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  1. Gameplay wise I would have to say the addition of finally putting in a usable PHD Flopper machine. I mean, It's the last map for the game so why not? I also imagine we're going to get a new wonder weapon, as they've been doing it with all of the DLC maps so far. Story wise, they could bring back one of the O4, or maybe even kill off one of the N4. That would surely make it unforgettable.
  2. Gambit787


    It seems like after every game I finish it asks for an update. I have no idea what they do, but I believe I can still use the trample steam on the gate, but i havent tried it in a while so I have no idea.
  3. Well he's extremely strong, and really just a towering guy. But it doesn't seem like he's "all there", almost like he has the body of an adult (an extremely huge one at that), but like you said the mind of a child. Maybe from the infusion of too much 115 perhaps. I don't know but hopefully we'll eventually learn exactly what and who he is.
  4. I saw that PTG made a video about this, there wasn't any video proof of them getting it, but they explained the Round 4 thing. But then again, it is PTG :roll:
  5. I don't think Maxis becomes the announcer, or even if there is an announcer from then on. But when you do the "end game" of his side, all of the zombies' eyes turn orange, but every now and then you'll get a blue eyed zombie. When you get near that blue-eyed zombie, you hear Richtofen speaking, usually complaining about how he wants to feel loved again . But when you kill a blue eyed zombie, you're always guaranteed a drop, usually a max ammo. So that's always good .
  6. I couldn't stand Green Run at all when the game first came out. I hated it so much that i started playing BO again until Die Rise came out. And when it did come out, I was again unsatisfied with it. I thought I had lost all hope in where Treyarch was bringing Zombies as a whole, but when MoTD came out, I found that I actually liked that map and that Treyarch had released a map that wasn't completely terrible. Now that the last two maps were amazing, I honestly hope the quality continues into the last map. But even if the final DLC map is the best map ever, BO2 as a whole in Zombies will never compare to what BO was. In all, I would give it a 7/10.
  7. Side? I'm on nobody's side, because nobody's on my side. LOTR references . Seriously though, I'll probably end up sticking with Richtofen, because he seems to be the "good guy" in all of this.
  8. Well I've seen people on YouTube bringing up the idea of the 4th DLC being a normal DLC with the four multiplayer maps and the Zombie map, and this mysterious "DLC 5" being entirely zombies. I've seen people saying that the 5th DLC wouldn't be included in the season pass, because i guess not everyone like zombies or something. But this sounds completely out there, and I seriously doubt Treyarch would don something like this. But either way, a fifth DLC would definitely be cool.
  9. I do miss the "Nazi Zombie" aspect of zombies, put i'm also glad that they pulled away from it as well. By pushing away the whole Nazi aspect, I think that they've opened up so many new possibilities for where the story can go. The Nazis were the base of the story back in WaW, so it's not like they're going to completely take it away. I mean we still have Maxis and Richtofen, don't we? :D
  10. World at War: Thopmson or MP40 because of their point-racking abilities Black Ops: Ak74u, by far my favorite gun in that game Black ops 2: I would have to say the Tommy Gun or the AN94
  11. I think this would be amazing, using the BO2 box weapons on a BO map would be awesome, especially using the Ray Gun MK2 on one of those maps.
  12. I don't really think it's anything special so much as it is a reference to Peter Livingstone, the CoD Tech Lead of Zombies.
  13. I think that I would have to that Misty is by far for my favorite. At first i thought that she was really annoying, but as her character started to develop, I found myself liking her more. So props to Treyarch for making a likable female character. She's not Lara Croft, but still, I think that she's a very likable character. My second favorite would have to be Marlton, because some of his quotes are amazing . Samuel is just the crazy guy who doesn't impress me as much as he annoys me, and to me, Russman seems just like a "filler" character. It just seems like Treyarch had no idea what to do with him until now and threw him in there just to fill in the place of a fourth character. But maybe that's just me .
  14. So when Leroy/Big Guy/The Giant or whatever you want to call him is walking around outside of the jail you can hear him humming and I was thinking that maybe his humming has some significance. When I had first heard it in my first game of Buried, I didn't really think anything of it, but when I started hearing it more, I started to think that it was important in some way. To me, it sounds a little like the "London Bridge is Falling Down" Nursery rhyme. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but either way, maybe there's a way to play it on the piano in the bar. That would be cool if we could actually play his song on the piano, or anything for that matter, and it would have some significance to the map or even an Easter Egg.
  15. I'm hoping the Remington NMA replaces the Python, because if it does, then I just happened to have put a python in the gun storage earlier . Let's just hope it sounds better than the Python, because it sounds absolutely terrible now :roll:
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