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  1. This was possibly the funniest thing ever I scoped the church and my friend asked me what I was doing and just as he was about to eat his sandwich the jump scare popped up and he choked on his sandwich he never watches me play a game anymore :D
  2. I only focus on the centre of the screen when playing zombies I don't even glipse at the outer edge so I don't really know what stuff I have when playing but I managed to complete all EE's by doing this so I must be doing something right lol
  3. Thank the lord for way2goo I have done the easter egg and I had no idea what they was just shows how much attention I pay
  4. I Get this same problem as well so now whenever I get monkeys I just throw them at the zombies head its funny and passes time.
  5. Maybe we start the next zombies off with where finished off last time we was with the original four and that's from moon.
  6. My biggest fall was I had one zombie left on round 21 I had ray gun mark II and BOOMHILDA and accidentally dived underneath the robots foot which didn't kill me because I had golden helm but while dazed I got bitch slapped by the last zombie. I CRIED AFTER THIS HAPPENED
  7. I can't decipher but I just posted a link to this thread on another deciphering thread so someone might come along to help
  8. It all comes down really to the number of zombies if their is a few then boomhilda is the perfect choice but once you start getting more and more zombies in a horde that's when the mustang and sally starts gaining the upper hand
  9. No I think many people have tried to do this and failed I know I have and I couldn't do it so I think its unlikely and anyway It would be pointless really because the staffs powers wouldn't work with each other that well because if let's say fire and ice came out of the staff either the ice is going to freeze the fire pits which is made by the fire staff or the fire pits will melt the ice and let's say wind and ice came out all you would be making is cold air and I don't think cold air is going to hurt a zombie
  10. Post this in teammate finder you may get a better response
  11. By reading the title of the thread I had no idea where you was going with this but then you made it clear and I have to agree with your theory. WELL DONE!
  12. Yea treyarch pull your finger out your but and tell us what's going on we are only human after all we can't work out everything for ourselves
  13. A very sad day indeed I believe a prayer should be song for our brave heroes so sing with me if you know it *FORCE FIELD, FORCE FIELD WE'RE STUCK BEHIND A FORCE FIELD* and I think a more realistic zombies would be good it would be hard to reach high rounds which is why I think it would work because its challenging and I have to admit origins is challenging which is why its so good so yea I personally would like a more life like zombies but not too life like maybe add the PaP, and a few perks like the good old days
  14. Basically treyarch just gave us the middle finger I still find it weird when samantha says my father/daddy has a plan this makes one wonder if maxis created the zombies and everything else just for samantha and because richtofen wants his turn he sets out to remove samantha from power and put himself in power
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