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  1. well this is the best thing thats ever happen ever.
  2. whats up guys, is it me or is our community dead right now!? I've been trawling youtube trying to find guides and there is next to nothing bar really obvious stuff. so, my first question is does anyone know how the parts work. their location seems completely random every game and it feels like there is a process to get them to spawn into the map as they don't always seem to be there. second, what the hell is the deal with the robots... thirdly, would anyone be interested in teaming up on PS4, 4 minds are better than 1 obviously! i
  3. i need people to play shadows of evil easter egg, do you want to help?
    Please respond.

  4. Milo commented and shared my video on twitter :414:



  5. Tomorrow night should be good for me if team Europe isn't going now. I'll just come hang around about 9pm GMT and see what's going on tomorrow. If too many people want into the team I don't mind sitting out, I'm sure more chances will arise :) will there be some of leader board so we can see exactly how the teams are stacking up against one another? I'll keep my eyes peeled!
  6. I have been so desperate to jump into this but I've had internet problems, got an engineer out tomorrow to hopefully finally fix it. If someone tells me a time and a place I am there *team Europe whoop whoop!*
  7. could someone pass on the european teams GT's so i can add them? :) mine is Baron Von Beau if anyone wants to add me. Buzzing to give this a go!
  8. I would love to but that's like 3am in the morning for me :/ maybe if we can build up enough people we could have different time zone teams etc? :D
  9. I saw that video, it's a very valid point. I forgot about the whole purgatory thing ha. But he does also say that the brothers are the crew characters. I believe the brothers cipher refers to the dragons. I am absolutely buzzing to find out what is going on.
  10. okay man, that's a shame. If you're using Xbox one it has a built in Twitch app that is super easy to stream from, all you really need for it is a half decent upload speed internet connection, you could start a cod zombies account over there and stream to that with no problems at all. Just an idea :) but do drop a link if you sort something out be cool to come see you guys do this. GL & HF
  11. is this being streamed i really wanna come check it out if youve started?
  12. there is lots of talk about the red eyes in Gorod Krovi, some youtubers are saying it doesn't matter some are saying its massive. I was putting some thought into this yesterday and what if, Nikolai 1.0 is in control of the zombies, what if the red eyed zombies are Nikolai's? I'm sure i have missed plenty of facts while coming up with this theory, but my evidence is as follows. 1. in the opening of the trailer we see 'Belinski Square' signage, this is what set me off. we know that originally Nikolai was working his way up the political ranks in Moscow, he was marrying wo
  13. A problem I came across while trying to rank up / unlock the camos with the Bowie knife is that instakill kills didn't seem to count in anyway. It's one of the trickier weapons to do. Not sure if this is still relevant but that's what I found. No instakill! :)
  14. This is not what my addiction to this site needs. you're fueling my addiction CoDZ!
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