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Status Updates posted by Tattoo247

  1. Ever closer to playing some chronicles, an hour and 20 minutes, strange that I'm more excited to go in theater mode and comb the maps than I am to actually get high rounds.  Oh and also be high rez fat Nikolai! 

  2. Happy birthday to me.



    All I want for my bday is for everyone to accept Tranzit as the greatest map ever made.


    Money is also acceptable, I didn't get paid enough to type the paragraph above.

    1. DaveLo07


      Happy belated Halloween/Birthday! ?

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Happy birthday bud, all the best.

    3. Lenne


      I am a bit late, but oh well... I hope you had a great day buddy. :)

  3. Whats up everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the new map! I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I've spoiled as much as possible, got to say it looks pretty cool. I still lurk around the forums but I don't post anymore, not usually anyway. Excited to pick apart all the theories though, you all are doing a great job working out the details as usual, cya!

    1. Lenne


      The new map is pretty nice in my opinion. Not great, but definitely not bad and at least I didn't run into glitches yet as opposed to Zns.


      How are you doing, buddy?


      Why aren't you posting that much anymore, if I may ask?


      By the way I'm gonna try DSIII this weekend just testing it out to see if I like it. hehe

    2. Tattoo247


      Doing good! Just staying busy with work and I have a little boy now, he will be 8 months in a few days :)


      So basically that's why I haven't been doing any zombies or forum stuff in awhile, I still play my games but BO3 not so much, still getting my girlfriend into it lol


      I still read the forums at night though, lots of new faces now, and I was surprised to see the giant cyphers are still not cracked lol

      Once my buddy gets internet again, I may go ahead and get the new map pack, I just don't have anyone to play with and I've played with the same two people since BO1...


      Anyway, hope you like dark souls 3, I think its a really well put together game! So much hidden lore just like zombies.

    3. Lenne


      Good to hear that you are doing fine and congrats on the baby boy. :D


      Yeah finding the time to spend on the forum can be tough luckily I am now on vacation though for the rest of this week and the next two. 


      Tell you what: We should try to find the time to play together in the week of the 15th since you know we still haven't done that. Right now I am at my sis' who also has a baby boy by the way.


      If it is half as good as Bloodborne I'll probably buy it as well, but the setting is one I am not really interested in. I prefer Bloodborne over it in that regard already.


      Glad to see you are still checking in, friend. :)

  4. Hope everyone is enjoying the new map! My friend and I were lucky enough to build the shield, and find the song in our first game. I was so worried about the tunnles but so far its a decent place, not hard at all. Cant wait to see what all you find EE wise!


  5. Forgive the begging, but does anyone have a code for a 2 day PS plus subscription? I would gladly do a SMALL commission sketch for it. I'm missing my zombies group lol 

  6. Any chance of getting back all the posts I made yesterday? Spent a good amount of time updating my art page and its all gone...

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      What time did you make the posts at? We are using the last update to the site, saved before the site went offline.

    2. Tattoo247


      They were all throughout the day, from about 4pm-8pm CT. If not it's ok, I'll put them up again another time. Site looks good btw.

  7. You know you're playing too much zombies when you hear a police siren, and suddenly think you are close to a meteor or teddy bear to activate the song...

  8. Quick question, anyone know the American price for Awakening DLC? I have always bought a season pass but didn't this time because of the burn I got from BO2, I want to get the map tonight but I cant for some reason find a price guide and PSN isn't working on my phone. Thanks!

  9. Spent an hour building a theory topic and another hour researching....just to say screw it and delete it. Anyone ever do that? lol don't worry, I was still trying to combine campaign,nightmare and zombies so nothing most of you wanted to hear anyway haha

    1. Tac


      I've done that a lot actually, where I start out and then realize it just wasn't as good as I'd thought haha.  We all do it, for sure.

  10. Why is nobody biting on my spam??? What are we now...VEGANS?!?!

  11. Starting my collection of Campaign symbols/logos. Took me 3 hours to get through the first two missions lol...so far nothing groud breaking but it's just for compilation sake, hopefully someone appreciates it!

  12. I hope they start adding EE's to updates so there is more mystery to the game. Everytime I hear or read "because it's not in the game files" I just grit my teeth and breathe....where's the fun in that????

  13. Quick tip! You can knife like a mad man if you slightly hold back on the analog, during insta kills you can just mow them down, almost as fast as you can knife you will recover. Also, jumping and knifing seems to have no delay reaction to the next melee attempt. Didn't think it was topic worthy so there ya go...

    1. shirtlesservice


      I knew the backward moving one but not the jumping, thanks for the tip

  14. I'm sure most of you know, there are quote compilations of every character on youtube. I went through most of them last night, so much stuff to remember, I'm going to go through it again and write the ones I think are most helpful. It would be nice if someone could compile them into the actual conversations between characters too.

  15. Did we lose the media center?? Can't find the art threads *hyperventilating 

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      My fault, sorry, I disabled that but now active again.

  16. Who new that baked beans was a zombie deterrent? I did.

  17. It was 4 hours ago, 4 hours ago! Haha not a great time to be bored....

    1. Tattoo247


      Also, I can't imagine how epic these forums will be by tomorrow, even more reason to be excited xD

  18. Happy Halloween everyone! It's also my birthday :) which I know is the REAL reason we celebrate this wondrous day. 

    1. Lenne



      Congrats, buddy.

      Have a great day and be sure to have even greater once when the game is out.

      Totally not implying that BO III is more important than your birthday.

      Seriously though: Have a good one.

    2. Tattoo247


      It's only a matter of time, I'll be into zombies for the first time exclusively, so I'm really looking forward to physically helping figure things out.

  19. I expect to have replys no longer than 1 hour after I post. It's a high standard I know, but I know you guys think of me as probably the most important member here, so it would be nice to see everyone hanging on my every word for once, I mean, it's the respectable thing to do for such an important part of this site (me).

  20. It's that time of the year, look out for the "my friend works at [ ] and confirmed [ ]" I may go silent until some legit info starts dropping.

  21. Why you so mean round 18...I die every game on this round on exo. Im ready for hamburger town already.

    1. BennetsGreen
    2. Tattoo247


      updatestation 4

    3. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      i always die on round 9-10 whenever the infecto zombs come. i am bad

  22. Remember that time you read an update that had no purpose except to waste a minute of your day/night?

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Every day just about!

  23. So close to bloodborne release!!!! Can you feel it? CAN YOU?! yea me neither...but ganna be a good game I know!

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Too hyped up about the DLC for advanced warfare next week man! Surviver-based gameplay, massive zombies with hammers, and fat zombies too! It's like L4D2-2!

    2. ZombieOfTheDead


      I'm more hyped for FFXV right now, but that's like a year and a half away, maybe more. Dammit, why did I get that demo!?

  24. I'll be back to spamming this site in about a month...over my head at work so no time for play unfortunately.

    1. PINNAZ


      Looking forward to your Spam.

      We will probably see the Treyarch announcement in 2 months so your spam will be just in time!

    2. Lenne


      Tattoo spam is best spam. <3

  25. 935 posts from this guy, I feel like I sould get a cyanide pill or something...to have, not to eat.

    1. Tattoo247


      You know...in case of emergency or apocalyptic outbreak.

    2. InfestLithium


      You may find further instructions in your 935 handbook in the event of an outbreak. Keep it safe at all costs.

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