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  1. Its okay thanks for enjoying! I watch some of your videos myself :)
  2. I was just playing a game of zombies on Die Rise in the Buddah (dont know how to spell this ) room and this happened. I got a double kill with the Ray Gun and I got the green flash for a perma perk and I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what perk this is? J1QaQPHzxIw
  3. Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to upgrade the tower trap. Its really annoying how you have to upgrade it each time you want to use it. vOaB5iR3vLw http://youtu.be/vOaB5iR3vLw For mobile? (Way)
  4. This the order I did the easter egg. It took us 40 minutes for the whole gameplay but the easter egg around 30 minutes. Hope you enjoyed! GNO6O4XcAAI
  5. Hope you enjoyed! sJ6dw1hAmZc
  6. Episode One Tr8xXadVZoo Episode Two -Y2OZkARr3Y
  7. If my theory is correct, they could have been working on the BO2 storyline for quite sometime.
  8. Maybe: 'Fear the ruin'? I like you're idea, and thanks :)
  9. This is what I think. In one of my previous videos, I talk about the Tranzit bus stop saying: 'Stop Russ'. I believe that Russ has a darker side than what we know or think. Here is the link to the 'Stop Russ' theory: WgZNlneOzDc LfriNNkr4qE
  10. A quick tutorial I made a while back. Thought I'd share with you guys! 6cB0M5E92Ag
  11. A video from my channel. This took me and my friend nearly 2hrs and 30 mins to complete! Hope you enjoy! uKBJzmS24ww
  12. This is where I loop when I play Die Rise with my friends. Its a pretty good place, but you will most definitely need a back up weapon like the AN94. Thanks for watching! Where do you loop on Die Rise? KbaoEQaDZxI
  13. Just a quick tutorial I made. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe! s6TTPlZFX9Y
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