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  1. I've got to the point of no return with my gamers rage... Anyone who knows me in real life would agree. I am known to game rage in public around new people and old. My neighbours complain off and on with my language and volume. But eh... haters gone hate.
  2. Yes i will later today i have to go somewhere Huh wha.. didnt he have "Fluffy" as a photo... which is the dog... in Zombies.. in which case if it was.. everyone who has a picture of a character in the game or zombie in the game needs to remove their avataar... If im wrong then im sorry haha... Ahah i Know that.. silly.. it's just that picture was made by me for a user called Fluffy. So... the point is that only he uses it as it was requested from him to me to make it.
  3. Don't mean to be a spoil sport here but... please remove and change your avatar BlackFire. Unless you're the original owner of that image of which was requested. Then please can you remove it. If you would like an avatar image like it or with your name then use my avatar topic. Thanks and sorry? ;D
  4. This website isn't for "Call of Duty Zombies"... it's cleary a website designed to help those who are overweight...
  5. I call a RayWilliamJonhson quote of this.... "FAKEEE!!!" "Zombies don't eat people". Anywho it looks like a crappy map. But who knows... but its like 3/10 of being Ascension.
  6. Thats an awesome idea. I think it should be like updated weekly, with something special to each podcast. For example: •A welcome podcast, to help those who just joined up. •A podcast covering each map, and maybe their links to the storyline. •A podcast involving maybe a unique or well known member. Ask why they joined, why they contributed, what did they contribute, their favourite part about Zombies and anything else like maybe personnel questions. (I'm sure some people would like to know more information about certain users) •Maybe a podcast featuring some of the weeks best or most viewed topics. •A podcast covering any new Features or DLC map packs. •Maybe over time feature people from Treyarch, such as JD_2020. But you could also talk about other games maybe. Because that'll get more people listening to the podcast. But yeah... those are just suggestion ideas for areas you could cover in a podcast. Some of the best podcasts I've seen is a video on youtube of the audio. But its been subtitled, so each time someone says something it quickly pops up with the words. But depending on how funny it is or how its related to something pictures are used and sometimes video clips without their audio removed.Which does pull in more people because they can watch somethine whilst listening.
  7. Keep them coming its awesome to see how people have customized their desktops.
  8. Upload it but censor it somehow? I'd love a good laugh right about now..
  9. Ahah thats awesome man. Did you watch the video?
  10. Hey guys. Back with a topic idea thats inspired by my desktop. What I say is that a lot can be said by someone by what their desktops wallpaper, layout and theme is. As you can tell i'm a hardcore Half Life fan (Hence my Signature). All of it was done by me using photoshop. Thanks to the "PurchaseBrothers" who made the tower part which was screen captured from their amazing Half Life live action video. The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1UPMEmC ... r_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N503mycNuyk If you haven't checked out the Co-Op gameplay for Portal 2 then do! Its awesome! So basically you can tell that i'm into gaming (A tad bit obvious), music, art and graphic design. So if your up to it screenshot your desktop however it looks and resize it the same as mine to stop the picture stretching the topic and it taking long to load. Either post the link to the image here or post it here in a comment. If you can't resize it properly use PhotoBucket and if your having problems send me the picture in a private message. I'd be happy to resize it for anyone.
  11. Hey guys last visit with these concepts unless you want to see Quick Revive and Speed Cola. But this is a better version of a Perk 'O' Cola shirt. Enjoy? Juggernaut Soda baby..! Double Tap, Root Beer shelf?
  12. Hey got another one for the fun of it, I can do the other Perk 'O' Colas if you want them. But this is my favourite perk due to the awesome song. BizBloodshot: I know... I know... its not the first pick for a mans shirt but it was a drawing and I'm just re-using it now for mock ups.
  13. I took about ten minutes making this, I've always wanted a Group 935 Logo. So I did a quick mock up of one, any good?

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