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Why do submachine guns suck?

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Idk man in WaW subs tore asshole.

Lol that's what i was thinking...even IF you took out the MP40, the SMG's were still the obviously dominant weapon in WaW, though much less so than the AR's are now...while i do agree with the points above, the FAMAS and AUG can spray in close quarters just as well as an SMG can...i know from experience :facepalm:

The Panda's out...

That's my point. Assault rifles should not be able to compete with SMG's in close quarters. But then you have guns like the Famas or AUG. It's an SMG with long range capabilities, so then what's the point in using an SMG? Do you really want to sacrifice long range capability? I don't think so.

And in [email protected], the subs did dominate but at least I saw people use the bolt actions and the semi automatic rifles. At least people DID use a little bit of everything.

thats because snipers hadn't gone to shit yet haha...though i agree, WaW was probably the most diverse game in terms of weapons used...

If you can't use an SMG as effectively as an AR, then you as a player are obviously not suited to using SMGs. I know that i can go into a game and use my main SMG class and Dominate the game with it.

Here's what i use:

MP5K w/ Red dot Sight

M1911/ dual wield



Motion Sensor

Flak Jacket

Sleight of hand


If you can't use an SMG effectively then you must be more suited to AR's. I know i can use both effectively, as well as LMGs, snipers and Shotguns.

CoD needs some realism, or people wouldn't buy it, with no realism it would be nothing, and they are treading a fine line as it stands.

Also Sleight of hand is a slot 2 perk, Flak Jacket and Hardline are Slot 1 perks.

I'm also like you, I can put up good games with all weapon classes (Most AR's are similar enough to where i can just pick one up and do well), The MP5k and 74u have no match in Close to Medium-Close range (they are still my go to guns when i'm in a slump), the RPK with Red Dot is amazing, and the Stakeout with grip is also amazing in CQ...nuff said

The Panda's out...

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I know this is a forum but people like you have ruined COD. I can use any gun in this game and get a positive k/d i e 20 kills and less than 10 deaths. An smg is used for CQC (close quarters combat) so you shouldn't use an mp5k on wasteland. People complain about any thing on cod that they suck with and the devs see this and they say oh lets ruin the smgs completely...The point of my fail rant is this before you use a gun think about HOW your supposed to use the gun before you go and bi*ch about it ok?

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SMG's doesn't suck, I can own people using Famas with MAC-11 w/silencer

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The SMG's are not underpowered, i prestiged a while ago and went into a game where i used the mp5k with nothing on it and dominated the game, the only SMG i actually use is the mp5 because i don't like any of the others after trying them all out....

It's easy to say "oh they are underpowered" or "that is way to overpowered" but really, nothing is, it just depends how you do that game, i have gone into plenty of games where people have been using famas' and i have just killed them off without any trouble using an enfield or commando, then other games they have had me off in 2 seconds flat. it just depends on how you are doing that game.....

ruining the power because of some people moaning about it is stupid because then people, like you, are going to moan about them being underpowered and if everything was at the same power then we would go through a game being bored to hell with no competion as we know how long it takes to kill someone....

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I'm voting the 4th one.

nvm im playing cod4.


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I agree that [email protected] SMG is way better. It would been nice if those old weapons are in Black ops like MP40, Type 100, Thompson, BAR, PPsh, and Flamethrower perk. Where those times go?

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Maybe this really is just me, however it appears like in every and every COD there are only like two SMGs that occur to be even worth using, in COD4 I invariably take advantage of the MP5 but people say the AK74u is good, In WAW the Thompson along using the MP40 are pretty good, in MW2 the MP5k along using the UMP45 are the two good, and in BO I think the only just one worth utilizing are steering to be the AK74u. this really is just what I think and I concur that for these guns you invariably should have Bandolier or Scavenger to not right away work away from ammo.

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I now realise that the MP5k is one of the gratest weapons in black ops... god, that weapon is a killing machine. SMGs do not suck at all.

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