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  1. Watch out guys, we're dealing with a hipster over here. [ Image ] Did you read all of my post? I meant it would ruin what we've taken so long to discover, by putting it all on a plate for everyone that just wants to watch a Zombie film. It would probably be ruined by being made to appeal to the maximum amount of people, not just the one's that were hardcore zombie fans in the first place.
  2. It's one of those strange things... I don't think it would work, i have no idea how it couldwork, but i'd still pay to go and watch it! I think Cod Zombies has always been for a certain group of people, and (pardon the phrase) making a movie would make it too Mainstream. We've all been the Zombie loving nutbags since the dawn of Nazi Zombies, but suddenly a load of people watching the film will know everything it's taken us so long to discover!
  3. DeckchairsFTW

    Famas to be weakened next update

    True, that's true, [brains] for you! I'm a poet...didn't know it. But it is true what you say, and if anyone has ever been in the army, or even ccf, or even seen the film shooter, they will know, snipers nowdays go in groups, normally two, a shooter and a spotter, like in cod 4, then they position themselves, sometimes for days to get that one shot, even if they miss, they must then move, but people complain when i do that in hardcore, normally because they try to find my camping spot and are frustrated by my constant moving I'm in the ACF, and we use that method just for range shooting for the L98A2, L86 LSW and Target Rifle. I can easily see how much it would help snipers! It's almost a shame you can't use that strategy on CoD, but then it would be boring being the spotter.
  4. DeckchairsFTW

    Hate to be the bringer of bad news...

    I don't think this is the end of Nazi Zombies. For Black Ops, yes, but for the Zombies, no. One of the Devs in the video says 'Season Finale' Referencing, i guess, both WaW and BO as a 'Season'. I am pretty certain that it will not end here. The Moon just doesn't seem like the right setting in which Zombies should end to me. And i know i'll get a few groans for this, but Paris hasn't happened yet. Now for some more groans, neither has Area 51.
  5. DeckchairsFTW

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    We should have a 'Face behind the avatar... but decked out in Military kit' thread. I have several ones...
  6. DeckchairsFTW

    The Face Behind The Avatar

  7. DeckchairsFTW

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    It's not having trousers on that you have to worry about!
  8. DeckchairsFTW

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    I see all this CoD Zombies Merch and i want it all :cry:
  9. DeckchairsFTW

    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    I haven't heard of that one, but there are several places that he can just stop moving until you kill him. I had him do that at spawn, he wouldn't move, wouldn't hurt me, just stood there looking round and saying stuff. Then there's another one where if one person goes on a zipline, george goes behind them, then another player goes behind him, he drops off.
  10. DeckchairsFTW

    Will you be buying MW3?

    You earned a lot respect from me. I saw the gameplay, and it looks like shit. You say this, but you haven't seen the polished version yet, because it's still not finished. Remember it's still a couple of months away from release, so it's probably not quite finished yet. Just Look at some of the Black Ops trailers and you'll see several Guns they've slightly changed the Design of, different animations for things and all the little things that make it a proper game. DeckchairsFTW
  11. DeckchairsFTW

    New Perk ????

    I know it's not as stupid as that, but a new perk has come in on both map packs for BO, which means pretty much everyone guessed there was going to be one. But the thread title suggests that you know what it is, which is why i clicked it, i wasn't expecting another screenshot of some unknown knew perk.
  12. DeckchairsFTW

    New Perk ????

    It probably is the/a new perk. But the title of this thread is misleading. Confirmed is when the Developers confirm something to be true, not random members of ours...
  13. DeckchairsFTW

    Famas to be weakened next update

    That isnt a bad idea when they are up in your face and you have a ballistic knife. Hahahah fair enough, but i didn't mean that bloody close!
  14. DeckchairsFTW

    Famas to be weakened next update

    SMG's have way better mobility. They cant compete against AR's at CQB. It's like taking a knife to a gunfight. Also, dont bring our debate into this thread dude, don't want to hijack this, leave it in the other one. DeckchairsFTW
  15. DeckchairsFTW

    Famas to be weakened next update

    Removing yet more realism from the game. This brings a Famas down to an SMG level pretty much doesn't it? It's a load of bull that people get pissed because some guns are more powerful than others. If people can't compete against them with other weapons, then they're probably not very good at the game to be honest...

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