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  1. Well first off, its good to be back. I last visited this site back hen Origins was released. Now that the trailer has released i'm back in the zombie hype. After watching the trailer i'm worried about the monsters. I hoping that the smaller creatures work the same as dog rounds and the three-headed monster won't show up often.
  2. Go here to find teammates --> viewforum.php?f=13
  3. Nothing here. You could say Origins reference any WW1 movie. On a side note a I heard this movie was terrible. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 23%.
  4. Dang. I was really hoping for an all Zombies DLC. Oh we'll I'm still excited. I'm thinking we're going to get a trailer sometime today.
  5. Looks like a muzzle brake to me. Maybe this gun wil have low recoil and a high fire rate.
  6. I really like this theory and in my opinion it is the only Easter egg I could think of. Going into the very active Der Riese and destroying the facility OR killing Maxis and all people that have relations with G935 therefore rewriting the zombie story line. This Easter egg I do think would require the game ending after the completion of the Easter egg. - On a side note I really hope that we find out all the mysteries in the zombies storyline.
  7. Not a bad looking compared to the others. I don't know why the zombie would be holding guns. To be honest I like seeing fake ones because it keeps me excited.
  8. I was thinking in the last few steps to the EE is you build a time machine, go back in time to Der Riese before they had created the zombies and destroy Der Riese thus changing the past. This would mean that none of the zombie storyline ever happened which would save the earth. But they characters would die in the proccess.
  9. I think the single player team doing a zombie map was a one time deal. The zombie team said they gave MotD to the single player team so the zombie team could work on the the 3rd and 4th DLC.
  10. I'm Mountain Time and in the past Revolution and Uprising came out around 3:15 AM. Always watching the twitter feeds for help.
  11. For me DLC comes out at 3:00 AM. I went to bed early last night and plan on pulling an all nighter tonight. I tried waking up at 3:00 AM for Die Rise but I eventually decided to pull an all nighter for both Die Rise and MotD (school was not fun that next day). I'm going to watch the movie Memento with Joe Pantoliano in it (same guy who voiced Al 'The Weasel' Arlington in MotD). That movie is 2 hours long then I'll might read or do something to pass the time. I all ready got at least 15,000 in the Bank. I got cold Mountain Dew ready then I'll play the DLC most of the day. I leave on Thursday for the mountains and I'm gone till Sunday so I gotta play a lot of Buried. The worst part of the whole thing is waiting for it to download. :D
  12. On the 1st of July we get game play from a popular youtuber of all the multiplayer maps and Buried. I will watched multiplayer but NONE of zombies. I liked to be surprised and try to figure out some stuff on my own.
  13. Hmm I'll check it out. Did you notice anything important?
  14. Many people have been theorizing that Buried will hold the final tower we have to activate before the final DLC. If this is the final tower will this also contain the final Navcard we can place in the Tranzit Navcard table? I'm not really sure but there isn't any doubt in my mind that there will be another kind of navcard in Buried. What will happen once we enter in all the navcards? Possibly new info to fill in gaps about the storyline on each map? I'm not too sure.
  15. I starting to get tired of all the people complaining about new maps. I don't care where a map is located or what new features are included I'm exited for Buried and the last DLC map no matter what it is. If you're disappointed with the new map don't play it! Overall I'm just trying to say is be grateful we get a new zombies map. :D
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