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  1. Hello. I just recently checked my zombie stats after playing in MotD. I got disconnected from xbox live during that game (dad turned the connection off on purpose cause he wanted to use the tv). Anyway, I checked my career stats and i have about 402,000 kills whereas on the Leaderboards im at 400,000 kills. Its not much of a difference but i just noticed and it kinda bothers me a bit cause im not sure which to use to calculate KD. Other stats are a bit off too. Perhaps since i got disconnected from xbox live, it didnt update on the leaderboards? I havent played a game since then. Has anyone el
  2. Okay so the galvaknuckles room spoint point is patched but one guy on my friends list just got to round 117 with ~38,000 kills and ONE headshot! Wth? He had already gotten to 117 before but was deleted cause he glitched but now he did it again somehow. I thought they were all patched? Im a shotgun player and this annoys me because hes catching up with me in kills and shit.
  3. I have never been down by either slide. I guess im lucky.
  4. You dont need a kd of 200+. I have the shotguns, i got them about 3 days ago with a kd of 172. I have never been deranked even when i was a knife, so im guessing youd have to do very poorly very often to lose them almost as if you went down on purpose. So as long as you watch your back and try to not go down, you should be fine. Also, I have nearly 200,000 kills and a little over 1,000 downs so it is still possible to get shotguns with quite a few downs as long as you have a bunch of kills too. Unfortunately, when i first started playing i didnt care about going down, i explored the maps an
  5. Haha nvm. Sorry yeah i got it now. I forgot there was another elevator in the same floor as quick revive where you first spawn and that elevator goes down to the "bar-like" room where you have to pass to get to the mystery box.
  6. Isnt the one with the PDW quick revive (if you are playing solo) and the other one is the same as the one you clear the debris next to the trample steam table? Lol ive only found two perks in that building. I guess ill check again.
  7. Thanks for answering. Yeah i know there are 6 perks plus pack a punch but do they all have their locations? In other words, i want to be able to buy all of the 6 perks myself instead having to get one for free from the boss round crawlers. Ive only found 5 locations. Quick revive is where you start off, close to it, is whos who or speed cola. Notice i said "or". Those are in one building. When i find whos who there, i cannot find speed cola anywhere. Mule kick, double tap, and juggernog are in the other building where PaP is also at.
  8. Hello, ive been wondering how many perk locations there are in Die Rise. There are games where i cannot find speed Cola, and others i can. I believe there are 5 locations right? There are 6 perks so one has to be obtained by the boss rounds. Can anyone confirm this? i sometimes dont want to use quick revive but then i cannot find speed cola so then im forced to kill those crawlers for a free perk praying its speed Cola but of course sometimes i get whos who so then i have to go down 2 times in that game. I like going as far as i can without buying quick revive or whos who. Unless im missing a
  9. Hello im new to the forums. I wanted to share my thoughts on how to rank up. I have nearly 200,000 kills and over 1,000 downs. I cant post my stats as im not on at the moment but ill try to post them tomorrow if you guys want. I do know my Kills/Downs ratio is ~172. I have been been steadily going up but as you guys can see, it is pretty hard to go up with that many downs. Like many, i didnt care about my down when i first started and was just exploring the maps and such, that is why i went down a lot, but anyway... For those that have a lot of downs like me, YOU CAN GET THE SHOTGUNS. There
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