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  1. BennetsGreen

    Shadow Man - Shadow Portrait In Kino?

    I also think the shadow man sounds like it could be the announcer in mob of the dead.. Either way relating him back to being some kind of evil force is looking like the go. I have a feeling we are going to learn a lot about mob of the dead in this map. Only the cursed survive is meaning only the bad/evil survive to be put through this so called " hell on earth", which means there should be an evil power in control.
  2. BennetsGreen

    What are you listening right now?

    its a cover of basement jaxx
  3. I'm giving free bass guitar lessons to all CoDz members through Skype 24/7

  4. I'm giving free bass lessons to all CoDz memebers through Skype 24/7

  5. I'm giving free bass lessons to all

  6. CoDz members, i would like to know what songs you want to hear in future zombie maps, please check out the thread i made. if we get enough feedback i want to send it on to treyarch!!

  7. if your online, get to chat, i need help with these dials.

  8. okay i need someone that has very good knowledge of the walking dead and/or 28 days later

    1. Covert Gunman

      Covert Gunman

      Are you talking The Walking Dead TV series or comic books?

    2. BennetsGreen
    3. BennetsGreen


      check out my post in research and development

  9. okay i need someone that has very good knowledge of the walking and/or 28 days later

  10. BennetsGreen

    They Are, They Exist: Zombies Knowledge

    well lets start working on it bit by bit, we should start by confirming things we know then choosing one part at a time to solve after
  11. BennetsGreen

    They Are, They Exist: Zombies Knowledge

    i think that the date and location solves a lot for this, most maps we would be working for months to even get a location.
  12. BennetsGreen

    They Are, They Exist: Zombies Knowledge

    so have we got screenshots of all the graffiti around Verruckt?? if so and there is no more input should we move on???
  13. BennetsGreen

    They Are, They Exist: Zombies Knowledge

    sorry yeah the last thing i said wasn't fact, just off the top of my head
  14. BennetsGreen

    Interesting Find on Loading Screen?

    i can't help but see the similarities between the wire man and the Avagadro.

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