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  1. General gaming discussion consolidated into one page Condensed recent posts from 8 to 5 Added sidebar for CoDz Youtube (replaced twitch hook) Looking for feedback suggestions for sidebar. What should we add what should we remove. Current: Donation Sidebar (not moving sever costs are expensive :)) Youtube Chatbox Divinium Most Awarded Latest Videa Who's Online Who was online
  2. If you don't have 18 minutes to watch the interview, I pulled out the most important bits that I found interesting. Enjoy! Game Informer Interview Boom's Bits The story lines are not connected, they are not connected, THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED. I think it is safe to say that Chaos and Aether storylines are not connected and we can focus our theorizing elsewhere. There is an individual writer who put together the zombies timeline (unnamed). This person was tasked with knowing every piece of the 10 year saga. Craig Houston and Jason Blundell often have to ask them to verify that their ideas mesh with previous events. Blood of the Dead's main quest will be one of the most involved to date. Also there will be numerous side quests to keep us busy along the way. Classified story line and easter eggs are for the more hardcore story line enthusiasts. There will be many "deep cuts" as far as the story line goes. Fortunately we have a forum of information covering this exact topic :). For new players adapting to the game play the recommended maps should be played as follows IX, BotD, VoD, and finally Classified due to its tight quarters. The difficulty described here is referring only to game play and not the main quest. "We will have more maps release this year then ever before, so stay tunes to the end." Hold up...WHAT?!?! Is this Chronicles II confirmed? I guess we will wait and see. This season will be the first time we have a fully dedicated development through the life of the game. Fixed glitches He made a very non-committal remark about the return of Grief mode, but highly suggested that it would make a return. Zombies Rush Mode will allow players to compete in a more arcade style. It will drop the players into the maps with all buyable items free to grab and will progress based on kills. There can only be one winner! I'm sure there is a lot more information come on this mode. The chaos story will have no bearing on historical events. Allowing the treyarch team to interject there story in significant events without be burdened with timeline flaws like the aether story line. Understanding why the map is named IX could take us 6-12 months to discover.
  3. @anonymous In Euclidean geometry, squaring the circle was a long-standing mathematical puzzle that was proved impossible in the 19th century. The term also has been used as a symbol in alchemy, particularly in the 17th century, and it has a metaphorical meaning: attempting anything that seems impossible. Mathematics and Geometry According to mathematicians, "squaring the circle" means to construct for a given circle a square with the same area as the circle. The trick is to do so using only a compass and a straightedge. The devil is in the details: First of all we are not saying that a square of equal area does not exist. If the circle has area A, then a square with side [square root of] A clearly has the same area. Secondly, we are not saying that [it] is impossible, since it is possible, but not under the restriction of using only a straightedge and compass. Meaning in Alchemy A symbol of a circle within a square within a triangle within a larger circle began to be used in the 17th century to represent alchemy and the philosopher's stone, which is the ultimate goal of alchemy. The philosopher's stone, which was sought for centuries, was an imaginary substance that alchemists believed would change any base metal into silver or gold. There are illustrations that include a squaring the circle design, such as one in Michael Maier’s book "Atalanta Fugiens," first published in 1617. Here a man is using a compass to draw a circle around a circle within a square within a triangle. Within the smaller circle are a man and a woman, the two halves of our nature that are supposedly brought together through alchemy. Philosophical Meaning Philosophically and spiritually, to square the circle means to see equally in four directions—up, down, in, and out—and to be whole, complete, and free. Circles often represent the spiritual because they are infinite—they have no end. The square is often a symbol of the material because of the number of physical things that come in fours, such as four seasons, four directions, and the four physical elements—earth, air, fire, and water, according to ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles—not to mention its solid appearance. The union of man and woman in alchemy is a merging of spiritual and physical natures. The triangle is then a symbol of the resulting union of body, mind, and soul. In the 17th century, squaring the circle had not yet been proved impossible. However, it was a puzzle no one had been known to solve. Alchemy was viewed very similarly: It was something few if any had ever fully completed. The study of alchemy was as much about the journey as the goal, as no one might ever actually forge a philosopher’s stone. Metaphorical Meaning The fact that no one was ever able to square the circle explains its use as a metaphor, meaning to attempt to complete a seemingly impossible task, such as finding world peace. It is different from the metaphor of attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole, which implies two things are inherently incompatible. Source: Catherine Beyer
  4. It was done through skype and then Grill would go back and edit to ensure it was high quality. Mic quality would vary (if you listen to the one episode I was in *i've since upgraded :)*). Grill also created some awesome cutsom music!
  5. @GRILL @Flammenwerfer @FatedTitan the masterminds behind the podcast. It would be up to one of those gents if they wanted it to make a return. Check out all the old podcasts here >>> https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/xsdew-27251/Podcast-Der-Toten Edit: who could forget @InfestLithium. Oh I did...
  6. Credit/ https://www.youtube.com/user/mountainbikingrulz Glitching Queen used computer magic to get a better look at the tattoos on Shaw's arms (visible in VoD, IX, and Black Out). When we saw these intially it was assumed these were just scribbles from some sort of formula he was working on as a master chemist*, but it seems there is just a bit more. TEXT PATER OMNIS TELESMI TOTIUS MUNDI EST HLC "THE FATHER OF ALL PERFECTION IN THE WORLD IS HERE" Aside from becoming my new motto. The origin of this phrase comes from the Emerald Tablet. It is a fabled to be a compact and cryptic text that contains the secret to prime meteria (first matter) and its transmutation. The tablet has also been associated with the creation of the philosopher's stone. The philosopher's stone is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold (chrysopoeia, from the Greek χρυσός khrusos, "gold", and ποιεῖν poiēin, "to make") or silver. It is also called the elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and for achieving immortality; for many centuries, it was the most sought goal in alchemy. The philosopher's stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. Formulas Sulfur Mustard, , commonly known as mustard gas, is the prototypical substance of the sulfur-based family of cytotoxic and vesicant chemical warfare agents known as the sulfur mustards which have the ability to form large blisters on exposed skin and in the lungs.[2] They have a long history of use as a blister-agent in warfare and along with organoarsenic compounds are the most well-studied such agents. Related chemical compounds with similar chemical structure and similar properties form a class of compounds known collectively as sulfur mustards or mustard agents. Pure sulfur mustards are colorless, viscous liquids at room temperature. When used in impure form, such as warfare agents, they are usually yellow-brown and have an odor resembling mustard plants, garlic, or horseradish, hence the name. The common name of "mustard gas" is considered inaccurate because the sulfur mustard is not actually vaporized, but dispersed as a fine mist of liquid droplets. Sulfur mustard was originally assigned the name LOST, after the scientists Wilhelm Lommel and Wilhelm Steinkopf, who developed a method of large-scale production for the Imperial German Army in 1916. Ethylene glycol, (IUPAC name: ethane-1,2-diol) is an organic compound with the formula (CH2OH)2. It is mainly used for two purposes, as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers and for antifreeze formulations. It is an odorless, colorless, sweet-tasting, viscous liquid. Ethylene glycol is highly toxic. Household pets are especially susceptible to ethylene glycol poisoning from vehicle antifreeze leaks. I couldn't find any historical significance to this compound. Very interesting lore just on the character models. Looking forward to more to come! *"If you have the cash, master chemist Stanton Shaw has whatever mystical brew you can think of. And he’s tried them all. Multiple times. So his grasp on reality is loose at best. Now that an old friend has gone missing under strange circumstances, his warped psyche may be the perfect asset."- Character Bio
  7. You're aware this forum is nearly a decade old right?
  8. My complete assimilation of this dat a$$, will now, proceed.
  9. Boom115

    New Dweller!

    Hola Compadres, Your beloved staff have come together to recognize another individual in our little pocket of the internet who has truly demonstrated a deep dedication to the forum. Not only through frequent challenging of the status quo, but also years of contributions to conversation, theory, and story telling. Webster's dictionary defines Dweller as "a person or animal that lives in or at a specified place.". I personally think this person emobodies that definition with every letter they add to this forum, but I digress. This is why we would like to congratulate @The Meh on his promotion to Dweller. Not only has he earned this spot, but he also creates a lot of work for Danny and I...So we are going to tag him back! Jokes aside, welcome to the purple circle! For those who may be unfamiliar with the dweller group. Here is a short overview: The Dwellers group is an interim-staff inclusion group that highlights prominent leaders within the community. These individuals contribute time, effort, quality, and most importantly, passion for CoDz. While everyone deserves some kind of title like this (being honest!), these particular users continue to be shining examples and are tasked specifically with very important roles in the future to come.
  10. Just putting this out there - if anyone wants to contribute content to the codz platforms they can. I'm down to share anything as long as it is in good taste (looking at you @Lenne).
  11. I'll running some test streams tonight, you're welcome to join.
  12. Alright...*cracks knuckles* First off thank you for your patience, hell of week at work this week! I'll throw a couple of examples: 1. The "General Gaming Discussion & News" section, mainly. The latter part of it, the "Gaming Discussion & News" section's not really an issue, regarding activity... although it's probably not worth ruling out, at the very least. No, more-so the "Console Discussion" area, really. People don't really even comment on most threads there anymore, and according to what I've seen, the last post made to the section at all was in 2017. Almost a full year now... and the irony is, at the same time, we do have a Media section: "Media Center". While I don't believe it should take a forefront... I do think that, at the very least, "Console Discussion" would be better moved into that area as its own subforum. Meanwhile, we should really evolve the actual "Gaming Discussion and News" portion of it. Maybe just call the actual section "General Gaming Discussion", and make new subforums for it in the form of "Recommendations", "Gaming News & Events", and "Game Discussion & Review". Hell, that last one would probably give me leeway to place my older Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare reviews... but, I digress. Condense it however you like, reformat it however, remove the least active of the sections if you've the need... but I think something definitely needs to change with this particular section. Yeah not an extremely active section of the forum. I would just condense them all into one section. I don't think any of us has a particular affinity to keeping them separated. 2. As much as I love the LFG existing in the first place... I think it'd be better if we just added it as a "Browse Requests" part to the tab at the top of the forums. Makes it much cleaner, in my eyes. I don't follow this call out, can you clarify? To add to all that, I think there's probably a good way to arrange the actual pages themselves. Like... give focus to Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer like they were their own main overarching section (like how the "General Gaming Discussion & News" section is. Just order the games good (in order of how new they are, so the most recent game is featured first), maybe even throw a "Classic" or "Legacy" subforum up to each. Just, a bit of an idea on that one. That's probably less easy to accomplish... but it'd help make management of the pages be a little cleaner... easier to understand. We typically do favor the treyarch games (why they are listed on top) and whatever the most current game is. The intention is to keep it as relevant as possible. I don't think the other developers drive enough interest to blend them all up. To move on from that, though... it's probably more of a "quality-of-life" thing, but I think we should probably shorten how many posts we throw on the top of the page in the "Topic" tab. I think having 7 like we do right now is a bit of an issue. At the very least, make it a tab you can expand and collapse. Hell, "Post of the Day/Week/Month" is always an intriguing idea, as well... What issues does to create for users? ...god, I feel bad, because that's a good segway, too. Y'know what's probably a good thing to bring back in the way it used to be? The chat. I don't know if it can ever be what it used to be again (its own page)... hell, I don't know if it could ever be something you could just have as a "bottom-right of the page tab" like Facebook has, but... I don't like how it is now. How we have it. Yeah, maybe have a smaller version of chat on the front page, but... I dunno. Chat was always better when it was its own realm of stuff, its own "bubble", so to speak. Clutters the sidebar now, really. I mean... I dunno, I recall we used to have Status Updates on the sidebar too. It's a lot to think about, because the "Airing Grievances" post gave me a lot to like about the sidebar... and I feel like addressing that would feel somewhat hypocritical. But... I dunno, this was important to say as well. I hate to say "we need to tweak that sidebar" right after saying "we need to tweak the sidebar". I hope you guys understand on that one. I think it would be difficult to move traffic off of discord, but I'll look into it. The words we're gonna fear... the removal of stuff on the upper tabs! I don't like removing things, but I think there's less a use for some areas than others. Probably one of the chief ones... sad to say, but I've lacked any understanding of (or any pursuit of interest in) the Clubs. Like... yeah, they're interesting, I guess. It pursues the idea of giving people the ability to group together and have a banner to represent around here, but I don't think having them is important if we can't figure out the best way to use it. If you're looking to give people a way to represent themselves, let someone create a "Group Name" to throw somewhere on their page for a certain amount of Divinium, and let people join that "Group" for a small increment of Divinium (much less compared... like, if you charged 50, people pay 5). That's more conducive than having a completely separate page from everything else that shows what Club you're in and what posts you can make in that group. I hate to say it, but it's a completely useless function... and we really should get rid of it, if not at the very least, tweak it to an effective measure. ...and that's just the stuff on the "Help" tab at the top (although I think tweaking the Leaderboard would be nice too)! There's some things in the "Apps" tab that could definitely be nixed... like the Arcade, I suppose. It's nice to have, but it's not necessary, either. It's just taking up space. I'm in favor of just removing this all together. I don't think its a feature that anyone is overly excited about. Last bit here, but... last couple of things I can suggest we add. In the "Help" tab, I would suggest adding a "Statistics" page... that is, if we wish to chart comprehensive forum stats. As much as I love what we got so far, we could definitely use a more detailed page. Additionally, I think... well, maybe it's a small thing, but there could probably be a bit of a "Music" tab that links out to the one plug.dj I made. It's nice to have that small little hangout, I suppose... and sharing music in that would be nice. No current plugins available for a stats page, I'll need to look into the DJ thing. I kept most of my responses concise, but I/We will take everything into consideration. Thank you!
  13. Nostalgia has got the best of ya numpty! The gameplay in BO3 Zombies trumps Die Rise, Tranzit, Buried etc in every way. Where it fell short was the in-game community. People don't even talk to each other anymore and thats what makes the game less engaging.
  14. Congrats on the Hundo Friendo! Not so savvy myself, but I know we have some dwellers who should be able to help you out!
  15. So if you weren't tracking...Puzzle pieces were strewn throughout the internet and the community was challenged with finding them all and putting them together. Here is the completed image thanks to some folks in the community with sweet photo shopping skillz! Now that its solved do you think we will get the new trailer for IX with the new Ax7 song?
  16. Yeah just wondering if you were aware of people who wanted to jump in and make some content. Thats actually how we ran our streaming engagements in the past. The problem is always consistency (broken record). What sort of things were you interested in contributing?
  17. Boom115

    Blackout Zombies

    @GRILLHow easy is it to pick up a battle royale game? I haven't even dabbled, so it will be a brand new experience for me.
  18. Boom115

    Blackout Zombies

    I would have assumed the opposite. The fact that they explicitly called out playstation would indicate to me that there is still a deal in the works. Is there something that I am missing?
  19. Boom115

    Blackout Zombies

    I'm going to double flip my shit if Nuketown or Der Riese gets brought back yet again.
  20. Boom115

    Blackout Zombies

    I genuinely think that we will see a zombie chronicles 2. There are only 5 maps remaining to be be remade (Green Run, nuke town, Die Rise, Buried, and CotD). To your point they would just be using already remade assests. The community has shown with dlc5 that there is a huge interest and as we all know activitision loves $$$$. Although I could see them skipping Nuketoen though. I would love to see what they could do with tranzit on a next gen platform.
  21. Boom115

    Blackout Zombies

    Similar...sort of...I guess...
  22. This was during our moderator romance days @InfestLithium
  23. Yeah I'm amped that it was finally solved, but bummed that it added nothing significant (at least not now) and bothered that we have had the answer all this time. Also a spelling error????

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