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  1. Hello. To anyone visiting this Topic. This topic ended ages ago. I no longer have the PDF file to create any new ones. I will not be able to complete any pending requests. Sorry for the lack of data backup on my part. Hopefully if Black Ops 2 comes out and is bundled with more Zombie content. Then I will provide a link here, for my new topic for BO 2 related avatar images. Once again, sorry. D:
  2. Oh noes, has anyone come up with like a replacement feature of any sorts?
  3. Ahaha fair enough does make sense now. What happened to chat?
  4. Hey guys. Graffiti Skys here and is on vacation for the next two and a half months! I feel that due to college I was unable to finish the update on one of my easter egg topics. But I was checking back here now and then, seeing whats going on. I noticed my Avatar topic has a a large amount of requests so i'll get right on that with some new designs! Over the next fews weeks I'm totally free and for the most part of the 2 and a half months. So I'll glady update my topics and even might start up some new easter topics for Shangri La, Call of the Dead and Ascension.
  5. Hey guys. Just thought I would also link the video I saw this from. Seems to me that this gun reverts the zombie to the state of first infection. From what I can tell it just shows you what they use to look like before they started to decay. Link to the new semi Live Acation trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hnp_9SqjIk Top image before infection, second after infection. I still think that they still attack you with further proof that the cutscene sequences of the trailer have regular zombies that look more modern.Attacking the new all sta
  6. I've got to the point of no return with my gamers rage... Anyone who knows me in real life would agree. I am known to game rage in public around new people and old. My neighbours complain off and on with my language and volume. But eh... haters gone hate.
  7. Yes i will later today i have to go somewhere Huh wha.. didnt he have "Fluffy" as a photo... which is the dog... in Zombies.. in which case if it was.. everyone who has a picture of a character in the game or zombie in the game needs to remove their avataar... If im wrong then im sorry haha... Ahah i Know that.. silly.. it's just that picture was made by me for a user called Fluffy. So... the point is that only he uses it as it was requested from him to me to make it.
  8. Don't mean to be a spoil sport here but... please remove and change your avatar BlackFire. Unless you're the original owner of that image of which was requested. Then please can you remove it. If you would like an avatar image like it or with your name then use my avatar topic. Thanks and sorry? ;D
  9. Not being a total twat but yet again that picture does belong to my "GkNova Styled Avatar Pictures" topic. If you don't mind please remove your current avatar picture. If you would like your own custom one with your name on it find the topic via the search bar. And i'll glady mke you one.
  10. Hey guys, Graffiti Skys back for Ascension. Me and my friend UndeadWarriorXD have found some pretty awesome easter eggs. Yes of which have been posted on here. Just like my older topics for Five and Kino. I'll make a collection log for Ascension. This will in time be converted like the other two topics, but for now it's just a place for me to post finds. ----------------------------------------- Russian Dolls: Around the map is hidden russian dolls. Each one is based on the main characters All of which have high pitched quotes, each different depending on what
  11. Hey to all who have posted on this topic, I have recently been very busy at college. But this weekend I will have spare time to go back on CoDz. Please check back on the first page to see if yours was uploaded not forgetting that you check the rules and so on.
  12. Hey people, not to be rude or anythingg but I did take the time to list the locations and each easter egg find on Kino Der Toten. As well for FIVE and I have a page script set up for Ascension also. Five: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=3860&p=49763#unread Kino Der Toten: viewtopic.php?f=56&p=44334#p44334 (This one is being currently updated on/off due to college. It was complete but I wanted it to look neat and easier to read.) Enjoy?
  13. This website isn't for "Call of Duty Zombies"... it's cleary a website designed to help those who are overweight...
  14. If you really checked, the AUG is in the WII version. And until I see proof of the tactical mask its not sustainable proof.
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