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  1. I had to read lesser forums to go to sleep, which gave me weird dreams and a sore back...
  2. 18 topics on one page, by one person. Don't get me wrong I enjoy most of the writing going on here but structure is key.
  3. I eata one too many a pizza....

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from your unlovable Tattoo :) bring on the food coma!

  5. Also [email protected] is a hackerfest, they're probably leaving because PaP rayguns aren't falling from the sky. I say it all the time, quit trying to play with randoms, there is such a small chance you'll get a good, loyal player that it's better to just build your team on forums and youtube. Also look for people streaming their games, they're usually nice and enjoy company.
  6. I think all points and rounds should be shared, or given to me, and wish instead of guns we handed out pamphlets talking about the dangers of fried foods- liberal I'm definitely one that for newer zombies, even tgough I've played since waw, they should keep the atmosphere from waw, but bring newer ideas and traps, as well as modes to the game, not sure what that makes me.
  7. Also, at least 1 door to kino. Let's just all be honest and say it's so the new comers could have a chance xD
  8. things that run: towers/spire laundomat staminup (?) bus the mill behind tranzits spire nuketown generators... die rises elevators origins tank (maybe fixed??) giant robots soldats I'm sure there are others I'm missing. The "hunting" obviously refers to not looking so hard, game files are probably still tapped out. I was always interested in the mill from the corn fields, in theater I could always hear it humming. As far as a bus moving faster, negetive. It has ALWAYS moved on from a location that has no players, in theater I've noticed the bus stop for mere seconds, as well as blow by the marker altogether. Just a random thought thanks to cheesey prank calls....fridgerators also run. -Tattoo
  9. Usually boredom, I will change it up on a map or use terrible weapons to make a higher challenge but I usually end up going down a lot sooner. I've also been known to let my controller die while playing, even with the ps3 telling me its time to charge, I procrastinate, forget, controller dies...I die. For the record, I have 6 controllers
  10. BO1 has more content, as far as maps and dead ops is almost a mode in itself. BO2 offers more open maps and can be considered larger. It's all opinion but I think BO2 had better multiplayer, but BO1 has better zombies maps, and 1000% better campaign. Lots of people still play BO1, if you are on playstation, there is a sale going on for both games so you may just spend a little more and get both.
  11. It still challenges me so a great map in my book. Once you get set up with perks and a staff it gets easy but getting there isnt always a walk in the park. I still think the only time a soldat is hard to handle is the first time he spawns. Its the only map I play right now.
  12. My air purifier is usually running on mid and pointed at me, mostly to keep my hands cool and not sweaty. I play in a recliner, kicked back at all times unless things are going bad, you better watch out if I got to sit up lol I also have to use audio in left ear, I have a great afterglow headset, but I go for my viper headpiece. Lights out, messes with me to play in a lit up area. On Der riese BO1 I have to talk about how great the pap'd Aug is for dog rounds...I cant help myself
  13. Super cool I wasn't aware of that article, much appreciated info. So do you really think the C.I.A. agent idea was scrapped? To me it gives even more insight on his paranoia. Of course the element 115 has taken its toll on everyone, as having the world end around you, but certain things he says, liking knowing what the zombies really are, could back up the fact he is C.I.A. . Guess it's time to comb through slade's quote thread, again xD
  14. Some dude named Jimmy used to say BO2 zombies was going to be a campaign experience MYTH! Ascension someone told me when the boxed moved, to look at whatever TV sceen I wanted it to spawn at and keep jumping, of course I believed him and started telling other people, eventually realized I had been very much misinformed lmao.
  15. I always thought the idea in Land of the dead of using fireworks as an attention deterrent was great( one of the few good ideas in that movie haha). Gunpowder- first bag appears first round, and re appears the round after using fireworks, so no double uses from one player in one round, though all players can use it. Wick- Just a common item, found in one of four areas. Colored wrappings/cartridge- Just a common item, found in one of four areas. Launcher- A five slotted fireworks launcher (they're not as big as you would think) located in one of four areas. The best thing about this part is it's non breakable, you only find it once unless you swap it for another buildable, and it will spawn in the same place you found it. Pros- Able to build and leave on ground( like tramplesteam) and activate anywhere in map through use of the down button on d-pad. The trigger will activate five fireworks that each catch the attention of zombies for fourty-five seconds, a total of three minutes and 45 seconds. The trigger can be pulled again to stop the next firework from being set off, so you can use the buildable up to five separate times if you like, or all five at once, however you see fit. It is also reloadable, but all parts will be consumed no matter how many more you load into it. Almost instant help when facing a down. Cons- You must build it yourself. All four players can have the FWL (fireworks launcher) at the same time, but must build it each on thier own. If you decide to stop the FWL before all five are used, a cooldown period is active before it can be picked up, or reloaded. Standing near the FLW at launch will cause mild burn damage, as well as a concussion stun, don't stand near it. It's not clipped- I hope I am using that term correctly, what I mean to say is, players and enimies will be able to walk through it as if it isn't there. This will keep it from being an unbreakable wall against the undead, as well to keep trolls from using it poorly. The concussion effect given to players too close to the FWL would not effect enemies. Now a quick summary. The FWL would basically be the same as monkey bombs. The difference being, the FWL would do very little damage compared to monkey bombs, but its affect is triggered almost instantly, no wind up, pull back and throw, imagine the time it takes to push the trigger on the ballistic knife, around that fast. The zombies are stopped in their tracks immediately by the enormous boom of the first firework, the sound is important because it's what makes them stop before the firework reaches the sky. .Then their attention is held by the random bursts of color, you are safe to kill or navigate freely until all five are finished, or until you stop the next detonation. Not overly useful, but a great way to save yourself, or a way to safely revive a player. The buildable is also catered to the solo player, giving them time to recover perks mid round after going down. So...skyflowers, what do you think?
  16. You said it, on der riese I usually also run the thompson room, or the furnace room. While everyone should have their respective areas to run/train, it doesn't mean someone else can't go there at all. Now if someone shows up and decides not to leave, I would consider that wrong, but to preserve the game I would probably just found another spot. Ending the game probably wasn't good either because usually players that disrupt the flow of gameplay end up down and that is where payback comes into effect, I would rather leave someone to bleed out and hope for them to quit, than end the game for everyone. I prepare for people in that room to come run through just because most people leave the alley closed and have to get juggernog by running past the electric bridge, but I play with mics so there is at least a callout beforehand.
  17. l'm with you, good map. There are plenty of maps that could be considered to be bigger than they seem, only for the fact they are not trainable, and going back, its been pretty fun defending the bus in mid rounds, I used to never survive on the bus lol. But I can easily navigate through fog no matter the round as long as I keep moving forward, and have galvaknuckles. I think most peoples gripe was, and still is that Trazit was made out to be something it isn't. I know I was expecting a campaign style experience with lots of story and in all honesty, the original four to be returned to Earth somehow to continue on. It reeks of being unfinished, so being let down over that also weighed heavy on how people viewed it. At first I was unhappy with the map, now I enjoy it more than some other maps on BO2, once I adjusted to the direction Treyarch was taking the game it wasn't so bad. Terrible easter egg, great map, plus EMPs are just fun lol I had no idea the game could crash from training in the fog, was this solo or mp?
  18. Didn't realize it was a glitch, my mistake. Guess thats why no one talks about it xD
  19. I don't know if it's common knowledge, but I was just playing Farm survival for fun and had it on headshot only, starting on RD20. Soon after, I was lucky enough to get the Mark2 from the mystery box and instantly noticed my kills were surpassing my headshots, I even shot their legs to make sure. The best part was having a headless zombie follow a horde for a solid minute before I took them all out, I knifed him a few times and he wouldn't go down. Anyway, thought I would share this in case nobody was aware of it.
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