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  1. Thank-you very much. This explains half of what happened in the video. Now I just have to confirm that going down whilst earning an afterlife causes you to go down in afterlife mode, which must be considered cheating. Be sure to send me a message/reply if you manage to reproduce it, and record if possible!
  2. The thing was, he was not in the ground while in afterlife, he was DOWNED in afterlife. From my perspective it had the revive symbol, and after reviving him he was back in normal afterlife, able to revive his real body. Were they the bridge sounds? Thank you for the reply, it seems to be a way to counter cheaters, though we were not cheating as far as i'm concerned, and if we were it was unintentional.
  3. Thank you for your input, stupid treyarch WE WERENT TRYING TO CHEAT YOU we were doing a 2 box challenge, got 2 LSATS a blundergat and a death machine (lucky, i know ) and this kind of ruined it :S
  4. Thank you for the reply. It may have had something to do with the door but I believe it was the fact that the round had ended and he went down at the same time as receiving another afterlife, we tried to recreate it but it never happened like this. I just think it is weird that there was a voice cue and sound effects for when it happened, perhaps they were going to add a way for Brutus to take your weapons but decided against it and never removed it properly?
  5. Link worked after all, though you might wanna open it in a new tab anyway.
  6. Whilst playing a two player game, my friend and I encountered a serious issue. After a shout from Brutus (could not hear it properly, maybe you can) my friend accidentally went down, but he was down IN afterlife. After being picked up, he is in normal life, able to revive himself. He then gets a sound (which I think may be the same as when you get a lock in the mystery box) multiple times, each time losing a weapon and a fraction of his money. After losing his LSAT and Death Machine, He was given a pistol (I believe this is to counter being without a weapon, by not picking up a pack a punched
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