. You'll get there though. Don't stop slaying.
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