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  1. Thanks Cheesegrater. Anyways I agree with the majority of you guys. I hated Advanced Warfare Multiplayer, but the Zombies story was definitely killer. I do miss WaW multiplayer along with the MW series. Black Ops 2 was okay. Although it is no longer "all about the multiplayer" with me like it use to. Zombies now dominates my call of duty career. Multiplayer is an okay now and again thing and this Beta thing will just be a new experience for me which I would like to try.
  2. Does anyone know when the beta comes out on the xbox One yet? Along with the Giant bonus map its kind of one big reason why i preordered the game
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys I'm sure I'll be inputting more once things get rolling!
  4. Hey Guys I'm new to the website and my name is DarknessProject, but you can just call me Darkness. I am an avid zombies fan when it comes down to the zombies storyline that TreyArch has established. I feel that in order to get the most effect out of the game, you must do the easter eggs fairly, and not cheat on the matter. I also like the Extinction universe made in Ghosts as well as Advanced Warfare Zombies. They all have a unique danger to them that keeps the thrill alive! Anyways I'm always looking for some people to play with as well as a team for each universe to delve into the achievement pool (I am an Xbox 360 and Xbox One user). I am from Wisconsin in the US and live on Central Standard Time if yall need to know! So hit me up if you wanna play a game or two, I'll be sure to make time. Peace Out and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!
  5. Hey Guys I'm a Xbox player in search of a Zombies team! I need help completing pretty much every easter egg. I would really like some help so please hit me up if you would like to join my team. Also please be serious players and not some jerks, this means alot to me. GT: DarknessProject   PS: Message me if you want to join because I don't accept every friend request that comes to me

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Where are you based? @DeathBringerZen is a great EE player and good player all round. He's pretty much on Destiny all the time but I'm sure if you speak with him he might help. I would also help on the EE's as well time dependant (time zones as well).

    2. DarknessProject


      I am based in Central Wisconsin. So my time zone is central standard time. I am usually willing to play around 8 pm every day in that time zone, except on weekends I can work around any schedule really. Do you guys perhaps want to join me in a Shangri-La game tonight? 

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