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  1. After watching the intro and playing the map a few times we can see our characters are after a capsule with a body in it. That body is actually our Original Tank Dempsey. After our characters arrive at the castle there are zombies everywhere but no sign of the capsule,once they see the rocket go off Richtofen says "Our main goal is to bring back the rocket to earth no matter what". Even playing on solo as Dempsey he says something along the lines "Field Report:Dempsey 1.0 lost" I was playing through the map and I noticed something on one of the monitors. Yup that's Dempsey. So our main easter egg is to somehow bring him back. But the questions is- What happened between The Giant and Der Eisendrache? Where are the other original "test subjects"? Leave your theories in the comments,I love to read theories.
  2. So I was playing as Nikolai in The Giant and from the start we know that our original crew is serious and is concentrating on their "mission" to activate the beacon. Once you do the Fly Trap Easter Egg and the Robot Easter Egg and progress to some rounds i noticed Nikolai changing. At First his quotes are serious,whenever he picks up a weapon he says something serious,but after Round 18 and so he is begining to act like the "old" Nikolai we know from WAW and BO1. Quotes like "I need a drink" "Hellhound lets play fetch with a grenade" and so on. He enjoys killing again and loses focus on the mission after some time. Does this mean something or is it just random? I was also playing with my friend and he was Richtofen and after round 20 he began to say some old quotes like the Twisted old Richtofen we know.
  3. I was thinking could something happen if 3 players teleport at the same time and 1 player stands on the mainframe. On the old Der Riese trailer you can see old group trying to go to teleporters while Richtofen stays at the mainframe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIZ6dNNI3U Maybe that's a step to awaken the test subjects? I would do this myself already but I don't have people for this.
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