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  1. Hell yeah! UK Zombies were the best Thanks for the welcome back, although i figure posting will slow down by everyone for the next few months till Black Ops II
  2. Watch out guys, we're dealing with a hipster over here. [ Image ] Did you read all of my post? I meant it would ruin what we've taken so long to discover, by putting it all on a plate for everyone that just wants to watch a Zombie film. It would probably be ruined by being made to appeal to the maximum amount of people, not just the one's that were hardcore zombie fans in the first place.
  3. It's one of those strange things... I don't think it would work, i have no idea how it couldwork, but i'd still pay to go and watch it! I think Cod Zombies has always been for a certain group of people, and (pardon the phrase) making a movie would make it too Mainstream. We've all been the Zombie loving nutbags since the dawn of Nazi Zombies, but suddenly a load of people watching the film will know everything it's taken us so long to discover!
  4. DeckchairsFTW


    A lot of you won't remember me, but some hopefully will! I'm DeckchairsFTW, i used to be on here almost constantly, but i've had a lot of stuff i've had to get on with over the past few months, and haven't had that much time for Zombies... or Xbox for that matter! I'm going to try and become more active again on here, i miss the old Zombie chat, i just hope Black Ops 2 will do it justice! If you want to read any of my old posts for any reason, then click my name! If you want to see my Youtube channel (there's not much money), it's; http://www.youtube.com/user/DeckchairsFTW?feature=mhee
  5. You need to have done the CoTD EE to get the golden rod, or at least someone in your team needs to have. Don't worry though, it's an easy one, i've done it tonnes of times.
  6. I'm pretty sure it means it's a 'hot topic' i.e. a thread with a load of posts in a short amount of time.
  7. Probably got flagged because people thought you were hacking.
  8. Double Tap could be implanting knowledge into their brains The knowledge being that turning the gas plug on an automatic weapon increases or decreases the rate of fire, according to preference ;)
  9. Hey, it's Deckchairs FTW I haven't been on here much recently, been a bit tied up.
  10. I think i'm just about even on mine, but thats because about 300 of my post count disappeared :(
  11. Sounds like they're all beer to me :P
  12. It's about as explainable as the effects of all the other perks :)
  13. True, that's true, [brains] for you! I'm a poet...didn't know it. But it is true what you say, and if anyone has ever been in the army, or even ccf, or even seen the film shooter, they will know, snipers nowdays go in groups, normally two, a shooter and a spotter, like in cod 4, then they position themselves, sometimes for days to get that one shot, even if they miss, they must then move, but people complain when i do that in hardcore, normally because they try to find my camping spot and are frustrated by my constant moving I'm in the ACF, and we use that method just for range shooting for the L98A2, L86 LSW and Target Rifle. I can easily see how much it would help snipers! It's almost a shame you can't use that strategy on CoD, but then it would be boring being the spotter.
  14. I don't think this is the end of Nazi Zombies. For Black Ops, yes, but for the Zombies, no. One of the Devs in the video says 'Season Finale' Referencing, i guess, both WaW and BO as a 'Season'. I am pretty certain that it will not end here. The Moon just doesn't seem like the right setting in which Zombies should end to me. And i know i'll get a few groans for this, but Paris hasn't happened yet. Now for some more groans, neither has Area 51.
  15. Or you get one Wave gun out of the box, then when you PaP it it becomes 2? Like PM63s or HS10s. Sorry if i've misunderstood what you're trying to say, i've been away for the past 2 weeks and have missed all this Rezurrection stuff happening. And when i found out, i think a little bit of pee came out!
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