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  1. Good find! I actually just got done playing Kino, and I was reminded of Origins when I played through. I'll have to check it out and look for that board game.
  2. Honestly, the N4 was useless throughout Black Ops 2. Tranzit, and Die Rise are the least story driven maps and it makes the characters look bad. In Tranzit they were all annoying, Misty wouldn't shut up sometimes. But they progressed in development, which is how it's supposed to be. But when I really look at Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried, it just feels like it was a waste to use them. I've said this before, Treyarch could have easily kept the O4 for Black Ops 2, but decided on new characters which is perfectly fine. But in the end, the strong hatred of the characters were digging at Treyarch, and I believe it screwed up the story a bit. WaW, and Black Ops had some of the best narrative I've ever witnessed. It was all truly engaging and in a way, believe able. But Black Ops 2 became a cluster fest of trying to out do themselves. I just wish the N4 had a proper story line, unless it continues. I really am disappointed with Black Ops 2 storyline, Origins has really nothing to do with what was going on in the other maps, so it's a stand alone map, same with MOTD. It reminds me of the show True Blood, in the beginning, it was simple and genuine. Now it's just too much, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In the end, I think they should just make a new storyline. Don't screw up any further than they have already, which I believe they did. The next zombies experience should just be a fresh start, and Treyarch should take the time to fully flesh out a new story without making it up as they go, which in my opinion, was the reason it just didnt work in the end.
  3. My post is still alive! I guess we won't know what happens after all of this now, I feel like the cut scene is just not enough to explain what's happening. Moon was a better Easter egg, but I have yet to play Origins so the gameplay could be different.
  4. I mean, I like the ending. But it's still a in a way, a cop out. Obviously Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo can't be real now since they were just toys. Same with the N4. The only thing that makes me believe that this ending has more to it is the Group 935 sign.
  5. I'm so happy that Richtofen sounds like he did before he touched the MPD. I'm curious to know how he used to be.
  6. A zombie weilding a MP40 and shooting it? They're really amping this up eh?
  7. It doesn't even sound like Samantha to begin with. Either voices.
  8. However it could mean the opposite as well though, they took it out because it has no relevance and therefore has no reason for it to be there as it could cause confusion. However I think that when Origins comes out the origins logo will be in northern France, which will be in the middle of all 3 EE locations. I think that if you have pressed the button on the box there will be three "lines" leading from each EE location to France Just my idea I'm just hoping it wasn't a mistake and it gives us a cool Easter egg.
  9. I honestly think which ending we got during Buried affects Origins. Only because in the new update, all of my progress got erased except when I go into the maps, my towers are still lit up. And the box in Buried shows my progress. I feel like Treyarch has a reason for it. Or maybe it's a mistake, but a lot of people have the same issue so.
  10. It was a bit rude, but you can't have an ending like that unless it wasn't thought out enough.
  11. Not to be an ass but that's a really dumb ending. I mean, we have never gotten a clue of another Samantha, other than Maxis's daughter. It's like the Maxis senior and Maxis junior theory, it's just dumb and would only make sense to people who aren't clever. I'm pretty sure Treyarch can come up with a ending much more fitting than something like that.
  12. At least "Little Lost Girl" confirms it's the real Samantha, not someone else like people have even theorizing.
  13. I just watched a theory video, and they mentioned a time loop theory. And he showed how they all seemed to recoginze each other. And when Richtofen looks at his hands, it's because he's wondering why he can remember this. Deja vu. And how Tank went straight to Richtofen because he seems to know something sinister about him.
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