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  1. Hello im new to the forums. I wanted to share my thoughts on how to rank up. I have nearly 200,000 kills and over 1,000 downs. I cant post my stats as im not on at the moment but ill try to post them tomorrow if you guys want. I do know my Kills/Downs ratio is ~172. I have been been steadily going up but as you guys can see, it is pretty hard to go up with that many downs. Like many, i didnt care about my down when i first started and was just exploring the maps and such, that is why i went down a lot, but anyway... For those that have a lot of downs like me, YOU CAN GET THE SHOTGUNS. There is no need to create a new account. Yes it will be a bit harder but with some patience and determination, it is possible. I got my shotguns after a game in Die Rise, went to round 36 solo and died cause i was messing around. It was soo unexpected, when i went back to the lobby, i had my shotguns. I did get to round 40 solo before with just one down. IMO, you have to have high rounds, but not ridiculously high, maybe around 30-40 would be best, CONSISTENTLY. I dont play any grief, just die rise and survival specially Nuketown. Its okay to have crappy games, i have had those, like everyone else, just try not to have them all the time. So, in conclusion, you dont have to have a kdr of 200+ to get the shotties, you can get them in the 100s as well like myself. Just kill as many zombies as you can and try not to get down yoo much and eventually, you should rank up. Oh. And dont glitch, believe me, it felt good when i got the shotguns as i did it myself with no glitches. You feel like you really deserve them.

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