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    Animation error

    If one person got a anim error, would it say that for everyone? I'm starting to think he just wanted to quit the game and blamed it on a animation error. He was the only one who got it.
  2. Kn1gh7

    Animation error

    Damn. Me and a few friends were going strong on round 45 when all of a sudden one of the guys got an error saying the amount of animations has been exceeded and kicked him out. Anyone had this happened to them? Pretty much bullshit because we were planing to get into the 50s high range. Also; if you want to play high rounds hit me up at: DSS Paradox I'm on Xbox. EDIT: I just saw another members thread, I guess I'm not the only one. :cry:
  3. Kills: 71,391 Bullets Fired: 388,892 Downs: 497 Revives: 573 Grenade Kills: 1067 Headshots: 13,037 Deaths: 207 Gibs: 64,669 Perks Drank: 645 Doors: 353 Hits: 436,618 Traveled Miles: 570 Rank: Shotguns K/D Spread: 143 Highest round counted: 44 (4P on Die Rise)
  4. This is probably my favorite spot if I decide to camp by myself or with other people. The fact that you can easily escape makes it very safe if you get over run. Some people could debate me that the docks (next to box spawn) is better but you might as well call it ass fuck alley if you get over run. Unless you've been oiled up, there's a slim chance of sliding between 20+ zombies upstream. Another good spot would be in the citadel tunnels if the gate behind hasn't been open. There's a lot of space and you quickly bail out but depending on the round, it may be hard to find another spot if you have Zombies spawning on top of you. Also, you can't turn back and re-lock the door to make it a viable camping position unlike the Gondola where you can just call it as many times as you please.
  5. Yeah, I always get paired up with 2 boners and/or people who have no idea what Grief is and just now decided to find out how to play 10 months later. And of course my opponents are shotguns/leaderboard whoring Grief veterans.
  6. I thought it was alright. I didn't like the idea of waiting on elevators and risky jumps. Don't get me wrong, I still like the map but I think they could of done better and stuck to what they know instead of trying to be innovative.
  7. Yeah, I'm glad they released a icon refresh. Now I can actually tell what they look like in detail. Not to mention it being more CB friendly.
  8. What's your guys favorite wall weapon? Mine would have to be the PaP'd SVU with the AN at a close second. I mean, you could go for days head one shoting Zombies in the head w/o expending too much ammo. The combination of low recoil and power makes it my favorite wall weapon. But before the SVU was released, no doubt the MP40 was my favorite.
  9. I thought the map design was awesome with the amount of buildings and places to go. The only thing I don't like is the bank and the weapon locker. It was cool at the beginning but It takes out all the challenge and something just doesn't seem right when you have 15,000 and a PaP'd LSAT on round 2.
  10. Hey guys, my name is Martin and I've been a Zombies player since WaW. I've always loved Zombies and it's pretty much the only reason why I've bought CoD games. I usually play on the Xbox but I've been getting more and more into custom Zombies. I primarily joined this site to meet new people who are willing to dedicate a few hours to get to high rounds and not quit before round 10. I'm really excited to see such a vast fan base and a dedicated forum! Thanks for reading and this will be the first of many threads to come. :)
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