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  1. Has someone actually try to solve this with word attack? Its clear that division is the word we search.... I tried to play around for the last 30 mins but i dont see a clue to get a keyword or the used alphabet...
  2. I hope if we need to do again things like the gateworms or the skulls it should be a shared inventory - playing with randoms in soe before they maked a shared inventory was pain... and in zns the same with the skulls... why you do this treyarch? I would love to see an easter egg which you can complete on solo again Thats all i want... no problems with mid bosses And pls dont make steps like the zipline again.... i dont get it why we die after we fell down - we survive so many things like jumping from a rooftop but die if we land in water like from 10 feet
  3. Yoe need the kt4 in your hands and put it in - if you took the parts correctly you should be able to upgrade it
  4. Nieno69


    Dont forget the gamemode... do hardcore matches.... so you get that really fast.... There is almost on every map a point to hit long range with vatrix 3(dont forget to change to 1x) and a silencer on the weapon I have a question myself since i started playing mp.... do you need the weapons from the blackmarket too?
  5. It is a fun map for more players because you can share stuff you must do The map itself is nice for solo too But the stuff you must do is just to much time consuming - its not hard - but its the same as soe - ride the train to get the symbols for the sword... yeah fun the first time... but it sucks after you did it for the third time - here on zns the same - go under water - water the plant (under water like wtf? How does this even work?) Go back up .... Repeat ....and if the last zombie just dies before you water the plant without you killing him you repeat all steps...(maybe he was sick?...i dont know ...happened to me) Its as easy as der eisendrache in gameplay you need just more time... The only way what is stupid you can die during the ee zipline thing... i mean - you go under water for 30 seconds without any problem and dive deep into a cave to water a plant but if you drop from the zipline into water you die.... why it not just transport you to some tunnelsystem? Why it need to be out of the map? Just let it be a very small way to a oneway tunnelsystem and let zombie spawn from both sides and let you a chance to survive this with your weapons? That part is the only real thing why i prefer der eisendrache more than zns... Sure you have quick revive or a imprint plant but thats not how this should work... you dont die after using the jumppads on der eisendrache or jump from a roof in soe so why you should die because you land in water from like 10 feet?
  6. Finally... ok... And i think i know why they make such easy ciphers and give us a decoder list (except this one and the rail fence) I mean: ascension cipher was pretty easy to solve with word attack because there was punctuation The "mother cipher" could been solved by a automatically vingenere cipher decoder... So for what i mean: The clocktower cipher could be too such a cipher.... With rearranged keyalphabet vigenere... but for now i habe no clue... Further today i played der eisendrache again - and get to the mystery box and there is writing on it? Never saw that before... checked zns there is too something... can someone confirm that they were there all the time? Never noticed them...
  7. Actually i never died from a trasher... And for me it never happened that one respawns infront of me and one hit me.... i mean you hear and see him respawning clearly... And you can kill them really easy... you see it in the boss fight how easy they really are....
  8. Nice @DCRevolutionGaming and @certainpersonio So that means that there is either one cipher not been found yet or the last cipherkey is for the scrap papers....
  9. You need the skull - so you need points: 500 and 750 to get to first skull 500 and 750 to get the second skull 1000 + 1000 + 250 to get the third skull (zipline lab a) Again 1000 , 1000 , 1500, 1500 to get the 4th skull ... (lab b and way to bunker) Never tried to get into the bunker with the zipline and buy the door for 1500... maybe it works? So you safe points and dont have to open lab b All without getting perks or weapons... And then a you need a spiderround... so i dont think its possible before the second spiderround
  10. I will do it like jason to 1,2,4,5?6 -"Pass" I agree with you in the most parts... But about 3: the story "Long ago, there was a knight who was part of the royal guard. The knight was a brave war solider, and eventually rose to the throne as king. He held the wolf insignia as his battle crest and was known throughout the lands as the Wolf King. Suddenly, a darkness swept the land and from a hole in the sky came an Apothicon monstrosity. The villages were set ablaze and an war was fought between the King's men and the dimensional creatures." These are the pictures 1-3 thats ok... The King won the war, and the Apothicons retreated back into the void, defeated. An unknown time after, the King was struck by a few arrows during battle and died alongside his faithful wolf companions. But i dont know about the fourth picture.... why do you think they won? Could also be a story of a lost universe.... The end - His corpse was laid to rest at the highest point of the chamber beneath Hall of the Ancients.
  11. After looking at the lines i write down... some lines consist only of primes ... E.g. 953, 89, 461, 743 2x So it has two/one divisors Which could mean its an "a" or "b"... or e.g. "h" (8 divisors in total starting as a=1 or exclude n (the number itself) you have 4 divisors and get "d" What do you think? Is that worth trying it? Its a lot of work for every line... Further examples : 13 and 457 should be an "a"
  12. If its a substitution we need to look at each line of numbers - someone made a frequenzy? Maybe i can work it out next week... I dont see a connection to the other scrap paper... maybe we need the next dlc to get this?... Edit: Here the frequenzy- lines - hope i dont made a mistake: i used the transcript from @Draz thx for that
  13. Yeah... i hope they fix that and make a shared inventory... But further i have to say that the trasher is the easiest midboss in bo3 - the panzer and the margwa were a lot harder ...
  14. you kill the last zombie and then wait for the panzer round to start - so he will spawn every time at the death ray - dont try this midround
  15. Actually i was happy to see such a "big" patch... hoped for weapon kits... so hoping for the next dlc...
  16. i did the same and came up with this: I'm pretty sure there are 3 "lenghts" of spaces But i dont know if 1 means 1 space / 2 means 2 or 3 means three And like you said the breaks after each line could be multiple spaces... I looked at the last solved transposition cipher and think that they most likely used here too 1 space 2 spaces and 4 spaces between the words But didnt come further with plain But: If you put all clues together: 5,15, from the solutionletter and the cipher itself (7 newlines) you get the factors... 3x5x5x7 So this could make it clear that we have a grid 15x35 or 35x15? (Could probably be only coincidence or i'm verrückt...) Edit: further i didnt see anyone talking about morsecode...there are two lights which are suspicious: first in the bunker "above the friendly trasher wall" The second is upstairs lab b which blinks .. maybe no morsecode but for the numbers which are there...
  17. I almost forget these scraps.. because even if they were put in at one picture they would not be solved at this time.... but Looking at what you have done we might could get something out of them... At first look there is blue followed by green two times... Maybe thats the way we could make the correct rows... And one time the background is yellow one time black...So maybe the background really doesnt matter you know what i mean?? Good work Maybe there are connections between both scrap papers.... But i dont habe a clue what the other should mean...
  18. I'm typing all with my smartphone and english is not my first language but i think one can understand what i'm talking about - it is all my point of view - and you dont need to follow it but its the easiest way for me - Its hard to make a clear path because you can do multiple things at the same time so mostly decide yourself and do stuff at the same time (e.g. the aa bullet and the rainbow plant) There are some tips and tricks that i dont mention here e.g. you can escape the "poweractivation" room with "anywhere but here" so you dont have to kill the 15 zombies under water If i made a mistake i will correct it and pls feel free to correct me... FIRST: Equip the gg anywhere but here 2. Start the game -Get the bucket and destroy every spore you see and plant your seeds how you want at this points of game 3. +4. + 5 Starting and first rituals SUM UP: Round 1 or 2 2 Rituals done 1 Weapon bought 1 part for the gas mask 6. Starting Setup Sum Up: You should have Perks: qr and jug Weapons 2 (dragon, any shotgun or lmg are the best choices) Shield completed Power on Maybe first two parts for the kt4(Spider lab a and the green part at lab b) 7. Get the skull and end setup Sum up: you should got for now 4 perks + shield + good weapon paped (or double paped) (raygun is a good weapon for this map too) + challenges done (so you can get a 5th perk) + skull + kt4 + optional the gas mask 8. Beginning of the end "starting" the ee Get the parts for the Masamune Get the parts for the elevator: 3 parts again Decide yourself which part you will get first - but try to get a babysitterplant to safe one zombie and you will be cool... Boss fight
  19. The ic is a little to high but perfect matches the letter frequency... all ciphers i know would make it worse... (Ceasar doesnt change the ic but the lettersfrequency - vingenere and all the other poly would change the ic dramatically) And i think the 5,25 is solved It could be a transposition like the other But i dont know how the plaingrid is filled/read out Maybe left to right / right to left /up down / down up / center to beginning in a circle / beginning to center... With the "normal way" i dont get anything that looks like plain - only some words which are most likely coincidence... There are so many ways it could be scrambled - e.g. swap every two letters before transposition.... Or read one up and the next down... I tried: reverse all and reverse each line The next i will try is one down next up etc. I think the grid should be 15 x 35 or 35 x 15 like i mentioned before.... But for now this and the letter q are the only things which could help us decrypt this... Edit: maybe there are some triple spaces?? Or i am just bad at english...
  20. There is a camping spot like the qr room in der eisendrache - go to lab a near the railslide for 250 points -2 quick escapes if you get in trouble (jump down or use the railslide) it can be used to get the aa bullet too because you are near the blue water - not really a high round strategy on solo but with a little skill you get till 35 On this spot (only normal paped weapon) Theb you have the skull for emergencys or trashers... Maybe with two players you can go go higher Maybe i make a quick video of it but i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about
  21. So can you put in which locations we got? Because it triggered all around the map just by get spores and run around- the other question: does every character sees the same things in each location?
  22. @deamonkeeper you are on the right track but it looks like the script you are using deleted the spaces (which will be needed) I will show you here the solution (spaces as _) from @certainpersonio with a solver would look like: 20/25 You see there are a lot of words clear and you know what you need to look for
  23. Yes - lab b is the wallbuy... I'm pretty sure this ee wouldnt be solved that fast without looking in the coding... And so i assume the main ee in d.e. and zns was found that way... i mean... how you actually solve the plant parts to get the aa bullet? That you need to get in the underground ok there is a poster which explains it... Getting the ww and the skull and kill the spider - yeah easy stuff to figure out... but the upgraded kt4 and the aa bullet and the part with the walls and stuff with skull?
  24. You can lvl it up but there is no new weapon kit at this time...hope they will add some during the next dlc
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