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  1. last week when i said u could buy da ray gun off the wall u all laughed at me n said i gt trolled,turns out it was true haha!
  2. they should release no mans land on GG bridge it would b epic
  3. SUPRA


    it says u can buy a ray gun off the wall for 1500 points
  4. i heard sumone say today they seen a video of sumone buying a raygun off the wall,to do this 2 players must teleport n both hav 2 grab movie reels at same time,then next 2 players do it also,wen finished put all reels n at same time has anyone tried this? im nt saying i believe this but i do wnt to know if anyone has tried putting all 4 reels at same time
  5. I was not aware that fire weakens zombies. I thought it simply made them explode. And I'm probably going to be the only guy to ask you to put some effort into what you type. That kind of grammar and spelling is horrendous and hard to read. i kno how to spell and use grammar correctly im obviously just a lazy fuk haha im on my ps3 it has spell check i still dnt use it,n yes fire weakens them this is something u MUST do to gt to a high round on any map having fire,especially on farm since u hv no PaP or traps
  6. i use a spawn abuse,i start in the top of the bar every round wen zombies cum in i jump off,WALK AROUND the lava wait behind pap 4 zombies to catch up,now i run across lava going bak towards bar so zombies follow since the fire weakens them,thn kill them in bar top or bottom this causes all zombies 2 spawn in bar or behind you all da time as long as ur n bar wen u kill them,idk how to post videos bt if ur really interested n seeing how this works u cn add me and ill show u n theater mode,i truly believe this is da safest n quickest strategy
  7. i caught a meat while repairing a window,i then threw it at da person who threw at me,i was running normal after
  8. i live on the west coast,i got die rise at around 11:45 not 3am pretty sure it will b same time
  9. dnt strt a new account just play solo ur kd dnt matter i have a friend that plays only grief,SHE only has like 70k kills and like 1400 downs n she has shotguns,best girl i ever played wit hands down
  10. yup exactly wat BSZOMBIE said,i hv a friend tht disconnects on purpose 4 every dwn hes been stuk at 470 dwns 4evr,his excuse 4 doing it is cuz he has 2 mny downs
  11. there will be no mans land in the future.its make sense to drop wit next dlc like turned for green run
  12. ive been beastin on mob of the deadon mys cousins xbox wen it cums out im ready
  13. ureally need 2 screenshake i stopped after NML bt after playing nuketown n grief i screenshake ALLLLLLLLLLL da time on any game mode it makes u alot better n da comments u get 4rm spectators AWESOME, i go full rounds sumtimes witout evn gettin hit once!n i get right n their faces,wat ive seen sumtimes that i use 2 my advantage is if U (ur player) runs at da zombie they gt confused they stop n swing,i wud like2 post sum vids up 1day,being able 2 dodge zombies n do crazy moves is my thing it keeps things fun to watch n enjoyable,i understand we all hv bad days man best thing u cud do is spectate n study
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