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  1. Is it just me (may be a laggy connection) but the zombies seem to be hitting faster and harder
  2. I have just noticed that the leaderboards now include: GREAT LEAP FORWARD (Die Rise 1,2,3 & 4 players) GREEN RUN (Turned Diner)
  3. Ah Bummer. Any word yet as to when we forsaken PS3 players will get the DLC?
  4. Hello I just turned on to play some zombies and there was an update. Now when I go into public match it says "NEW" in green writting next to Green Run. Anyone know whats new? I have looked through the options and cant see anything new (was hoping turned mode or something might show up :cry:) If anyone works out whats new can you let me know. Gonna play some Grief now will report back if I find anything
  5. Ive had a few odd ones, Things that spring to mind are: Strange Jugg glitch on town, Early rounds I ran up there the door was open so I bought jugg as normal but went down shortly after, I ran back to get jugg again but the door was locked, A teammate opened the door for me (didnt have enough points for both) and for the rest of the game 10 rounds or so I was unable to buy jugg. I would go to the machine and hit buy but all I would get is a thud sound. Ive had this a few times with random machines, boxs, boarding up windows and trying to revive team mates. Slow movement glitch, An enemy and I punched each other at the same time with the knuckles and for the rest of the game I was in super slow mode. Walking and sprinting were the same speed, About a third of the speed of a normal walk. I was still doing the sprinting animation (arms swinging back and forth) but it was like I was doing it on the spot. I had to just stay in a corner for the whole game 3 or 4 rounds. Last zombie wont spawn, Had this the other day it was 4 against 1 and it took us ages to convince the guy on the other team to down himself to restart the round. All 4 of us downed ourselfs 1st (after about 10 mins of searching for the zombie) after a few mins or running around the map on his own he eventually killed himself, The round restarted and the game continued as normal. I pretty much only play grief now so have had loads of mad glitchs but these are the only ones I can think of right now
  6. Hi yes it was a 4 player game, As we were planning to do the Maxis easter egg the power had been turned on and then off again
  7. Thats it again except so far I seem to be the only one getting red, orange, blue and purple sparkles *cough* Orbs. Only played for a few hours today and didn't spot any orbs, Will try to get some more time on it and get better pics tomorrow. Just want to point out again that I hadn't done either EE at that point but did end up doing the Maxis EE later in that game.
  8. Cool yep thats it very odd, They only have the red and orange orbs in that vid (like someone had posted here about the red sparkles) I was getting blue orbs too....... I have only noticed it the once at the traffic lights but I do get it quite frequently at the box too also with the blue orbs.
  9. Hi guys Long time lurker 1st time poster here. I have been seeing multi colored sparkles from both the mystery box and from the traffic lights in the town and wondered if anyone knows what it means? I noticed a thread on here about red sparkles from the box but cant find anything about what I am seeing. While playing yesterday I was the Misty caracter and there were perminant multi colored orbs flowting around the traffic lights but none of my other team mates could see them. I was unable to stab or hit action on them during that game but it may be posible with a well timed jump from the bus. At the time I had the skull with blue eyes and hadnt compleated either of the EE's, The next game we had compleated Maxis EE and I was another caracter, This time I could not see any sparkles. Sorry about the poor quality pic I took it mid round
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