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Everything posted by sh3baproject

  1. that applies to so many multiplayer games its not even funny.
  2. i still play it largely because of friends. i think if gta online is to conitune being fun, it should be given to a small but elite team that listens to the community. i would suggest ideas, but i had not slept at all so yea :(
  3. an article about US citizens reverting back to a state of fear wanting to be cradled. keep in mind its not all americans, but still, 50 percent. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/09/11/welcome-to-the-post-edward-snowden-era/ i cannot say that i am amazed by this. the US govt is using photos charts and videos to their advantage so they gain more control over the people via using fear. its sad how we humans are so easily manupliated.
  4. im not cynic, just realistic. but back to topic. the problem i see is that they either leave out too much of the book out or add too much of the driector's own flare. i kinda overexxargated how often book-movie adaptians become crap, but it still a high chance. ones that are great are i am legend for example. hes a hippie, be careful! he could use his super weed powers on you!
  5. dont get your hopes up zotd. if making a book into a movie turns said movie into crap around 85% of the time, then with a video games its lowest may have a chance of 35% of not being crap. i like the game series, i just dont have high hopes.
  6. Ej, good job on summing it up, but specify the poison. fucking conspiracry nutjobs, on the annverisity of 9/11, still are spreading bullshit. i didnt expect them to stop, but at the very least i thought they wouldnt go beyond their usual shit. i was wrong -.-
  7. your not alone. never played them, although one time i saw some nerds and girls do cosplay of them :/ edit: finally beat uncharted 3 and bioshock infinite after delaying them for 2 years. feel so proud. now for bioshock. anyone tried 5 nights at freddy's? holy fuck that game gives me a heart attack! :(
  8. http://freethoughtblogs.com/dispatches/2014/09/04/the-great-debate-what-is-a-sandwich/ what is a sandwhich? is it a taco? is it a pizza? is it a cookie? i would cite it from youtube, but it doesnt work on safari for my ipod.
  9. it comes with 4 diffirent sides and BBQ! words of wisdom: "The internet is like shrek: the more layers you peel, the darker secrets you will find" it means: go deep enough into the internet, and you will finds things that make you question your sanity.
  10. who needs any of those restrauntants? i make my chicken sandwhiches :P
  11. i am going to swap lives with you. dont try and stop me.
  12. Knowing how teens exaggerate, it's probably something mild or they're just lying for attention. Personally, I wouldn't care all that much. The Internet has already killed my innocence. its a stupid list, but im gonna try looking at it anyways to annoy the living fuck out of them. im assuming rule 34 killed your innonence. that killed my innonence and childhood in a single blow.
  13. there is a conspiracy going on in my school. the football team has made the ultimate discovery and are hiding it from those they call "the innocent". they claim if one was to see what they found they would lose all innoence and die. well im going to find out whats going on >:]
  14. http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=26483 read this article about weird expermints. the 4th one is partically a wtf.
  15. but that guy doesnt stalk me or anyone else? so why is he shady? i need to know.
  16. never been on the old facebook, but it sounds like it was paradise. you wont have to worry about those strangers calling obama a marxist kenyan soon, because one of them came up with reaganbook! not even joiking!
  17. "how would you like me to electicfy those cherries baby?" :D
  18. they are hiding the fact that they use those cheats >:/ I can bet most of them cry when the inevitable ban hammer comes down on them all. I was only there for fun glitches (I.E North Yankton) none of that SKIP LSC $$$$$$$$$$ + INFINATTTTEE RPPPPP!!!! shit. Remember to sub. 8) hacker: WAAAHH I GOTZ BANNED 4 NO FUCKIN REASON!!!!! me: oh no, there was a reason. its because your a dickweed who ruins games by being unkillable, going on a rampage, and put in billions of illegit cash on your gta account.
  19. they are hiding the fact that they use those cheats >:/ this.
  20. this is ridiculous. i have eaten 5 different things, all of them had hair in then >:|
  21. keep me out of this! … are you keeping me out of it? edit: @ going to cedar point, then headed back to ireland
  22. if you were to do misty suggestive, it would actually be mild compared to whats out here in the darkest reaches of the internet.

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