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  1. Ok cool cheers XxJason LivesXx Not 100% sure on where everything is yet, ie the Acid trap room! Pretty sure I must of been in there its just knowing which room is which!!! But i've been to two locations so im guessing the other location must be the acid trap room... Tbh i'm confident I can build all the plane parts without using the mystery box seeing as I usually carry the uzi and the tommy gun but its bugging the crap outta me why it's not there!!! So next up is the plane parts which i'll try later... grab all the parts, turn the washing machine on and build them there right? then i'm guessing you make your way to the roof and the planes there?? (still not been on the roof or know how to get up there!) add me - SammyBoi1983
  2. The Uzi in the wardens office.. The first mystery box peoe usually go to! I've tried like half a dozen times now and I can see where the box should be but it's not there?! Do I need to go into afterlife mode and zap a nearby box or anything or should it just be there?? Also I'm playing solo on local, would this make a difference do ya rekon? Any help would be really appreciated fellas!! Ill be online later 8pm uk time. Add me (SammyBoi1983) and hopefully someone will fancy a game. Got to level 15 on my third game and can't wait to leave work and have another go!!!!
  3. Cheers guys, unfortunately I'm at work for the day (arrrrgghhhh!!!!) and can't get online till about 8pm UK time!!! oM Blitz - ill accept as soon as I'm online and if your online any help would be greatly appreciated! So many questions so I won't annoy everyone with all of them!! But I'm guessing I can't get to the GG Bridge until i've built the plane? Also, what order would you guys recommend I do stuff in. Juggers first then mystery box then build acid kit then build plane??? thanks guys
  4. Hey Guys Love the map, only had a few games on it, the highest level I've reached so far is level 15. This is what I know so far. - Need parts for plane (picked a few up but not to concerned about this at this point). - Have to build them in washing machine which I found by chance. - Perks i've found: Juggernog, speed cola, deadshot, electric cherry & double tap. - I know the PAP is on the docks but haven't found my way to the docks yet. - Got the wardens key Heres my main problem at the moment. I've located two mystery box locations, the one in the room near the uzi and the other one near-ish double tap (i think!!!). Why the hell aren't the boxes on/there??? Am I missing something? Do I need to turn them on somehow? really annoying me as I havent come across any sort of comments regarding this!!!! I want to get this solved before I find the parts for the plane. Also if anyone could shed any light on the acid gun upgrade thingy that would be great. Cheers guys Happy shooting! SammyBoi1983 (feel free to ad me, gamer tag: SammyBoi1983)
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