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  1. We did all the steps up to killing the Red Baron. I shot down the plane myself in Zombie Blood but we still can't find him. We heard him scream or something a few times but we can't find him even after going into Zombie Blood 7 times! We searched all over the Excavation Site and nothing. Am I missing something?
  2. I just got all Ultimate Staffs and the podiums aren't spawning? What do I do... I know the steps and there is nothing for this? I have all generators on.
  3. I'm stuck on the Ultimate Fire Staff at the church. Have everything else done. Does anyone have a cipher or have any clue how to do it? We're close to having no ammo at the moment.
  4. Does anyone know EVERY location the tiles can be in and what specifically does each tile mean and represent. I must have gone wrong somewhere.
  5. I just played for 3 hours on Riichtofen's side and we were at the last part on the EE. Out of 9 locations that I read, I found 6. 1.Blue South 2.Green North 3.Red 4 4. 5. 6. 7.Green 3 8.Red West 9. Blue 2 Those were the ones I found according to location to this: 1. Spawn desk 2. On the radio tower, on the corner. 3. Roof box spawn, on a plastic lawn chair. 4. MP5, go into the **** please report this topic, post **** to the right, on the counter. 5. AK, go down the hall, veer right, left through door, on shelves to the right. 6. Power room, on sewing table in the corner by the door. 7. Floor with 4 mattress sprint landing, through door on left, right, it’s on a couch with round cushions. 8. Elevator shaft right below awning slide 9. Buddha room by teddy bear. I then thought that it would be East South North West according to the ones I found! We failed it 20 times. We done 19 different combinations and NONE worked. Can anyone give or know a concise guide to these bullsh*t tiles? I used these 2 pictures aswell to help me and from what they stated I should have got it first try with my team! http://www.j-archive.com/media/2006-05-12_DJ_17a.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9c5QHIs.jpg Please help me! I read some other posts but couldn't find solutions :cry:
  6. I know that people have the EE done and there are only a few uploaded on YT atm. But does anyone have a detailed text guide yet? ( I prefer text over video ) or do I need a video for some steps
  7. So if you have the 4 classic maps already bought how will you be able to download the DLC4 for free.. Where abouts will you do it or how..
  8. Just got it For some reason it was the Napalm Zombie... even though I shrunk it tons of time's...
  9. I got the 31-79 JBG215 in Solo and I shot EVERY type of zombie... the female one... the skrieker.. the napalm... the gas mask dude.... and the normal one.. also the monkey at the tower where the PaP is ... he was sitting NOT running.... and I didn't get it!? Is ther something I done wrong..
  10. Where is it! I literally cannot find it anywhere... I know where Stamin-Up S.Cola J.Nog and all others are but I cant find Double Tap :(
  11. I say it's fake seeing as Mountain Drew talks a whole load of crap everyday.... But we will find out..
  12. Maybe somebody got a picture of it from a video from a different site which was loading the video?
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vUXeQGKLIg New link for everybody to hear but watch quick! :)
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